Sunday Snippet – Chapter Four: Down the Rabbit Hole (18+ only)

Welcome back to Sunday Snippets where I share a tiny taste of a current work in progress (WIP). I know what you’re thinking. Sunday? It’s not Sunday. It’s Saturday. Very true but as tomorrow is Easter and lots of people including myself will be spending the holiday with family, I decided to get a jump on things and post a day early.

Currently, I’m working on Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, the story of a buxom blonde who never fit in until she chased a mysterious white rabbit down a hole and discovered a fantastical land of sexy shifters. Unfortunately, before she could catch up with the white rabbit or find a way home, she accidently poisoned herself with a delicious-looking, aphrodisiac cupcake, giving the white rabbit’s master, the mysterious Dark Prince AKA Hat Blackard the upper hand. Will Alice ever get back home or will she discover she’s home already?

Messiah - Paranoia Paradox

“Is it okay to just let her go?” Wit asked as Hat walked away in the opposite direction.

“I’m afraid she must take the long path around,” Hat replied, slipping his arm around Wit’s waist.

Wit pulled away, smoothing his hair as he pouted. “You like her better than me.”

Hat chuckled, pushing Wit’s back against a nearby tree and offering a mocking smile. “Are you jealous?”

Wit turned his head, looking away as he replied, “No.” Wit wished he sounded more convincing. He wanted Alice too, but he couldn’t simply let his long-time lover push him aside.

“She’s my destiny but I’ll never leave you.” Hat pressed his lips against Wit’s. Wit returned the kiss, slipping his hands under Hat’s jacket and starting to unbutton his lover’s waist coat. Hat shed his coat, untied his bowtie and removed his hat, hanging it on a nearby branch before licking the shell of Wit’s ear.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s snippet. Please join me next Sunday for another taste.

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