Sunday Snippet: DTRH:AIS – Chapter Six (18+ only!)

Thank you for visiting Sunday Snippets where I share a tiny morsel of one of my current works in progress. Are You Alice?
If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been busy writing Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland (DTRH:AIS), the story of a buxom blonde who never fit in until she chased a mysterious white rabbit down a hole and discovered a fantastical land of sexy shifters. I hope the following teaser from chapter six wets your appetite for more.

“Thanks for your help.” Her voice was breathy with unsated arousal.

Wit stepped up into her personal space, practically backing her up against the tree again. “I didn’t do it for you.”

As she stared into his handsome face, his dazzling eyes made her breath hitch, and his soft, utterly irresistible lips compelled her to throw her arms around his neck. He grabbed her around the waist, leaning in and pressing his mouth against hers, his muscular frame crushing her supple curves. Immediately, the subtle contact sent blissful vibrations throughout her body. Alice clung to him desperately, wanting…needing more.

She trembled, her heartrate soaring as he deepened the kiss, pairing thier tongues for a twisting tango. Her hands were in his cottony hair as she breathed in his sweet scent. As he broke their oral embrace, she moaned, her eyes pleading for him to push onward.

Aren’t passionate kisses the best? Wit might make Alice work for them, but I think a lot more lip locking is in her future. Please join me next Sunday for another snippet! xoxo

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