The Crystal Coast Series Sizzles (18+ only)


I hope everyone is enjoying #WonderlandWednesday! I’m still working on my planned, three-book, Wonderland inspired series, Shifterland, but it’s on the back burner while I’m developing my new Crystal Coast Series. Each book in the CC series can stand alone, but sometimes characters from one story crossover into others as supporting players.

Crystal Coast Craving was published by Loose Id on 6/20/17. It’s a sizzling, spanking romance with a yummy military hero. The heroine, Caroline Butler is a school teacher in her late twenties still living under her overprotective, Southern Belle mother’s watchful eye. She longs for adventure and romance and is excited to head down to the Crystal Coast to spend summer break waitressing at her aunt’s bar and grill with her best buddy, Ryan.

Jake Devoe is a soldier with a secret keeping him up at night. He’s biding his time, working at the Military Ocean Terminal near Crystal Coast Beach, finishing the last few months of his hitch while finishing his college degree online.

When Caroline waits on Jake and his friends, Jake and Caroline are immediately drawn to each other. They both want each other, but it might take more than a little convincing to get a good southern girl like Caroline in the right frame of mind for a summer fling. Not to worry–Jake has an idea: a spanking.

Here’s a short taste:

“Is your job interesting?” Caroline couldn’t imagine dealing with inventory day in and day out would be too much fun.

It’s mundane and tedious, but there is something to be said for the security of monotony.”

Caroline pursed her lips and tilted her head. “Huh?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but after two tours in combat zones, I have a lot of appreciation for a work environment that keeps my heartrate steady.”

She raised her eyebrows as her eyes widened. “Oh.”

He turned to face her, towering over her, his broad shoulders casting a large shadow in the moonlight. He slipped his strong, muscular arms around her waist. His face was bathed in moonlight, emphasizing the perfect lines and angles of his chiseled jaw and cheekbones as he looked down at her. “There are far better ways to get my heart racing.”

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Book two in the series, Crystal Coast Chemisty, is due out in the beginning of September. It’s my first M/M romance so I’m excited to see how well it’s recieved. The story follows Ryan Wertman after he accepts an invitation from his best friend and fellow teacher, Caroline Butler, to spend summer break waiting tables at her aunt’s bar and grill at the Crystal Coast. He jumps at the chance for some fun in the sun away from their small, conservative town. Though he boasts calvalery about filling his evenings with lots of hot studs, in truth, Ryan longs to find love and settle down. Then he mets Tanner.

At just twenty-two years old, military logisitics specialist, Tanner Tolsten, isn’t open with his homosexuality but when he spys Ryan serving drinks behind the bar, he’s determined to make his acquaintance.

After a night of hot passion, both men are smitten, but when confronted with biggotry, Tanner must admit his true self or risk losing Ryan forever.

Book Three, Crystal Coast Christmas, should be out in late November or early December. The  story follows marine biologist, Jessica Stone, and military hottie, Captain Chase Culpepper, and it’s is a scorching romance with a blast of Yuletide spirit.

After catching her live-in boyfriend of three years cheating one too many times, Jessica finally gets the nerve to walk out on him. Having realized what a fool she’s been, she’s depressed and in emotional turmoil, determined never to fall in love again.


While out for his morning, sea-side run, Captain Chase Culpepper spots a hottie he can’t take his eyes off of, but when she stops short, and he literally runs into her, things get off to a rocky start. Fate throws them together again when Jessica and her new roomie, Ryan, go out with Ryan’s boyfriend, Tanner, and some of his co-workers. Low and behold, Jessica finds herself seated next to Chase for dinner. She finally accepts his apology along with his offer to buy her a drink. As the evening continues, Jessica finds herself attracted to Chase. Her brain says no, but her body urges her to take a chance.

After they share a night of earth-shattering sex, Chase is surprised and upset when he wakes up all alone. He’s finally found his perfect, sexual equal, and he’s not about to let her one nightstand him. Chase doggedly pursues Jessica, but will his affection and passion be enough to melt the ice shielding her heart?

The forth book in the series, tentively named Crystal Coast Curvy, is my current WIP. It’s a fun romance big, beautiful woman and a hip hop artist turned actor who’s on location filming a movie at the Crystal Coast. More on that later.

Love and kisses! xoxo


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