Sunday Snippets – 6/17/17


Happy Father’s Day and welcome back to Sunday Snippets where I share a small sneak peek of an upcoming work in progress and news of my news release(s). I’m very excited to be involved with Loose ID’s Summer Attractions. They’re offering low priced books and even some free flings.


Summer is my favorite time of year, and I love the beach so I couldn’t resist writing some summer attractions set on the coast. I loosely based the Crystal Coast on my favorite island town in North Carolina.

I just signed my contract for my second summer attraction, Crystal Coast Chemistry, a sexy MM romance.

When gay school teacher, Ryan Wertman, accepts an invitation from his best friend and fellow teacher, Caroline Butler, to spend summer break waiting tables at her aunt’s bar and grill at the Crystal Coast, he jumps at the chance for some fun in the sun away from their small, conservative town. Though he boasts calvalery about filling his evenings lots of hot studs, in truth, Ryan longs to find love and settle down.
At just twenty-two years old, military logisitics specialist, Tanner Tolsten, isn’t open with his homosexuality, and he would be embarassed to death if his buddy, Jake Devoe, found out about the crush he has on him. An evening out to celebrate Jake’s graduation from college seems to take a turn for the worse when Jake takes one look at thier waitress and loses his heart. Then Tanner spys Ryan serving drinks behind the bar.
After a night of hot passion, both men are smitten, but when confronted with biggotry, Tanner must admit his true self or risk losing Ryan forever.

Ryan stood back from the running water, testing the temperature on his hand. “That’s good.” He grabbed the shampoo, squirting a glob into his palm as he turned back to Tanner. “Want some?”

“Yeah.” Tanner held out his hand and Ryan gave him a squirt. Tanner had just started to work up lather with his hands when Ryan moved in on him, quickly capturing his lips while rubbing his soapy hands across Tanner’s back. His touch was warm and arousing. Their tongues twisted and twirled, dancing seductively.

With his palms thick with bubbles, Tanner grabbed Ryan’s ass, kneading the firm buns and pushing his fingertips into the flesh. Ryan broke their kiss with a moan and then asked, “Top or bottom?”

“Umm…” Tanner wasn’t sure what to say. He preferred to top but didn’t mind bottoming. Plus he was pretty sure Ryan was several years older than him. He might not like the idea of a young buck bending him over. “I’m versatile.” He choked out his words before resting his head in the crook of Ryan’s neck.

“Me too,” Ryan replied, busily covering Tanner’s pulsing cock with shampoo.

Tanner groaned through gritted teeth. “I don’t suppose you’d let me top?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ryan replied.


My first Summer Attraction, Crystal Coast Craving is due out on June 20th, and for a limited time will be offered for only $.89!

Crystal Coast Craving Blurb: Caroline Butler is a school teacher in her late twenties still living under her overprotective, Southern Belle mother’s watchful eye. She longs for adventure and romance and is excited to head down to the Crystal Coast to spend summer break waitressing at her aunt’s bar and grill with her best buddy, Ryan.

Jake Devoe is a soldier with a secret keeping him up at night. He’s biding his time, working at the Military Ocean Terminal near Crystal Coast Beach, finishing the last few months of his hitch while finishing his college degree online.

When Caroline waits on Jake and his friends, Jake and Caroline are immediately drawn to each other. They both want each other, but it might take more than a little convincing to get a good southern girl like Caroline in the right frame of mind for a summer fling. Not to worry–Jake has an idea: a spanking.

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