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Chapter Four


TIGER & BUNNY “Is it okay to just let her go?” Wit asked as he and his prince walked away in the opposite direction of Alice’s path.

“I’m afraid she must take the long path around.” Hat slipped his arm around Wit’s waist.

Wit pulled away, smoothing his hair as he pouted. “You like her better than me.”

Hat chuckled, pushing Wit’s back against a nearby tree and offering a mocking smile. “Are you jealous?”

Wit turned his head, looking away. “No.” Wit wished he sounded more convincing. He wanted Alice too, but he couldn’t simply let his long-time lover push him aside.

“She’s my destiny but I’ll never leave you.” Hat pressed his lips against Wit’s.

Wit returned the kiss, slipping his hands under Hat’s jacket and starting to unbutton his waistcoat. The prince shed his coat, untied his bowtie and removed his hat, hanging it on a nearby branch before licking the shell of Wit’s ear.

Wit moaned loudly, his body trembling with anticipation. Hat’s hands caressed Wit’s chest, his fingers strumming his budding, pink protrusions over his clothing. His body quivering, Wit bucked his hips while snaking his arms around Hat’s waist and then sliding his hand down over the prince’s hip to cup his rear.

Hat clicked his tongue. “Now you know you must get permission. Turn around.” His tone was scolding.

Reluctantly, Wit turned his back to Hat, putting his arms around the tree trunk to support his body. Hat wasn’t having any of it. He pulled Wit’s arms down, stripped off his jacket and shirt and tied his hands behind his back, likely with his bowtie.

Hat’s hot breath resonated on Wit’s nape before he gently nibbled and kissed along his shoulders and back. Wit’s skin tingled, heating up along the path of his prince’s affection. He panted, his body trembling as his heart pounded.

Guttural noises hung in Wit’s throat, his eyelids half closed. He parted his lips and cried out for more just before Hat’s tongue traveled down his spine. Wit groaned as he quivered. Warmth spread along his flesh everywhere Hat touched him, and his cock twitched while his knees lost their strength. He slumped against the tree, the bark prickling at his tender flesh. Desire stirred in his belly and shot downward into his loins until his willpower dwindled into a memory. Putting aside his dignity, he begged, “Please! I want you so much!”

Warmth covered Wit’s back as his prince held him close and whispered in his ear. “You know I can’t right now. What about your biological imperative? It’s mating season and all those horny does are counting on you.”

“Let them lift their cottontails for the March Hare or some other young buck.” Wit whimpered as he protested. Shifting into his frosty white form and jumping the females who’d shifted into does wasn’t emotionally satisfying. “I only participate in mating season because my body tells me it’s time. I won’t be sated without you.”

“You don’t mean that.” Hat slipped his hand down over the front of Wit’s trousers, caressing the growing bulge.

Wit closed his eyes, sucking in his breath as a strained groan rolled through his lips. Wit applied light pressure, squeezing his erection. Wit shivered and twisted his hips, attempting to pull away. “Don’t tease me!” Being reduced to pleading for sex was embarrassing enough, but hearing the desperation in his own voice was too humiliating. “Take me now.”

“No, love, I must ask you to abstain from release in your human form for a bit longer. I will need you to help me seduce Alice.”

As Hat rubbed his hands up and down Wit’s sides, Wit struggled with the lump in his throat until he managed to swallow. “You’re cruel. There’s no one you can’t seduce!” Wit held back tears, refusing to cry. I won’t show him how weak I feel.

VOCALOID“If I seduce her alone and make her mine, introducing you to the equation later will be messy and difficult if not outright impossible.”

“That’s crap and you know it!”

“No. The majority of people from her land engage in a practice known as monogamy.” He spoke the last word in a near whisper as if it were a curse.

“What the hell is that?”

Hat leaned in as if he were telling the most scandalous story ever imagined. “They chose a partner and only have sexual relations with that one person.”

“Ew, that’s creepy!” Wit crinkled his nose.

“Quite,” Hat agreed, nodding his head. “But she’s a sweet one. Even with the benefit of the Duchess’ medicine, I can’t imagine anyone eating an entire cupcake without jumping anyone and everyone available.”

“She is resistant. I only had two bites. and I was yours for two straight days.” The memory of that special weekend had his cock pulsing.

“Do you regret it?” Hat was grinding against Wit’s backside.

“Mmmm, never—I trusted you then and now.”

Hat kissed him on the side of the head. “Good boy. So you will hold your seed?”

“Of course, I will. Don’t I always obey my prince?”

“I feel like there is a but coming.”

“What if she…she’s not able…her blood is watered down.”

“Nonsense. She’s the one.” Hat’s lips were right by Wit’s ear as he pronounced Alice heir to the White Kingdom.

“Even so, what happens if she can’t shift?” He held his breath, hoping Hat’s response wouldn’t include a punishment for questioning his wisdom.”

“Shhh.” Hat caressed Wit’s chest as if to comfort him. “You mustn’t even think that way. Am I not the burning, black stallion? Are you not the silver-tipped buck? If we are who we believe we are, she is who we believe she is too. To suggest otherwise is to denounce prophesy as false. Then all is lost anyway.”

Ashamed, Wit hung his head, looking down at his boots. “I’m sorry.”

Hat’s hand snaked over to one of Wit’s nipples and then gave it a tugging twist. “Owww!” The aching pinch nearly took his breath as the pain spread over his pec, but he resisted the urge to pull away.

“You better be sorry and stop allowing fear into your gullet. You’re too brave to start doubting now. Never lose your resolve.” He gave Wit’s nipple another tug and then a flick.

“Yow…I’m sorry! Please…mercy!”

As soon as Wit uttered the last word, Hat’s touch softened and he caressed Wit’s sore, protruding flesh. “I forgive you, but in turn, you must be obedient.”

Wit frowned understanding Hat’s meaning. He wouldn’t be getting fucked, and he wasn’t even allowed to touch his own cock. He could hold out on being entered but his desire for Hat was far too strong to be completely denied.

“If I must abstain, please…let me touch you.” Wit closed his eyes and pursed his lips.

Hat tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “Hmmm…”

Wit’s heart dropped as he recognized the slight change of pitch in his prince’s voice, a sure sign his sadistic side was making an appearance. Oh, fuck.

“Will you show them to me?” Hat’s voice dripped with dastardly intent.

Wit’s face flushed, his cheeks blazing hot. He was always the one who had to bare everything, expose himself completely to his prince and he never complained, but partially showing his second nature to an unlike shifter was not only taboo but also utterly debasing.

“I…I…um…it’s so wrong!” Wit whimpered, no longer able to completely hold back his tears.

“I thought you trusted me. Isn’t it alright if you only show me?” Hat unfastened Wit’s trousers, pulling them and his undergarments down in one smooth motion and exposing Wit’s bare ass. “Show me,” Hat whispered before dragging his teeth down from Wit’s hairline to the base of his shoulders.

“Alright,” Wit acquiesced, shaking his head as his ears popped out.

“Nice…now the other.” Hat rubbed his hand over Wit’s bottom, stopping to place one finger just above the crevice between his two cheeks.

Wit grumbled. “Okay but stand back. No touching!”

Axis Powers: Hetalia“I wouldn’t dream of disrespecting that boundary.” Hat’s feet snapped a twig and crushed some leaves as he took a few steps backward. “Mmm, umm umm, what a sight to behold.”

There was no pretending Hat wasn’t looking. Wit arched his back and shook his rear as his body morphed, producing his fluffy cottontail. “Happy?” Wit looked down at the base of the tree.

“Very. You are so adorable. Thank you for sharing this with me.” Hat’s voice had grown loving and sincere. “May I untie your hands?”

“Please do,” Wit answered, his skin heated to a simmer and his cock throbbing with need. As his wrists were released, Wit bent them back and forth and then rubbed out the soreness.

“Now turn and face me.” Hat’s voice brimmed with confidence as he made the command.

Wit’s pulse raced and sweat moistened his hairline. He reached up, touching one of his ears. He couldn’t bear to look this prince in the eye in such a state. “Plea…”

“Put them away if you must.” The prince smirked, his expression making it clear he was only testing Witt’s trust and had no interest in breaking the taboo of shifted-on-unshifted sexual intimacy.

Wit breathed a sigh of relief, twisting his neck back and forth as he shifted his ears and tail away. Once his body looked completely human, he slowly turned to face Hat.

“None of this.” Hat used his thumb to wipe a tear away from the corner of Wit’s eye. The prince looked down at Wit’s erection and shook his head. “We can’t have this leaking.” He reached in his pants pocket and pulled out a thin, white ribbon, holding it up in front of Wit’s face.

Wit panted heavily, anxiety filling his belly as the prince held the end of the ribbon with one hand and ran a finger and thumb down its length, emphasizing the width and length. Oh no, he’s going to tie me off. The stifling will be painful, but I’ll endure it for him.

He pursed his lips, his shoulders tensing as Hat placed the ribbon against his cock. Hat glanced up at him, smirking as she wrapped around the strip around the base. Wit sucked in this breath and balled up his fists, placing one to his lips as the prince tied a snug bow. “Fuck!”

“You will leave it on until I take it off?” Perverse joy danced in Hat eyes.

“I will.” Wit pouted as he pulled up his pants and then fastened them. “May I touch you, my prince?”

Hat reached out and caressed Wit’s protruding bottom lip with his thumb. “I’d be a fool to turn down your kindness.”

In a flash, the two men had changed places, the Prince with his back against the tree and Wit on his knees in front of him. Wit licked his lips as he unfastened Hat’s britches, unleashing Hat’s cock from its trappings. Wit’s pulse raced as he caught sight of his lover’s long, thick member. Rigid and ready, the prince’s cock was beautiful. Wit licked his lips as he held it in his palm. Wit’s own bound shaft twitched, making him whimper. He stroked Hat’s length from base to tip before lapping at the bulbous cap. He loved his midnight prince’s dick, the color, the shape, the weight of it in his hand and, of course, the taste.

Wit opened his mouth wider, taking the entire head in and gently sucking. Hat placed his hand on top of Wit’s head and petted his hair. Wit closed his eyes and sighed. A sense of deep contentment filled him. He sucked his prince in deeper, his tongue dancing up and down the base as his head moved back and forth. He wrapped one hand around the base while gently palming his balls. Hat moaned low and guttural and Wit trembled with uncontrollable desire. Nothing made him happier than pleasing his lover.

Hat began to buck his hips in tandem with Wit’s efforts, pushing his dome towards Wit’s throat. Without missing a blip, Wit accommodated the change, accepting Hat’s cock with vigor.

“Enough!” the prince said in a trapped groan as he tapped Wit’s shoulder. Hesitantly, Wit slid his mouth back but was not quick enough to avoid a slightly bitter spray across his tongue just as Hat exited and released a spurt of cream on Wit’s lips and chin.

Wit looked up at his dark prince, eyes filled with adoration as he awaited the verdict. Hat reached into his pocket and produced a linen handkerchief with silk trim and used it to dab Wit’s face clean. “Good boy…very good.”

Wit’s heart raced so fast he feared he might pass out but he sprang to his feet and wrapped his arms around his prince, staring into the man’s deep, dark eyes. Hat smiled, showing off her perfect teeth and brightening the onyx beauties staring at him so amorously. Shit, I wish he’d just yank me around, snatch down my pants and fuck me.

Hat leaned in and brushed his thin, tawny lips against Wit’s, giving him a peck before pulling back. Wit rested his head on Hat’s shoulder. “My prince, how do you feel about me?”

Hat chuckled, caressing Wit’s back. “Such a needy lover…you know how I feel.”

“Please…say it.”

“Later,” Hat promised, marking an X over his heart with his index finger. “You must keep your head in the game if we are to win over my lady, heart and soul.”

“And body.” Wit raised and lowered his eyebrows twice. I can’t wait to taste her.

Hat laughed. “That will be the easy part.”

Wit re-dressed and smoothed his clothing. “She is very pretty, and I have to say I like how she barreled right in without thinking.”

“That is a plus. I would hate if she were too sensible…utterly rooted in that horrid world of hers.” Hat pulled up his pants and then put on the rest of his outfit, fastening the buttons on his waistcoat and tying his bowtie before retrieving his hat and placing it atop of his head over the unruly but beautiful dark locks tumbling down over his shoulders.

Wit straightened the Prince’s bowtie and tidied his hair to make his hat sit just right. “Perfect.”

“Thank you.” The Prince’s sexy voice made Wit’s knees knock. “It won’t be long now. We will persuade her to reject her reality in lieu of our own. Come let us go to my house to kill the time. I can try to teach you to make hats again.”

Wit scrunched up his nose and groaned. “I’ll pass.”

“Oh, come now, it’s very relaxing,” the prince insisted, running a thumb and finger along the brim of his hat.

“Says you. My fingers had pinpricks for days. Besides some of us have to work. I have summonses to deliver. He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small scroll. “Here’s yours.”

The prince frowned, rolling his eyes. “Not this tedium again! When will the queen give up this nonsense? She is fooling no one, least of all the King.”

Wit snickered and changed his voice to mimic the queen as best he could, “Off with his clothes.”

“Indeed, as if the entire kingdom doesn’t know she and the King are fucking the Knave of Hearts.”

“Punishing,” Wit corrected sarcastically.

“Sure,” the Prince rolled his eyes as he retrieved a cigarette from his silver-plated case. “Want one?”

“No thanks,” Wit shook his head. He loved the smell of cloves and smoke on his prince but couldn’t handle sucking in the fumes himself. Alice in Wonderland

“What will become of us when…” Wit’s words dropped off. He couldn’t even say it.

“It will hardly be the first time we shared a woman,” Hat replied in between drags from his cigarette.

“This is different. She’s special. I tracked her, waited until just the right time to lure her here…I did that for you.” Turmoil churned Wit’s stomach.

“And I appreciate it. She is the last decedent of the White Prince. She belongs here with us. Together the three of us will face our destiny.”

Wit shuddered, picturing Shifterland’s vilest creature in his head as he whispered, “The Jabberwock.”

“Shhh,” the prince held Wit tight, comforting him with a gentle back rub. “Don’t say his name least he might hear you.”




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