Rock you like a Hurricane


Lifelong best friends, Tommy Marks and Ken Davidson prepare to ride out the storm with Trisha Harper, the woman both men adore. Determine to preserve therockyoulikeahurricaneKBir friendship, the men cling to a gentleman’s agreement, promising neither will make a move on her but can such a pact be upheld in the eye of the storm? With both men teetering between desire and the fear of rejection and loss, Trisha has no wish to break up the dynamic duo. For her it’s all or nothing and she’s determined to have Tommy and devour Ken too.

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All I can say is… HOT HOT HOT!!! I didn’t know what to expect since I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but I really enjoyed this book!!!!!!!!!!! At first I was skeptical but but after reading the first few chapters and getting to know both male characters I was very intrigued and could not stop reading. Both Tommy and Ken have endearing qualities and the yin and yang balance between the two were very nice. I really LOVED the character of Trisha and how realistic her curiosity with both male characters progressed. The internal dialogue throughout the book was funny and witty where I found myself laughing out loud at times. I have not read a lot of M/F/M novels however I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It had a good amount of dialogue and passionate yet raunchy scenes. I was not sure what hentai was but after looking it up I can see that it fit in with your story and character very well. I also really loved the flow of the story and the descriptions for everything, where creative analogies and metaphors were utilized making the story more relatable. I look forward to more by this author. 🙂 THANKS SIERRA!! XOXOXO” –Kimi, Amazon Reviewer

I was given an advanced reader’s copy in return for an honest review. This is what I have to say…..
OMG! That book is so hot it’s sizzling with passion and tingling with love. Once I started the book I couldn’t put the book down until I was done.There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Sierra Brave and for once the author lives up to the hype and buzz. I can’t wait to read more books in this series, plus anymore books by this red hot author.” –M. E. Hughs, Amazon Reviewer
“Overall, if you’re looking for a short erotic story that will leave you utterly jealous, this is for you. And let’s face it, with our busy schedules, sometimes this is the perfect antidote. Now if I can just get The Scorpions’ Rock you like a Hurricane out of my head, all will be well.” – Angeli
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