The Power of Three (Triple Passion Play Book Two)

The Power of Three

Trisha Marks-Davidson’s is a lucky girl but her life is far from easy! On top of juggling the demands of two smoking hot men, she’s working two jobs to make ends meet while the trio struggle to build a fledgling business. Determined to have it all even if it kills her, Trisha isn’t afraid to dig her heels in deep and fight for what she wants.

Since childhood, Tommy Marks and Ken Davidson shared a dynamic synergy that complemented each other perfectly–is it any wonder they both fell hard for the same girl? Giving up Trisha or losing each other isn’t an option, but even as Trisha helps them work through their feelings of jealousy and insecurity, they struggle with their growing attraction to each other.

Like mathematical Borromean rings, the Marks-Davidson clan is three topological circles linked to form a Brunnian link. Removing any ring will tear apart the whole shebang. They must find the perfect balance or risk losing all.

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