Sunday Snippet – Sneak Peek – Alice in Shifterland Chapter Seven (18+ only)

Queen of Hearts
Glad you dropped by for Sunday Snippets. Every Sunday I share a tiny morsel of one of my current works in progress. I’ve finally inished writing Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland (DTRH:AIS), the story of a buxom blonde who never fit in until she chased a mysterious white rabbit down a hole and discovered a fantastical land of sexy shifters. I’m still editing and polishing the manuscript, but the following is a tidbit from Chapter Seven. In this passage, Alice and Hat are being naughty voyeurs, watching as the King and Queen of Hearts work over the Knave in thier private dungeon. “Off with his clothes!”

“Oh!” Alice gulped, the area between her thighs throbbing at the mere thought. “Look at his face.”

“I know…pitiful yet enraptured. It’s a beautiful look on anyone.” Hat’s hands were exploring her chest, kneading her breasts in his palms over her clothing while he breathed heavily against her neck.

“He’s pretty.” Alice didn’t mind admitting the Knave was easy on the eyes.

“Meh, you’re much prettier.”

“But I would never allow something like that!” Alice shook her head; yet, she was fascinated by the Knave’s undignified predicament.

“No, you and I are the same. We like to be on the dominating side.” Hat’s lips were right next to her ear as he spoke.

“I think you’re right.” Alice breathed heavily.

“You didn’t know?”

“I guess part of me always did.” She turned her head, looking into his eyes and silently imploring him to give his approval.

“You’re perfect.” A low growl followed his answer. “We’re going to have so much fun torturing the white rabbit.”

She leaned her head back against Hat’s shoulder. “You and he are lovers?”

“More like owner and pet, but yes, the affection is very real. Does that bother you?”

Alice panted as Hat rubbed her inner thigh. “It excites me!”

“Good.” He nibbled at her ear and pointed to draw her attention to the new development unfolding.

Sorry for being a dirty, little tease but you’ll have to wait until the book comes out to find out what the King and Queen did to the poor Knave. I hope you’ll join me next Sunday for another sneak peek. xoxo

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