Sunday Snippet – Chapter Three of Down the Rabbit Hole (18+ only)

My appologies! I’ve been a little lax on my Sunday Snippets. I was late Sunday before last and skipped all together last Sunday. I’m rededicating myself today to bring readers another taste of my latest WIP, Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland.

Poor, little, rich girl, Alice never felt comfortable in her own skin. She was constantly surrounded my people she couldn’t connect with and was lonely even when in a crowd. The only time she felt settled was at her special place by a creek running through the forest behind her lake house. While relaxing there one day, she noticed an unusually tame white rabbit who lured her down a hole into a fantastical land of BDSM crazed royals, ancient prophesies and shifters. Everything about Shifterland was different from her world but somehow it felt right. Most appealing of all was the connection she felt with the mysterious Prince of Spades.

Will Alice ever find her way back home or is she finally home already?

During Chapter Three, Alice first sets eyes on the Dark Prince, AKA the Prince of Spades, AKA Hat Blackard. Here’s a taste.

Alice hadn’t exactly been invited to this party, but the caterpillar had said she should arrive in time for tea so she imagined this might be the very place he had intended for her to inquire as to the whereabouts of the Dark Prince and the white rabbit.

Alice walked up to the table and stood about a foot behind a gray rabbit as she called out to the group, “Hello.”

The boisterous chatter came to a screeching halt and all eyes were on her. Nervously, she twirled a few strands of her hair around one of her fingers as she nodded towards the talking animals around the table with a handsome stranger.

“Hello to you,” the handsome man replied, his bored look melting away as he tipped his hat to her. Their eyes met and Alice’s heart pounded while butterflies fluttered in her tummy. His gaze never left her face, yet Alice could practically feel his breath on her shoulders and his hands on her body. Her knees knocked as her legs trembled.

He snuffed out his cigarette against a saucer and licked his lips. Alice could barely think straight, much less move or speak and somehow as if some kismet was binding them, she knew he was already breathing in her scent and tasting her essence.

The scraggly rabbit narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who the hell are you?”

Distracted away from the invisible tether linking her to the sexy stranger, Alice took hold of her senses and replied, “I…I’m Alice.”

“Don’t be rude,” the stranger replied, flicking his cigarette butt at the gray rabbit. As the man stood, Alice bit her bottom lip, taken aback by his height and the cut of his jib. He stood a good two heads taller than her and filled out his dark trousers perfectly. His chest and shoulders were broad while his waist was slender. He reached over grasping the antique-silver-gray frame of the sky-blue Venetian-style chair beside him and pulled it out. “Please dear, have a seat and join us for high tea.”

Alice smoothed out her short dress, careful not to trip over her heels as she swung her hips back and forth whilst making her way over to him as if she were caught in some hypnotic haze.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this small snippet. Be sure to come back next Sunday for another taste.

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