Sunday Snippets – 02/11/18

Hi Readers!

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Snippets. I’m sharing an excerpt from chapter four of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, a fevered frenzy of paranormal romance and BDSM in a land where monogamy isn’t the norm. In Chapter Five, Alice manages to take a little revenge on the Duchess. Here’s a peek.


Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

“Well dear, what’s normal for you is very peculiar indeed. This is the thanks I get for taking in a refugee!”

“I’m not a refugee!” Alice screamed in the Duchess’s face. The executioner pushed his body between the two women.

“I was referring to the cat!” The Duchess poked her head around the executioner’s arm.

The King nudged at the executioner. “Forget those two. You should be helping me find that damn piss ant of a cat!”

As the executioner let his guard down, Alice made her move, darting around and grabbing the Duchess by her long red ponytail. She yanked those ginger locks, pulling the Duchess’s head down towards the ground as she lifted her knee.

The Duchess struggled to regain her footing. “You little bitch!”

“I got your bitch! I’ll show you a bitch!” Alice put the Duchess over her lifted knee and gave her upturned ass three hard, sharp smacks before dropping her foot back on the ground and allowing the Duchess to tumble down flat on her face. Alice’s hand hurt but the satisfying sound of her palm hitting the woman’s rump had more than made up for the pain.


Good for Alice. If the Duchess tore my bottom up the way she had Alice’s a couple of chapters back, I’d want some payback too! Be sure to come back for the next Wonderland Wednesday to read all of Chapter Five, and please click here to check out some of my other books.

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