Sunday Snippet – Crystal Coast Christmas

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I just got word that the next installment in the Crystal Coast Series, Crystal Coast Christmas, is scheduled to drop on December 12, 2017. It’s a love story about a fiesty Marine Biologist and a gorgeous Air Force Captain.

Reeling from her recent break-up after catching her live-in boyfriend or three years cheating one too many times, Jessica Stone is in no mood for holiday cheer. All the blinking lights and yuletide decorations just reminders her she’ll be alone this Christmas. She’s depressed and in emotional turmoil, determined never to fall in love again. 

While out for his morning, sea-side run, Captain Chase Culpepper spots a hottie he can’t take his eyes off of, but when she stops short, and he literally runs into her, things get off to a rocky start. Fate throws them together again when Jessica and her new roomie, Ryan, go out with Ryan’s boyfriend, Tanner, and some of his co-workers. Low and behold, Jessica finds herself seated next to Chase for dinner. She finally accepts his apology along with his offer to buy her a drink. As the evening continues, Jessica finds herself attracted to Chase. Her brain says no, but her body urges her to take a chance.

After they share a night of earth-shattering sex, Chase is surprised and upset when he wakes up all alone. He’s finally found his perfect, sexual equal, and he’s not about to let her one nightstand him. Chase doggedly pursues Jessica, but will his affection and passion be enough to melt the ice shielding her heart?


Jessica had only worked through half her salad when her sandwich arrived, but she’d finished all of her painkiller and was working on Chase’s. “This drink is so good.”

“Glad you’re enjoying it,” Chase replied, his cheeks tinting a slight pink as the pupils of his hooded eyes dilated and his lips formed a seductive pout. Why, I do believe he’s flirting with me.

Jessica looked down at her plate and picked up her sandwich, nibbling slowly. As she stole another glance at him, her body quivered. This is bad. I’ve sworn off love and dating and definitely relationships—of course, sex isn’t out of the question.

She squeezed her thighs together, attempting to squash the mounting temptation. After she finished her second painkiller, she switched to water. She couldn’t afford a pounding head in the morning. The men ordered another round of beer with only Tanner and Derrick abstaining.

After finishing most of her salad and a little more than half of her sandwich, Jessica wiped her mouth and covered her plate with her napkin. She was just short of stuffed, and one more bite would push her over the edge. She sneaked another peek at Chase only to be caught staring, his own piercing gaze locked on her.

Her tummy behaved like a python curving around a tree, twisting and squeezing, and her impulsive streak got the best of her. She leaned over by Chase’s ear. “Wait a couple of minutes and meet me at the ladies’ room. I’ll be waiting just inside the door.” She stood up and grabbed her purse. “Little girls’ room,” she said before walking off without looking back.


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