Sunday Snippet – Crystal Coast Craving (18+ only!)


Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this sacred day and I’m honored you’ve decided to spend a few minutes of it checking out a snippet from one of my current works in progress. The last few Sunday’s I’ve been teasing readers with Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, but today I’m going to mix it up a little.

I’m dying for summer! I love the beach, and to me there is nothing better than reading a good story while sitting in a lounge chair with the ocean breeze hitting me. An awesome publisher has put the call out for some sizzling Summer Attractions, and I’ve throw my hat in the ring so fingers crossed that they pick up Crystal Coast Craving.
Days and nights at the Crystal Coast are hot, but sexy soldier Jake Devoe is hotter. While waiting tables at her aunt’s beach bar and grill, burnt-out school teacher Caroline Butler meets Jake and immediately feels the heat. The only question is what will it take for her to shake off her strict southern upbringing and have a summer fling? Jake has the answer—a spanking.

Please enjoy this tasty morsel:

Breathless with desire, she pushed her hand back up to his Herculean shoulder. One of his fingers trailed down her jawline, stopping at her chin and lifting her face towards his. As he leaned in she closed her eyes in surrender. His lips brushed against hers, sweetly at first and then more hungrily.

She dropped her shoes in the sand and snaked her arms around his thick back, grasping at the muscles before pushing her hands beneath his shirt and dragging her fingernails lightly across his skin.

“Mmmm,” he moaned into her mouth before opening his lips more and deepening the kiss. His tongue lapped lightly at her bottom lip before plunging within to explore. He tasted like Irish coffee. Caroline breathed him in, enjoying his rich manly scent, a mixture of spicy sweet cologne and no doubt lots of pheromones.

As the kiss broke and they separated for air, she panted and he pulled her closer. Her ample breasts pressed against his firm torso as her body quaked. His warm breath resonated on her neck just before his lips tasted its cradle.

Caroline pushed the rational thoughts about how this might be a bad idea that would end in heartbreak way back into the far reaches of her mind allowing her body to melt into his as he held her close. He nibbled her earlobe before his lips engulfed the shell of her ear. Her knees went weak and she cooed like a dove, expressing her bliss without words.

His lips released her ear and he whispered, “You’re a beautiful girl, Caroline.”

She didn’t know what to say. Caroline didn’t think of herself as beautiful. She was average height and slender with amble breasts and a plump rear but she considered herself plain, nothing special–just a brunette with freckles.

Instead of replying, she reached up, placing her hand on the back of his head, running her fingers along the short fade leading up to the spiky locks on top. She brought her other hand to his neck, pushing his head towards her face and capturing his lips. Her entire body was trembling and the juncture between her legs was clicking on all cylinders, making the two inches of cotton covering her warm folds damp. She didn’t even know this man but she wanted him so bad!


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