Sunday Snippet Teaser of my M/M WIP

Happy Sunday, Readers!

The next installment of the Crystal Coast series, Crystal Coast Christmas has been edited and sent to proofs. I can’t wait to reveal the cover. The artists at Loose Id are extremely talented so I’m sure it will be just as beautiful as the last two.

The response to my first M/M romance, Crystal Coast Chemistry, has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to post a review. Honest reviews are the key to writer’s hearts and all the love Tanner and Ryan have been getting has inspired me to start on a new M/M Crystal Coast story. I haven’t decided on the name just yet, but book four features Todd, an adorably sexy Crystal Coast cop, and Razor, the gorgous, long-haired, motorcycle-riding, former high school football star Todd has been crushing on since he was a kid. Here’s an (unedited) scene from that work in progress.


Silence lingered between them and tension weighed heavily against the air until Razor changed the subject. “I seem to remember teaching you how to fish, but I’m rusty now. I might need you to help me.”

“Let’s start with baiting your hook.” Todd was happy Razor remembered some of the details of that day.

“We need to dig up worms.” Razor stood.

“Oh, hell no.” Todd shook his head as he grabbed his tackle box. He opened it and pulled out a small container with tiny holes in the plastic lid. “I stopped at the store.”

“Good thinking. You’re like a boy scout—always prepared. Were you an Eagle Scout?”

Todd’s face flushed, and he looked away. Unbelievable.

O’snap! You were.” Razor snickered as he peeked under the lid, eyeing the creepy crawlers. “We got some wiggly rascals in here.”

“Need help getting one on your hook?”

Razor looked up and lifted one eyebrow, his mustache dancing as a smile exposed his top row of teeth. “You get a merit badge for your sash for that?”

Todd leaned closer and bumped Razor’s upper arm with his shoulder. “Cute.”

Gently he picked up an earthworm with his thumb and forefinger, lifting it up in front of Todd’s face. “Looky, looky.”

“What are you, ten?” Todd took the worm and impaled it on a hook. “Do you remember how to cast?”

“Maybe.” Razor gripped the handle of his combo, pulling it back before flicking his wrist and sending the line flying.

“Very nice. You got this.” Todd readied his own gear and cast. Razor reeled slowly.

“Got something?”

He shook his head. “Not yet. Just pulling the line.” The sun broke out from behind the clouds, making the crisp air warmer. The men stood a little more than a foot away from each other, silently watching the water until Razor spoke up. “Hold this for me a sec, okay?”

“Sure.” Todd reached over and accepted Razor’s pole. Razor reached into the side pocket of his distressed, black denim jeans and pulled out a coated rubber band. He lifted his hands, combing his fingers through his hair and pulling his hair high up on his head—a little too high for a ponytail. Todd watched as he wrapped his hair around into a bun and loosely secured it with the hair tie. Todd snorted. “A man bun? Really?”

Razor looked Todd’s way and shrugged. “No good?”

On anyone else, that hairdo would be stupid and I’d hate it, but damn, it works for him. “No, it’s fine…Oh, oh, oh!” Something was tugging on Razor’s line. “Take it.”

Razor grabbed the handle and started reeling. “Either I’ve snagged some great big piece of garbage, or this fish is fighting me.” He pulled back on the rod, and then reeled some more.

A rush of excitement took hold of Todd. “Hold him. Don’t let him get away.”

“Here he comes! Here he comes.” Razor pulled back on the fishing rod again.

“I’ve got a net.” Todd secured his own rod in a holder he’d fashioned out of PVC pipe and attached to the pier’s railing before rushing over to the bench and lifting the lid to retrieve the teardrop, landing net. He popped back over just in time to trap the striped bass Razor had landed. “Great catch.”

“He’s a beauty.” Razor said, peering into the net at the flipping fish. “I can hold him if you can get the hook out. I don’t want to mess him up too bad.”

“No problem.” Todd handed off the net and knelt down next to his tackle box, grabbing a pair of long-nose pliers. He stood and then used the tool to grip the middle of the bend of the hook and gently pull it free.

“Awesome work.” Razor lowered the net to the water and released his catch.

“We made a good team.” Todd made a fist with his free hand and lifted it. Razor bumped his knuckles against Todd’s, and their gazes locked.

As Razor set his pole down, his cheeks flushed and he pursed and then puckered his lips. “Guess so.”

Todd’s pulse reacted as Razor stepped closer. Would it be taking advantage if I kissed him?

“Thanks, that’s the most fun I’ve had since I returned home.” Razor’s head tilted downward.

Todd lifted his chin, staring into Razor’s intense eyes. Sometimes his size and facial expressions gave him an intimidating aura, but from what Todd had seen, Razor didn’t have a malicious bone in his body. It’s now or never. He took a step closer. “How about you let me comfort you?”

Razor nodded. “I’d like that.”

Todd placed his hands on Razor’s chest caressing his pectoral muscles before lifting his arms and putting them around his neck. He took a deep breath as Razor wrapped his arms around his waist, placing one hand on the small of his back while grasping his ass with the other. Todd swooned as Razor leaned in crushing his lips down against his.

He pushed into the kiss, enjoying the sensation of Razor’s facial hair tickling his skin. Todd pressed his fingertips into Razor’s broad shoulders, using them for leverage as he devoured the much taller man. Razor’s tongue flicked against the seam of Todd’s mouth and he parted his lips, welcoming Razor’s tongue.


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