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Hello ravenous readers!

I’ve decided to try something a little different on Sundays by sharing a short passage from a current work in progress. Anyone who has visited my Facebook page knows I have a real thing for Alice in Wonderland. There’s just something about a girl falling down a hole into a whole new universe that makes my imagination run wild so I figured it was time for me to write something Alice inspired.

Here’s a snippet from Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland:

The cupcakes looked delicious and Alice was starting to get hungry. She hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning, opting just to have some coffee. It was well past lunch time and her tummy was rumbling. She bent down and sniffed, noting the strong smell of vanilla. Could these cupcakes have been the smell she first encountered as she was sucked into the rabbit hole? Seemed unlikely something so small could have such an effect but not nearly as unlikely as being sucked into a vortex to a God only knows where.

Whoever baked the cupcakes had certainly made them look appetizing, frosting them in a variety of pastel colors, including pale blue, light pink and a soft green. Alice licked her lips. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a problem to have just one. She walked around to the other side of the table where she first noticed a small folded place card in front of the tray with the words Eat Me. That was an invitation if she had ever seen one.

Unable to hold back, Alice plucked a pink frosted cupcake from the tray and took a bite. “Mmmmm!” If it were possible to taste love, Alice was certain it would be the flavor currently in her mouth. She savored the subtle sweetness before swallowing. She took a second bite and then a third before she knew it she had gobbled down the whole thing.

She laughed as an insidious giddiness slowly took hold of her. Her head felt woozy and her limbs might as well have belonged to a newborn calf. Then came the heat, hitting her like a ton of bricks. Her temperature rose until her skin felt as if it might sizzle.

Alice opened her mouth to complain but the most lewd moan was all she could manage. Her body quivered as a tumultuous pulsing struck between her legs, coming on fast like a runaway train.

Her lips released another soft moan as her knees buckled, leaving her on the floor. She rolled over on her back, her eyes searching the room. The gray stone walls appeared to curve around in a circle. The lighting was neither bright nor dark. Everywhere she looked there was some kind of door of various sizes and colors. Some were far too high for her to reach even if she stood on the little table and some were right at her heights. A couple of them were so small they had to be intended for a small cat or a large rodent. There were some shaped like rectangles while other doors were round or arched.

Alice ran her hands over her silk blouse. She had decided against a bra that morning. They’re always uncomfortable and her only plans for the day had been to hang out by the creek alone in the woods. Somehow her sense of touch was exaggerated. Her shirt’s fabric seemed smoother and more luxurious. Simply running her fingertips over the material shot waves of pleasure up from her palms. She moaned as she pushed her fingers against the lace bordering the decorative collar.

“Ah! Ah!” she cried out, every nerve ending on fire with a burning lust she couldn’t fathom. She squeezed her breasts and a surge of electrical current jolted at the juncture between her thighs. Alice flipped up her blue skirt, pushing her fingers down her white, lace underwear. The moment her finger strummed across her folds, her body shuddered. She needed more. (end snippet)

I hope this short passage from chapter one leaves everyone needing more! I’ll post a snippet from chapter two next week.

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