Belated Sunday Snippet for Down the Rabbit Hole (18+ only)

I’m just a teeny tiny bit late getting my Sunday Snippet of my current WIP, Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, posted…sorry!

Please enjoy this tidbit from Chapter Two:

After Alice rapped three times, the door swung open, revealing a buxom, young woman wearing the same apron as Alice along with similar white knee-length stockings, only hers had a red ribbon laced around the top. The red stilettos on her feet gave her three extra inches of height while the chef’s hat atop her wavy, short brown locks gave away her profession. The brunette wasn’t wearing a dress beneath her apron and it barely covered her large, bouncing bosoms. She held a large bowl in one arm and had a spoon in her hand. “Get in and taste this,” the cook demanded in a heavy, French accent.

Alice complied, stepping inside to find a messy kitchen with dishes piled high in the sink and scattered along the counter. She looked around the room noting a cauldron burning over the flame in a large fireplace. The entire room was thick and cloudy with the smell of pepper and sure enough when Alice opened her mouth and accepted the spoonful of soup it was saturated with the spice. “Well then? How is it?” the cook asked.

“Peppery,” Alice replied, rolling her tongue along the roof of her mouth in an attempt to diminish the strong taste.

The cook smiled showing a small gap in her two front teeth as her dark eyes dance with delight. “Perfect! Follow me,” she said.

As the woman turned her back, Alice’s did a double take, her eyes bulging as she noticed the cook’s lack of undergarments and her shapely bare backside. Warm, dizzying sensations overwhelmed Alice’s senses. For a thin woman, the cook had an amble rear but Alice was most fascinated by the bright, pink hue of the cook’s bottom in contrast with the rest of her pale skin. Curiosity ate at Alice’s belly. How did the cook’s fanny get such a rosy glow? Perhaps she’d backed up against a hot stove.

Alice couldn’t stop staring at the cook’s ass. Without words she followed the woman out of the kitchen. They walked down a short hallway, turning into a large parlor. Alice looked around the spacious room, aghast by all that she saw.

No less than four, odd looking contraptions were stationed around the room. One of them looked a bit like a massage table but with a cutout to force the legs to spread as well as restraints to keep a person from slipping off. Another contraption looked like a carpenter’s saw horse but was also equipped with restraints. Alice noticed a couple of others but paid them little notice as she recognized the hound dog she had previously spoken with peering in a window from outside while a large, fluffy, grinning cat teased him from inside the room.

“This should suit Madam’s taste.”

Alice’s attention was drawn by the cook’s thick accent. The sexy cook handed the bowl to an older woman with her long, red hair pulled up in a tight ponytail high on her head. The red head had deep blue eyes and an angular face. Based on the subtle lines around her eyes and forehead, Alice estimated her age at around forty, not old, but she probably had close to twelve years on Alice and a good fifteen to twenty on the lovely cook.

“It better be right this time or you’ll pert, little ass will get more of the same,” the redhead pronounced, taking the bowl and spoon.

Alice’s ears perked up and she bit down on her bottom lip, a flurry of arousal stirring within her. Had the sexy cook been spanked? The notion had Alice all twisted up with envy as she imagined smoothing her skirt and ushering the maid over her own lap.

“Oh, oui, oui, the Mademoiselle said it was peppery!” the cook declared happily.

“Hmph,” the older woman replied, looking to Alice and giving her the once over. “She looks frazzled and flushed.”

Alice was insulted but imagined the redhead was probably right on the mark based on how hot and dizzy she felt. She watched as the woman tasted the soup and nodded. The cook smiled triumphantly as the woman handed the soup back to her and stood.

The redhead was dressed in a tight-fitting, black leather suit that was so shiny it looked wet. The outfit had long sleeves and would have had a high collar if buttoned all the way up. Silver buttons trailed down from the neckline all the way to the crotch but they had been unfastened to just below her breasts, creating a large V-neck opening that exposed her ample cleavage.

Though thin, pretty and big breasted, the redhead was quite short. Even in her wedge-heeled, laced-up, black, leather boots, she was just tall enough that she could have rested her chin on Alice’s shoulder. Her high cheekbones and an aquiline nose gave her a regal look, causing Alice to conclude she must be the Duchess.


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