The Power of Three

The Power of Three, book two in the Triple Passion Play series is now available for pre-order and is every bit as smoking hot as book one, Rock You Like a Hurricane! Book one saw Trisha having her cake and eating it two, scoring the love of best friends, Tommy and Ken. Book two delves deeper: Is it really possible for three people to love each other equally?

Power of Three Blurb

One fateful night in 1996 while waiting out a hurricane, three people became one when best friends Tommy Marks and Ken Davidson finally came together with the woman they both loved, Trisha Harper. Fast forward to 1999 when the entire country was fretting about what would happen with Y2K, cellphones were a lot heavier and Trisha Marks-Davidson was running herself ragged, working two jobs while navigating a new marriage and a poly relationship.

Before meeting Trisha, Tommy and Ken had been as close as brothers for twenty years. They each have too much to lose to let feelings of jealousy and insecurity disrupt their dynamic synergy but even after accepting their threesome with Trisha, they struggle with their growing attraction to each other.

The Marks-Davidson clan is like mathematical Borromean rings—three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link. Removing any ring will tear apart the whole shebang. They must find the perfect balance or risk losing all.

Short Excerpt (As always, 18+ only!)

“I want you two to kiss until you forget I’m watching,” Trisha answered, now smiling brightly.

“How is that even possible?” Tommy asked.

“Close your eyes and figure it out,” she replied.

Ken took a deep breath, wishing like hell he had dressed in more than just white, Calvin Klein briefs after he got out of the shower. Tommy wasn’t in any better shape in his navy blue boxer briefs. This is going to be so fucking awkward.

Stepping in closer to Tommy, Ken lifted his head to look at his friend’s face. Tommy stared down at his lips, clearly avoiding eye contract. Tommy turned to look at Trisha, laughing the whole thing off in his silly way while yanking Ken into his arms. Ken glanced Trisha’s way. Eyebrow raised, she wasn’t taking the bait.

As Ken turned his head back toward Tommy he was startled by his friend’s mouth crushing down against his. With no time to prepare himself, he lost his breath and reached up under Tommy’s arm, wrapping it around his muscular back and gripping his strong shoulder for support. He closed his eyes, releasing the tension in his facial muscles as much as he could.

Tommy’s lips were soft and warm, and he tasted like pizza. Ken imagined he did too. As the kiss continued, one of Tommy’s hands rested on Ken’s nape while his fingers stroked Ken’s hair. The sensation of fingertips caressing his scalp relaxed Ken in a way he hadn’t expected. Before he had even realized it, Ken had opened his mouth, beckoning Tommy to deepen the kiss.

His heart was pounding and his knees were shaky. Surely Tommy had noticed. Heat flushed over Ken’s cheeks but he couldn’t bring himself to pull away, and not just because Trisha would be angry. Something inside him was urging him onward.

Tommy’s hand rested on Ken’s lower back, holding him in place with solid strength. Ken raised his free hand, positioning it similar to the other and taking hold of Tommy’s shoulder. Tommy’s head swiveled, keeping the kiss going. His lips focused on Ken’s bottom lip, gently nibbling before pressing down. Ken could hear his own panting breath as he pushed his fingertips into Tommy’s flesh. Then it happened…Tommy’s tongue scurried between his lips but only for a second.

Ken’s entire body quivered with both fear and excitement. This was wrong—Tommy was his best friend. They would always be together…but like this? Before he could get a hold of the thought and let it roll around on his brain, Tommy’s tongue flickered between his teeth again.

Ken’s mind went blank as he pushed back into the kiss, widening his mouth and slipping his own tongue between Tommy’s lips. He lost track of how long they kissed, surrendering to the sweetness as he heard Tommy moan into his mouth. In the back of his muddled mind, he knew Trisha was watching. A surge of longing burst out from his core as if an invisible force was drawing them into an invisible geometric equation. They were a right angle with Trisha connecting the two rays, at least that was how it had been but just then Ken and Tommy were their own points in time and space with a magical, outside force creating the line that connected them.

Tommy’s tongue was in his mouth, twisting and turning against his own. His best friend’s grip on his neck never faltered but now his other hand had slipped down, resting on his ass. Tommy’s hardness pressed against Ken’s stomach, his own cock twitching and threatening to out his arousal.

Ken released one of Tommy’s shoulders, bringing his hand around to settle on one of his friend’s hard pectoral muscles. He had intended to push Tommy away but the stiffness of his nipple beckoned, and Ken found himself rolling a fingertip around the tender nub. The intensity was reaching break-neck speed as Tommy groped Ken’s butt over his thin, cotton underwear but erotic noise soon broke all of Ken’s focus. As quickly as the sounds resonated in Ken’s ears, Tommy was breaking from the kiss. Is that familiar sound as unmistakable for him as it is for me?

Get it here: The Power of Three: MMF Bisexual Ménage or read book one first: Rock You Like a Hurricane


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