Sunday Snippet – Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, Chapter Five (18+ only!)

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Thank you for visiting Sunday Snippets. Every Sunday I share a tiny morsel of my current work in progress. If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been busy writing Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, the story of a buxom blonde who never fit in until she chased a mysterious white rabbit down a hole and discovered a fantastical land of sexy shifters. Earlier in the story, Alice had a run in with the Duchess. Here’s a taste of what happens the next time they meet.




Alice felt a warm hand on her bottom as someone murmured into her ear. “It’s a very fine day. No?” She recognized the Duchess’ voice and sweet scent.

“It certainly is.” Alice turned to face the older woman.

“How’s the ass?” The Duchess licked her lips, leering at Alice shamelessly.

“Sore.” Alice pursed her lips over gritted teeth.

Woman on Spanking Bench by Malteste

“Is that so? It certainly was a pretty rear-end. I’d love to have another whack at it.” She laughed mockingly.

Alice shook her head. “Oh no, three for you and three for me. That was the deal.”

“Quite so.” The Duchess’s mouth folded into a pout.

Instinctually, Alice put her hands behind her back and covered her ass as she eyed the Duchess, wishing she could take her revenge for the humiliation she had suffered under the sexy redhead’s cane. Alice liked the game but hated being subjugated. She wanted to be the one cracking the whip.


Sorry to be such a tease but there is lots of fun to be had between these pages and I want to leave you with an appetite for more. Please come back next Sunday for a big bite of giddy entertainment.

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