The Power of Three


Trisha Marks-Davidson’s is a lucky girl but her life is far from easy! On top of juggling the demands of two smoking hot men, she’s working two jobs to make ends meet while the trio struggle to build a fledgling business. Determined to have it all even if it kills her, Trisha isn’t afraid to dig her heels in deep and fight for what she wants.

Since childhood, Tommy Marks and Ken Davidson shared a dynamic synergy that complemented each other perfectly–is it any wonder they both fell hard for the same girl? Giving up Trisha or losing each other isn’t an option, but even as Trisha helps them work through their feelings of jealousy and insecurity, they struggle with their growing attraction to each other.

Like mathematical Borromean rings, the Marks-Davidson clan is three topological circles linked to form a Brunnian link. Removing any ring will tear apart the whole shebang. They must find the perfect balance or risk losing all.


on February 19, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
THE POWER OF THREE by Sierra Brave
Having already read the first book in the series, Rock You Like a Hurricane, I was quite curious as to how this second book would unfold. And let me tell you, Sierra Brave does not disappoint! WOW! Hotter than hot, the relationship between the three characters deepens to a surprising degree, sex and lust being the metaphor for three people taking their vows and union to this most sacred, sensuous place. Well-written and packed full of erotica that will keep you turning the pages!


on April 27, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A really cute, sweet, loving story that combines rather well romance and erotica. It’s about the further development of the relationship of three people – two men best friends and a woman – that see themselves as husbands and wife, bound for ever through love and commitment, even if they can not declare that legally. It is not necessary to read book 1 to understand this one and it does have a beautiful HEA!


“Ugh, we’re not kids or even college students anymore. At some point we have to stop operating as a frat house and start living like a family with adult meals and cleaning schedules and…I dunno.”

Tommy grimaced. “Shall we schedule our lovemaking around dusting the furniture and sweeping the kitchen floor?” he asked facetiously.

“No,” Trisha started while trying to put her thoughts into words.

Luckily, Ken cut her off, and spoke exactly what she had been thinking, “Well, she’s got a point. At some point, we have to have schedules. When we have kids, we can’t just be coming and going as we please. Dinner needs to be at a certain time, and we can’t just decide to fuck in the den whenever we want.”

“Wooow, how eloquent, Ken! Don’t kiss my wife with that mouth,” Tommy said playfully. Ken hadn’t used the words Trisha would have but they were definitely on the same wavelength. Unfortunately, based on the expression on Ken’s face, the only thing he heard from Tommy was “my wife.”

Your wife?”  Ken asked, his dark eyebrows furrowed as his almond-shaped eyes burrowed a hole into Tommy’s forehead. Ken was always so pokerfaced but he wore envious anger like a billboard.

Tommy frowned, looking caught off guard and even apologetic. “Our wife.”

“That’s better,” Ken took a sip of beer.

“Assholes!” Trisha kicked Tommy in his shin.”

“Oooowww!” Tommy cried out, looking to her for answers.

“That’s jealousy,” she replied, referring to the rules she set out when they first agreed on the relationship—rules they had agreed to follow.

“Shit! I wasn’t the jealous one. He was.” Tommy pointed to Ken.

“Nice, throw me under the bus,” Ken snickered at Tommy’s pain.

“I couldn’t reach him without getting up,” Trisha replied.

Tommy’s mouth hung open. “How is that fair?”

“It’s not,” Trisha replied simply. “Life isn’t fair. It’s not fair that I get the love of two men, and you two have to share, but that’s how things worked out.” Tommy averted his eyes and looked down at the table and Ken’s laughter came to a halt. “The only way this works is if we are all one. You feel his pain, and he feels yours. I shouldn’t have to kick him for him to understand why you are hurt.”

“I’m sorry, Ken. What I said was really insensitive,” Tommy looked up to meet his friend’s eyes.

Ken nodded, at a loss for words, but if Trisha was correct on his subtle facial expression, and she usually was, he was holding back tears. Tommy stood, extending his arms out for a hug. “Bring it in.”

Chuckling, Ken rose to his feet and stepped into Tommy’s embrace, reaching around his waist and patting him on the back. Tommy tightened the hug, swaying Ken left and right and picking him up about an inch off the ground. “Okay, okay, I forgive you!” Ken laughed as he clung on for his life.

“Now kiss,” Trisha grinned impishly.

Tommy’s arms retracted like a seatbelt, dropping Ken so fast he nearly stumbled and fell. “Say what?”

“Kiiiiissss!” Trisha insisted like a hissing snake.

“Yeah right,” Ken replied, as he got his footing and stood straight to face her.

“I’m serious. You have each other’s forgiveness but not mine. You broke the rules. Now you must show me you are committed. Have the two of you been doing your intimacy exercises?”

Ken looked to Tommy for help. The big, blonde gave his best smile and shrugged. “Some of them…sometimes.”

Trisha narrowed her eyes at them and pursed her lips, widening her nostrils into a flare before she spat, “Kiss!”

Ken leaned over and gave Tommy a peck on the cheek. “There.”

“Hell no,” Trisha shook her head.

The two men exchanged a few looks, no doubt aware they weren’t wiggling out of this one alive. Ken sighed, looking up at Tommy for guidance. Tommy leaned right over and gently brushed his lips across Ken’s. Turning toward Trisha, Tommy smirked. “Now?”

“Ummmm…hell no,” Trisha folded her arms over her chest.


Anxiety pressed heavily against Ken’s heart. This was dangerous. His body might react. What would Tommy think? “And if we refuse?” Ken asked.

Trisha’s caramel and molasses brown eyes widened, flashing with fury as her bottom lip nearly disappeared beneath her top row of teeth, biting down into the kissable flesh. Her entire body, particularly her hands shook with anger. “If you refuse, I will know you were never serious about your vow for us to love each other equally, and I will have some somber soul-searching to do.”

Shit! No backing down now. What’s the big deal? It’s Tommy? Under what circumstances could anything ever become weird between the two of us? Ken shrugged, “Okay, what do you want?”

“I want you two to kiss until you forget I’m watching,” she answered, now smiling brightly.

“How is that even possible?” Tommy asked.

“Close your eyes and figure it out,” she replied.

Ken took a deep breath, wishing like hell he had dressed in more than just white, Calvin Klein briefs after he got out of the shower. Tommy wasn’t in any better shape in his navy blue boxer briefs. This is going to be so fucking awkward.

Stepping in closer to Tommy, Ken lifted his head to look at his friend’s face. Tommy stared down at his lips, clearly avoiding eye contract. Tommy turned to look at Trisha, laughing the whole thing off in his silly way while yanking Ken into his arms. Ken glanced Trisha’s way. Eyebrow raised, she wasn’t taking the bait.

As Ken turned his head back toward Tommy he was startled by his friend’s mouth crushing down against his. With no time to prepare himself, he lost his breath and reached up under Tommy’s arm, wrapping it around his muscular back and gripping his strong shoulder for support. He closed his eyes, releasing the tension in his facial muscles as much as he could.

Tommy’s lips were soft and warm, and he tasted like pizza. Ken imagined he did too. As the kiss continued, one of Tommy’s hands rested on Ken’s nape while his fingers stroked Ken’s hair. The sensation of fingertips caressing his scalp relaxed Ken in a way he hadn’t expected. Before he had even realized it, Ken had opened his mouth, beckoning Tommy to deepen the kiss.

His heart was pounding and his knees were shaky. Surely Tommy had noticed. Heat flushed over Ken’s cheeks but he couldn’t bring himself to pull away, and not just because Trisha would be angry. Something inside him was urging him onward.

Tommy’s hand rested on Ken’s lower back, holding him in place with solid strength. Ken raised his free hand, positioning it similar to the other and taking hold of Tommy’s shoulder. Tommy’s head swiveled, keeping the kiss going. His lips focused on Ken’s bottom lip, gently nibbling before pressing down. Ken could hear his own panting breath as he pushed his fingertips into Tommy’s flesh. Then it happened…Tommy’s tongue scurried between his lips but only for a second.

Ken’s entire body quivered with both fear and excitement. This was wrong—Tommy was his best friend. They would always be together…but like this? Before he could get ahold of the thought and let it roll around on his brain, Tommy’s tongue flickered between his teeth again.

Ken’s mind went blank as he pushed back into the kiss, widening his mouth and slipping his own tongue between Tommy’s lips. He lost track of how long they kissed, surrendering to the sweetness as he heard Tommy moan into his mouth. In the back of his muddled mind, he knew Trisha was watching. A surge of longing burst out from his core as if an invisible force was drawing them into an invisible geometric equation. They were a right angle with Trisha connecting the two rays, at least that was how it had been but just then Ken and Tommy were their own points in time and space with a magical, outside force creating the line that connected them.


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