Sunday Snippet: DTRH:AIS Chapter Eight (18+ only!)

Thanks for dropping by for Sunday Snippets. Every Sunday I share a tiny morsel of one of my current works in progress. Last Sunday, I shared a passage from Crystal Coast Craving, and since then, I’ve received great news! The story has been picked up by Loose Id, by all accounts a fantastic publisher. I signed my contract and I’m working on edits now.

I had thought I finished writing Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland (DTRH:AIS), the story of a buxom blonde who never fit in until she chased a mysterious white rabbit down a hole and discovered a fantastical land of sexy shifters, but while editing and polishing, I decided to add a bit more to book one, and there will have to be two more books to flesh out the entire story. In the second book, Alice will be more of a supporting character at least for part of the book as Scarlett, a Princess of the Red Kingdom, gets her own romance.

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Chapter Eight. Alice is starting to lay down the law as she navigates her place in the three-way relationship with Hat and Witt.

VOCALOID “Why do you two get to wear pants and all I’m offered is dresses, robes and skirts?” Alice contemplated her reflection in a full length mirror. The Prince had commissioned a lot of clothes for her but they all seemed straight out of a fetish catalog. She’d settled on a red and white micro mini so tight you could see the outline of her rear end along with an equally tight crop top that fit more like a sports bra, and surprisingly, the outfit was incredibly comfortable as if it were a second skin.

“I like easy access,” Hat replied.

Both the Prince’s unabashed expression and the look he exchanged with Witt pissed Alice off. “I like the stretchy fabric but I want some pants.” She raised an eyebrow at him while keeping her expression serious.

“Well, I want to lay you on your back, lift your legs and spank your ass and thighs with my belt.” Hat chuckled at his own flippant remark but choked off his laughter when he noticed the death look Alice was throwing him. “Fine…I suppose pants will make it easier for you to ride. Wit, go to the royal dressmakers and have them make Alice stretchy pants to go with all of her stretchy tops.”

Wit gave a short salute before running off to do Hat’s bidding. “Bye Witt,” Alice called out. He lifted his hand and waved without stopping. “He’s a fast one.”

“Indeed, I’m actually glad we got rid of him for a while.” Hat took Alice’s hand.

“Is that right?” She smiled while moving in closer to him. His free hand snaked behind her, rubbing her bottom over her new skirt.

“Quite but as much as I would like a little more one-on-one with this.” He squeezed her ass. “We have pressing royal business.”

I hope you enjoyed this small taste of DTRH:AIS. Please check back next Sunday for another sneak peek at one of my current works in progress.
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

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