Wonderland Wednesday 4/4/2018

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Happy Wednesday Readers,

It’s been awhile since I last posted, and I’m sorry. I’ve got to tell you Strain B is no joke. I hope none of you catch it. After three full weeks, I’m still not one hundred percent, but I’m feeling a lot better than I was. So it’s time to get back to those hot, horny, BDSM-loving shifters. I’m afraid Chapter Ten is a little gratuitous– very heavy on the erotica and punishment while not doing much to push forward Alice’s ultimate journey. On the other hand, I believe it helps to deepen and defines the relationship between our three leads. Enjoy!


Chapter Ten

“Get out.” Hat splashed water over Alice’s chest and then took her hand and helped her out of the tub before plucking a towel from the rack and giving it to her. As Alice dried her body, Hat practically jerked Wit out of the tub, leaving him groveling on the floor as he threw a towel at him. Wit worked the absorbent material over his skin while Hat riffled through a nearby drawer.

Once she was dry, Alice wrapped a towel around her body but Hat snatched Wit’s towel away just before slipping a black, leather collar around Wit’s neck. Alice took a deep breath as she clasped her hands together and stared on in awe.

Hat hooked the clasp of a long chain with a leather handle to a hook on the collar. Hat strolled over to open the bathroom door. Leashed like an animal, Wit started to crawl out on his hands and knees. After the Prince looked over his shoulder and instructed her to follow them, Alice shook off her shock and trailed along behind.

Slowly, Wit traveled across the hard, cold floor, his naked body exposed for anyone who happened by to see. Hat had mentioned this was his private wing but judging the area’s pristine appearance, every inch dust-free, Alice imagined a number of servants serviced Hat’s living quarters and any one of them could happen by at any second.

A tiny pang of pity stirred in her chest, but at the same time, watching Wit with his firm ass in the air was exciting. She’d only just come but already the urge to seek sexual gratification was once again surging within her belly and pulsing between her legs.

“Doesn’t he look sexy from that angle?” The Prince threw a look at Alice over his shoulder.

Alice leered at Wit, admiring his strong thighs as he moved, exposing his balls from behind as he closed the gap between the bathroom and the entrance to Hat’s bedchamber. “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers…or tarts.”

The Prince laughed as he reached back and took Alice’s hand, pulling her closer to him. Wit stopped at the entrance and waited for the Prince to open the door before he continued.

“Get up on the bed!” Hat’s tone was so commanding, Alice nearly hopped on the mattress herself but Wit beat her to it. Hat placed his palm on Wit’s head, petting him before running his hand down Wit’s back and resting it on his ass. “Let me think…how should I punish you for climaxing without my permission?” He looked at Alice. “Any ideas?”

She shrugged but suddenly got an idea and grinned. “He likes to get off so much. Let’s make him do it over and over again until he cries.”

Hat chuckled. “I like how you think, but you’ll soon realize he’s rather quick to cry.”

“I am not!” Witt’s shy protesting was adorable.

“So where do you keep your goodies?” Alice wiggled seductively, hugging her body.

Hat raised his brow at her and gave a sideways smile. “Goodies? Why whatever could you mean, Princess?”

“You have a man on a leash. Don’t tell me you don’t have any more restraints and playthings.”

“Very perceptive, my dear. There’s a chest under the bed.”

Alice got on her knees and lifted the bed skirt hanging down to the floor, stooping down low to peer beneath. She located a rectangle-shaped, wooden box about the size of a carry-on suitcase and pulled it out. Like everything else in The Kingdom of Hearts, the box was a work of art with elaborate carvings. This one depicted a swan with a heart shaped-necklace nestled next to a spade-shaped pond. Perhaps it had been a hope chest at one time. Alice wasn’t sure where Hat’s parents were or if they were even still around. Who even knew… “Say, how old are you?”

Hat looked at her and smiled. “I’ve lived many more years than you; however, I’m still younger than you.”

“That makes absolutely no sense at all.” She huffed, shaking her head.

“You’ve said that a lot since you arrived.” Though he was addressing her, Hat had turned his attention back to Wit’s fine ass.

Alice unfastened the latches on each side of the box and opened it. Bullseye!

Among the plethora of sex toys and bondage goodies, she plucked out what she wanted, a scarf, thigh cuffs with wrist shackles and a small purple vibrator shaped like a mushroom. She pressed the button to test the batteries. The power was impressive as was the soft buzzing. Pleased with her acquisitions, she crawled up on the bed, ready to jump into the fray.

On her knees, Alice crawled in front of Wit, placing a finger under his chin and raising his face. His eyes were moist with unshed tears; his cheeks were flush and his expression was pure unbridled lust. Torturing him was going to be fun!

She wrapped the ends of the silky, purple scarf around two fingers on each of her hands and stretched out the remaining length. Slowly, she dragged the fabric back and forth across Wit’s back, starting at his shoulders and working her way down to his ass. As the sounds of his panting hit her ears, her heart beat faster.

She glanced up at Hat. He backed away, giving her free reign, while he sauntered over to a small bar at the other end of the room and poured a drink into a highball glass. After taking a sip, he looked at her. “Whiskey?”

“No thanks.” She continued her work with the scarf, sending Wit into quivering fits as she adjusted the scarf under so she could use it to titillate his nipples. As the silky material rubbed back and forth against the tight beads, he parted his lips, slowing his tongue as he gasped for air. Her heart pounded and her body warmed with lust as she relished the power she held over him. She smiled to herself. I think it’s time to kick it up a notch.

Alice folded the scarf into a makeshift blindfold and tied it around Wit’s head. “Can you see anything?” She asked while dragging her fingernails across his ass.

“No.” His voice was shaky.

“Promise…you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?” She dug her nails deeper into one of his cheeks.

Wit yipped. “I wouldn’t lie.”

“Good.” Alice placed a cuff around each of Wit’s thigh and fastened them before grabbing one of his arms and yanking it back, restraining it with the shackle attached to the cuff and leaving Witt balancing on one hand and his face.

Hat had moved on to tidy up in a small, ceramic washbowl after shedding all of his clothing and leaving them littering the floor in a line from the bar to the dresser holding the matching pitcher and water basin.

Something about the old-meets-new feel of Shifterland pleased Alice. Perhaps because she’d always loved books and television programs about royals of long past eras. The castle she was currently in had to be absolutely ancient. Antiques could be seen in every direction she turned, yet they had electricity and running water.  Hat’s wild-west revolver rested in a holster hung on his bedpost while Alice held a buzzing vibrator in her hand.

She spread Wit’s ass cheeks, listening with approval as his breath hitched. While licking her lips, she pushed his cheeks apart unveiled his rosy, round and twitching hole. She placed the tip of the vibrator against his rimmed entrance, applying light pressure.

Hat nearly set a fire in the path he beat from where he stood to her, placing his hand on hers. “Now, now, we seek to tease…no need to bruise the peaches.” He took the four-inch around, two-inch-long vibrator from her and then held it up as he tapped Wit’s opening with the tip of his index finger. “This has to be prepared.”

Alice waited as Hat retrieved a tube of lubricant from a drawer in his nightstand. When he returned, she reached out and snatched both the vibrator and the lube out of his hands. “I’m not stupid. I wasn’t going to push it in dry. I just wanted him to think I was.” She frowned, pushing her lip into a pout. “You ruined my fear-play.”

Hat’s eyes lit up as the corners of his lips pushed upward. He leaned in, kissing her gently and pulling her bottom lip into his mouth for a second before breaking away. “Very nice—don’t worry. I’ll soon learn your style, my dear.”

Wit’s arm gave out on him, leaving him mostly on his knees and head while Alice spread a thick layer of lubricant over the vibrator. Hat chuckled, pushing a pillow under Wit’s head. Alice smirked, admiring his concern for his partner’s comfort despite his sadistic tendencies. Alice was pretty sure she had his number—he liked the emotional side of the game—the embarrassment and the submission. Hat wouldn’t be satisfied until he watched Wit’s descent into a writhing, wet mess of pure lust.

The images flooding Alice’s thoughts dampened her pussy, but she wouldn’t give Hat his heart’s desire until she indulged her own urges. She wanted to warm Wit’s lily white butt. She slapped her palm down on one of his cheeks and he huffed. She hit the other cheek and he didn’t make a sound. Alice frowned.

If he didn’t squeal, it wasn’t going to be fun. She rained down a barrage of hard slaps, relishing the smacking sound created with each strike. She only managed to wring a few grunts and a whimper from him, but she was pleased with the hue of his bottom.

After covering the vibrator in goo and waiting patiently for Alice to finish spanking, Hat used his finger to place a dollop of lube on Wit’s twitching opening.

“My, my, it’s hungry this afternoon. Right Alice?”

She immediately picked up on Hat’s humiliation game. “Oh yes. That hole’s practically winking at us. Let’s feed it.”

She placed the vibrator against Wit’s throbbing entrance and gently pushed. Alice smirked as his puckered rim easily opened, accepting the intrusion while he arched his back like a cat in heat.

Hat laughed. “Whoa, his ass is ravenous.”

“Don’t say…that!” Wit’s voice was cracking as he begged from his inferior position between panting breaths.

“Oh, that’s darling. He’s being shy, Alice.” Hat massaged her shoulders as she worked her magic. “Should we flip him over so we can see his pitiful expression?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of gagging him so no one could hear his whining.” She snickered at Wit’s expense.

“Oh, Alice!” Hat’s tone was orgasmic. “I told you we were meant to be together!” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back to his chest, hugging her with his head resting on hers, his rigid cock poking against the small of her back.

Alice relaxed against him, surprised but delighted by how at home she felt in his arms. She’d never experienced such comfort and she didn’t even feel high anymore. Back home she almost always needed a stiff drink or five to relax her enough to enjoy a sexual encounter, and here she was in the middle of a threesome and loving every minute of it.

Hat picked up the controller attached to the mighty mushroom inside of Wit by a long covered wire. “What do you think, Alice? More power?”

“Oh yes, turn it all the way up!” She lightly clapped her hands together, expressing her excitement while hardly making a sound. As the buzzing became louder, Wit squirmed and moaned. Alice leaned over, craning her neck to get a peek between his legs. Wit’s sack was pulled tight and his erect cock was dripping. She reached between his legs and stroked his shaft and balls. “Someone’s excited.”

Hat ran a hand through his gorgeous, dark locks, pushing them back as he made his way to the head of the bed. He plopped down in front of Wit and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head up off of the pillow until they were eye to eye.

As Alice busied herself caressing Wit’s firm ass with both of her hands, she and Hat exchanged a quick, knowing look. She was fascinated by the backend while he obviously couldn’t get enough of Wit’s lewd groveling.

“My Prince,” Alice spoke in a sultry whisper. Hat pried his gaze away from Wit’s face and looked her way. “Did I see a larger vibrating phallus in that box?”

He tilted his head from side-to-side and grinned. “Longer but thinner.”

“Ooohhh, I bet I could hit somewhere special.” She was practically salivating. Her erogenous zones pulsed with excitement.

“Of that, I am sure.” Hat snickered.

Alice retrieved the silver vibrator from the box, admiring the sleek design. Hardly much bigger around than her thumb, the toy was nearly as long as a brand new, unsharpened pencil. She smeared the lubricant over the smooth, metal surface noting its lightweight before turning the control on the end to test the batteries.

A strong vibration shook her hand and Alice smiled devilishly, noting the four speeds. Alice used her free hand to ease the little mushroom-shaped vibrator out of Wit’s bottom. He writhed, arching his back and whining as the bulbous head popped out.

She licked her lips, leering at his ass as his vulnerable and now primed little hole struggled to retake its original shape. “I think he liked that.” She raised her gaze toward Hat.

He winked at her, clearly enjoying this dance they were sharing. “He’s absolutely in tears.”

Alice smacked Wit’s inner thigh hard enough to produce a popping sound, and he cried out. “Owww!”

“Spread your legs wider and lift those hips. I want a bird’s eye view of your hungry hole.” Alice’s voice dripped with a combination of honey and mockery. Hat was having trouble keeping a straight face as he ordered Wit to comply.

Once Wit was in place, Alice tapped a finger against his pucker. “It’s a bit swollen now.”

“You should see it after a good fucking.” Hat put everything out there, leaving Wit without a shred of privacy to hide behind.

The muffled sound of Wit sniffling sent a quivering through Alice. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, pressing her thighs together to avoid dripping. “I’ll bet. Would you like to have a go at it?”

Hat took Wit’s face in his palms, forcing him to share his gaze. “Would you like that, sweet rabbit?”

Wit nodded, but Alice turned the knife. “I can’t hear you?”

“Yes!” Wit raised his voice but barely managed more than a squeal.

A glint of arrogant superiority flashed in Hat’s eyes. “Such a shame…I’d love to have your ass, Wit, but I must save up my essence for Alice. I’m sure you understand.” Damn, he’s cruel!

Wit nodded with a disappointed whimper as Alice worked the tip of the silver vibrator into his ass. She turned up the power a notch and Wit bucked, groaning and shivering.

Still holding Wit’s face, Hat leaned in and kissed him. As their lips smacked, a perverse thrill sent a chill up Alice’s spine. She pushed the toy deeper and then pulled it back, slowly thrusting.

Wit broke the kiss with a loud moan. Alice worked the vibrator, tilting it slightly and testing as she looked for the right spot.

“Aggghhhhh!” Wit’s scream signified she’d found it. She pushed deeper, nudging the sensitive area while turning up the power. Wit squirmed while moving his hips to meet each thrust. Hat’s face was awash with captivated happiness as he observed Wit’s expression. Alice was a bit jealous and wished there was a mirror over the headboard so she could see too.

She pumped the vibrator against his special spot, gradually increasing her torque until Wit let out a magnificent sound, signifying his release, just before he slumped forward into Hat’s arms.

“That was beautiful.” Hat applauded before smoothing Wit’s hair and kissing his temple.

“It was impressive but I hadn’t given him permission to orgasm.” Alice clicked her tongue as she shook her head.

Hat’s eyes lit up, and the smile he gave Alice let her know he was rapt. “Well, that calls for a punishment of its own.” Cruelly, he pushed a panting Wit from his arms.

The spent rabbit shifter crumped on the bed and Alice scooted the still whirling vibrator out of him before pushing him over on his side and flipping him onto his back. He attempted to hide his spent cock with his one unbound hand but she seized his arm and shackled him to the corresponding thigh restraint, leaving him all trussed up and spread open like a turkey ready to be stuffed.

Hat scooted forward, placing Wit’s head in his lap. Wit attempted to look away, but Hat placed a hand on his forehead, insisting they lock eyes. Alice’s heart fluttered as she witnessed Wit’s ashamed expression, tear-stained cheeks, and post-coital glow. Hat glanced at her, breathy with arousal. His eyes told her he was as excited as she was. He raised his eyebrows at her and she nodded, acknowledging a connection that didn’t require words.

Alice rubbed Wit’s bottom, licking her lips. “I want him across my lap.”

“Whaaa!” Wit’s protest was halted as Hat shoved Alice’s confiscated panties in his mouth. As Hat scooted out from under Wit and got off the bed, Alice admired his grace. She’d never seen anyone move as elegantly as he did with every step. She watched as he rooted around in the toy chest and removed some bindings.

Alice released Wit from the thigh restraints, unshackling his hands first.

“Get up,” Hat commanded as he hauled Wit up onto his feet. Alice flounced over to the edge of the bed, sitting down and smoothing her robe over her thighs. She observed as Hat removed the leash attached to the collar around Wit’s neck, replacing it with a shorter tether that sported wrist restraints. Alice smirked as Wit submitted, placing his hands behind his back and allowing Hat to cuff him.

“Does this suit your fancy, Princess?” Hat had Wit by the arm.

“Perfect—help him across my lap.”

With Hat’s help, Wit knelt, taking his place over thighs while resting his torso on the bed. She rubbed his skin, noting how much of the color from his earlier punishment had faced. While sighing, she looked up at Hat. “When’s the last time you’ve given him a good spanking?”

Hat shrugged. “It’s been awhile.” He reached out and squeezed one of Wit’s ass cheeks. “I must admit, I hate to mark him.”

Alice gave Hat a wry, false pout. “Aw, too bad, but I promise I won’t do anything that will last too long.”

Hat looked away, obviously trying to feign indifference as he shrugged. “Do as you will.”

Alice lifted her hand and smacked it down across one of Wit’s perfect globes. He bucked and whimpered and she struck the other side, pausing as he reacted.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” Alice squirmed beneath Wit, spreading her legs and readjusting his position so he was only across one of her thighs but leaving his ass still high in the air. She nudged his legs apart and reached between them, taking his cock in her hand and stroking until he managed a partial erection. She pushed him forward, gently pulling his cock back through his open thighs. “There we go. I want easy access to this.”

Hat chucked, moving around the bed so he could scrutinize Wit’s expression. Alice grabbed a handful of Wit’s hair, pulling gently to force him to raise his head and look at Hat before she commenced the warming of his bottom.

Alice realized she’d gone for broke too quickly before. This time she’d build the pain gradually. She removed her panties from his mouth and started slow, spanking in a pattern: two smacks to each cheek and then one over his sit spot. She continued on in this fashion, gradually building speed and spanking him harder.

He squirmed and whimpered as she punished him, begging her pardon for coming without permission. She laughed coldly. “Did you think I would forgive you so easily?”

She paused the assault, fondling his checks with both hands before grabbing them and spreading them apart. She released one, holding the other open so she could get at some uninitiated territory. Wit squealed as she slapped the inner cheek. “Ow! It hurts!”

“Aw, poor thing.” Alice’s tone was condescending and she smacked the same spot even harder. She switched up, working on the other side until the precious area where his bottom met his opening was rosy with broken capillaries. Holding him open, she lightly slapped Wit’s well-fucked hole. He cried out so melodiously Alice couldn’t help but smack the spot a tad harder.

“Fall!” Wit cried out. Alice lifted her hand to strike again but Hat blocked her.

She shot him a dirty look. He tilted his head and smiled sympathetically. “I’m sorry. Fall is a pre-safe word. You need to move on to something else or Wit will rescind his consent.”

Alice nodded, caressing Wit’s sore bottom and swollen hole. “Fair enough. What’s the safe word?”

“Winter,” Hat answered.

Alice’s entire body was on fire with unrestrained lust. Punishing Wit titillated her in a manner she’d never imagined. Her first thought was the cupcake, but the sensations were different from before. She had more control but nevertheless, her thighs were slick with her arousal. She rubbed Wit’s flesh until he began to sigh and murmur. Like a viper, she struck, giving him two stinging blows to each cheek.

“Ow!” He lifted his torso as he squawked.

She patted his bottom gently. “I think that’s good. Now go stand in the corner.”

Hat helped Wit up and hustled him over to the wall closest to the bed. It wasn’t exactly a corner but he was nose was pushed up against the sheetrock. Alice strolled over, smiling as she appreciated her handiwork, particularly her small handprints on Wit’s flesh. She placed her hand on his bottom, enjoying the heat she had created. “Very nice.”

“Please, join me over here, Alice.” The Prince reclined on his bed beckoning her closer as he pulled back the covers for her.

“Are we going to cuddle now?” She tilted her head and made eyes at him as she delivered the sarcastic remark.

“Not just yet.” He stroked his hard cock and reached out, offering his other hand to help her onto the bed. Alice accepted his help and scooted up next to him. Hat pulled her close.

“Do you have any idea what I’m going to do to you?” His voice was low, sexy and primal.

Alice’s pulse raced and she swallowed down the lump that had formed in her throat as her mind wandering back to Wit priming her in the tub. She nodded and he pulled her close while pressing his lips against hers. She closed her eyes. He tasted of clove cigarettes and mint tea.

As his tongue nudged hers and the kiss deepened, her mind went blank. She lost herself in his touch and tantalizing oral embrace. One of his hands was in her hair while the other grasped her ass, squeezing and kneading the flesh as if he owned it. She came up for air with a groan on her lips. Hat growled hungrily, his hands grasping and spreading her thighs until she was straddling him.

He tugged at her robe, pulling it open and exposing her melon-sized breasts. His lips claimed one of the protruding, pink buds, while his tongue slathered the area with moist affection.

Hit hard by a burst of arousal, Alice cried out. “Fuck!”

Hat released her breast. “I very much intend to do just that.”

Alice jerked back from him, demanding control. “Wait! I want to savor you!”

A smile danced on Hat’s lips. “As you wish, my dear.”

Alice gawked at his body while using her fingers to trace the lines of definition in his muscular torso and arms. She breathed heavily, lapping at the tight buds of his nipples as she pawed at his strong looking thighs ripe with hard musculature.

Unable to stop herself, she buried her face in those perfect abs and re-tracing the lines of definition with her tongue. His moans delighted her as she lapped at his navel, her hands reaching down to grasp his firm ass. His rigid cock poked against her breasts so she pushed him closer, removed one hand from his sexy ass just long enough to position his erection against her cleavage before she continued indulging herself in his flesh.

Hat’s hands moved from her hair to the sides of her breasts, pushing the lobes together as he slowly thrust his dick between them. Alice nibbled at his abdomen while caressing his ass. His skin was warm and tasted salty while his ass felt smooth but powerful. She reached between his legs with one hand, rubbing his balls. He gave a loud guttural groan before grasping a handful of her hair and tugging it roughly. “Enough!”

Alice looked up at him with hooded eyes, licking her lips and smirking before issuing the challenge. “Can’t hold out much longer?”

He raised one eyebrow before grabbing her and flipping her over on the stomach. “We’ll see about that!”

Alice gasped as he yanked at her robe until he forced her hands behind her back. She squirmed, attempting to free herself as he tangled the garment around her arms and wrists, binding her with her bent arms resting on the small of her back.

Exhilaration filled her to the brim as she panted, wishing she could claw at something. She closed her eyes, surrendering to her passion as she listened to Hat’s mocking chuckle.

His hands palmed her ass, gently at first but then grasping more forcefully as his knee nudged her legs apart. Alice spread wide for him, arching her back to signify her consent. He squeezed her ample cheeks, separating them.

“What a pretty, little hole you have, Alice. I wonder is it as hungry at Wit’s?”

Alice’s face burned with embarrassment. She’d never been treated this way before but somehow she didn’t mind as long as Hat was the one teasing her. She panted longingly, hoping he would only probe her with his own body and not a toy.

A finger nudged at the tight opening, gently tracing the rimmed ring. Alice groaned as jolts of arousal resonated from her throbbing clit.

“Has this ever been fucked?”

“Once,” she admitted, “but that was years ago.”

She whimpered as the finger abandoned her body but cried out in delight as Hat’s breath warmed the area followed by his tongue. She writhed, enjoying the sweet sensation, his hair tickling her ass as his tongue traced her opening. He burrowed between her cheeks, lathering her unabashedly while three fingers pushed into her warm, welcoming cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

He came up for air but wasted no time pushing one of those freshly lubricated fingers into her ass. Alice’s breath hitched as his finger pulled back and then pushed in again, her opening accepting it easily. He added a second finger and she hissed. He paused, giving her a second to adjust and adding more lubricant before he continued the gentle grinding. He maneuvered his digits expertly, working up her senses until she was begging for more. He obliged her by adding his third finger. Alice squawked in response to the sudden but fleeting burst of pain. Soon her body adjusted, accommodating all three.

“About ready for something more substantial?” Hat’s voice provoked her as much as his touch.

She groaned. “Yes! Please!”

Alice lifted her head, locking eyes with Wit who had looked over his shoulder to watch. She smiled as he flushed, turning back to face the wall. Hat removed his fingers and hauled her up onto her knees. If he’d noticed Wit’s peeking, he didn’t mention it.

Hat reclined on his back and motioned for her to straddle him. Alice moved as best she could with her hands bound behind her back. He smirked as he reached out, lifting her with easy and positioning her drenched, pink folds over his cock. He yanked her down roughly, thrusting his hips upward and piercing her.

Alice whimpered as she took him in one quick motion. He held her hips as she bounced atop of him, grinding as hard as she could, moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

“Okay, I think I should be plenty wet enough now.”

“Huh?” Alice was taken off guard as he lifted her, ripping her off of him as quickly as he had pushed inside of her. He sat up, wrapping one arm around her waist. His lips pressed against hers as one of his hands maneuvered his long, fat cock, pressing the bulbous head against her backdoor.

“Okay,” he said as he reclined back against the mattress again. “Push yourself down on me at your own speed.”

Grateful, Alice nodded, unable to speak or catch her breath as she panted. She moved her hips in a circular motion, gradually pushing downward and taking him inch-by-inch. She groaned loudly as she took the last two inches in one swift motion, pushing down to the hilt.

“Good girl.” Hat grinned as he grasped her ass, slowly bucking his hips. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation but wishing she could touch her pussy. “Wit, come over here and help Alice.”

She turned and watched as Wit strode over, quickly moving behind her, straddling Hat’s legs while reaching around her torso. One of his hands grasped her breast while he strummed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger while his other hand reached for her aching clit. Alice cried out with joy as he fingered the needy button.

“You like that, Princess?” Wit whispered sweetly into her ear.

“Uh huh…” She couldn’t manage to form more than a few syllables as she gasped for air. Wit nibbled at the side of her neck and her shoulder and Hat sat upright, capturing her lips with his.

His tongue nudging at her lips and hers rushed out to greet it, her mouth opening. The two dueling muscles twirled and twisted in an open kiss. Hat increased the speed of his thrusts, fucking her harder, and Wit switched back and forth between skillfully caressing her clit and enthusiastically fingering her pussy.

Alice screamed and mewed, dropping her head back to rest on Wit’s shoulder. She was so close, pulled taut like a rubber band ready to snap and go flying across the room. A few more thrusts from Hat and she clenched down on the two fingers Wit had just snaked between her creamy folds. Her body trembled, her muscles contracting as her climax ripped through her body.

Hat grunted, his fingertips digging into her flesh as he pushed deep inside of her. A warm gush filled her rear. “Oh fuck! So good!” His words were slightly slurred as he hissed through gritted teeth.

Wit busied himself with untangling her from her robe while Hat showered her forehead and the side of her face with kisses. Once Wit freed her, Alice rubbed her sore wrists. Hat helped her off of his spent cock, the waste from their coupling trickled down between her cheeks. Alice collapsed, falling over on her side and resting until she could catch her breath and take control of her body.

“I want another bath as soon as I’m able to walk again.” Alice huffed raggedly, and Wit and Hat descended into a bout of laughter.

“I’m serious!”

“We know.” Wit continued to laugh. “As soon as Hat recuperates, we’ll all get a shower. Then I’ll help you get dressed.”


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