Hot Curves Ahead



Hot  Curves Ahead dropped yesterday. The anthology includes seven stories dedicated to big, beautiful women and the men who can’t get of their hot curves, including a sequel to my Christmas Quickie, Bareback Christmas. From hot shifters to motorcycle club hotties, from cowboys to Vikings, we’ve got you covered!

Cash’s Cherry

Tara Nina

When Cherry Adams disappears while taking an EMT call, it’s up to Cash Dupree and his search-and-rescue dog, Max, to find her, bring her home safe and show her how much she means to him. She makes him hot, hard and wanting more. He made a mistake before, running scared from the overwhelming feelings he felt for her. He’s not going to make the same mistake twice. First, however, he has to find her.

Kansas Moon

A.L. Wiley

When Marybeth is attacked by a big dog and badly bitten, she is worried about whether her insurance will pay for it, not whether she is going to turn into a werewolf. When Cade realizes that a new werewolf has been left to change on her own, he isn’t thinking about whether or not she is his mate. Marybeth has no idea what is happening to her, while Cade can’t imagine who could have broken shifter law and bitten this curvy beauty. He just wants them both to get through the night under the Kansas moon.

Make Him Purr

Bella Brooke

When a shifter falls in love…it’s forever. Shaznay’s a sexy plus-size model with one problem—a stalker. Tyler, a mountain lion shifter, runs a security agency that guarantees to keep its clients safe no matter the threat. He immediately recognizes Shaz as the mate he’s been hunting for. He adores every one of Shaz’s curves and no one so much as touches her on his watch. But finding his mate distracts the ice-cold ex-Special Forces shifter. With Shaz’s life threatened, time is running out for Tyler to both hunt down her stalker and claim her as his mate.

Never Back Down

Angelina J. Windsor

Curvy Jess Stone has the worst luck. Her car breaks down on her way home to her family, sending her stumbling into the Heaven’s Devils biker bar. She also has a secret—her family runs a rival biker gang. All hell will break loose if anyone discovers her father is Preacher, prez of the notorious Death Raiders. Ace, prez of Heaven’s Devils, is a modern-day warrior, looking to keep his crew in check. That’s tough enough at the best of times, even without being bedeviled by the plus-size model who sashays into his bar and into his bed.

Post Time

Tabitha Cockburn

As a successful horseracing jockey, Jacque might be small, but he has big fantasies of mounting an Amazonian woman. Gretchen fills the bill perfectly for him, and he is more than willing to fulfill her fantasy of being switched with a crop and ridden around like a pony.

Riding in the New Year

Sierra Brave

Sequel to Bareback Christmas. Big, beautiful, blonde Scarlett escaped to the mountains and took one hell of a ride with hot cowboy, Davis Banks. The chemistry between them is still bubbling but if Davis and Scarlett are going to have a happy New Year, they must battle a gossiping mother, a meddling grandmother and an ex-boyfriend who suddenly wants Scarlett back.

The Jarl’s Witch

Noa Xireau

Eileen should never have made a magic potion for the conniving Ingrid. Preparing the concoction Eileen used for studs in mating season instead of the love potion Ingrid had asked for hadn’t been a very good idea either. No wonder Eileen’s heart felt as if it skipped a beat when she discovered her mistake. Instead of using Ingrid’s hair, as she was supposed to when she’d prepared the potion meant to entice Jarl Leif, she’d accidentally used her own. Now Eileen had a bad feeling her life might be at stake if she didn’t keep the impressive Viking far away from her enchanted brew. Reader Advisory: These stories have graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

Available at Ellora’s Cave , Amazon, and All Romance Books.



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