Sunday Snippet: Change in Plans

Happy Sunday Readers,

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family over Thanksgiving, but after stuffing my face with southern-style holiday goodies, it’s time to get back to work. I’ve been teasing you with some snippets of the M/M romance I’d been working on, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. I’m afraid that goes double for writing. One of my hero’s has had a troubled past, and I want to explore the grit so the story simply has no place on the magical, love-filled paradise of Crystal Coast Island. Rest assured, I’ll be re-vamping and re-writing to lift the story out of the original setting and put it somewhere more befitting the tone. I’ll keep you posted.

Not to worry–the island won’t be neglected. Crystal Coast Christmas will be available on December 12th, and I’ve already started a sweet but sexy new adult installment for the locale featuring a hot surfer and a big, beautiful woman. If you need a Christmas story fix in the meanwhile, please check out Horse Mountain Heat (Originally titled Bareback Christmas).  Currently, it’s selling for less than a dollar on Amazon.


Now on to the teaser! One of my raciest books, Blood Ties and Leather Restraints, is a sizzling combination of dark, paranormal romance, BDSM, Ménage and organized crime. Our gorgeous, powerful anti-hero, Guy, loves sex with men and women and has no qualms about crushing anyone in his way. He comes with a lot of baggage, but he’s determined to possess our spunky heroine, Bianca, body and soul. She’s got problems of her own, including overbearing parents forcing an arranged marriage on her. It’s anyone’s guess if their coupling will make them stronger or break them completely.

She jittered as he pushed her knees back a bit farther, straining her thighs as he began to paddle her again. Shit! The slight change in position allowed him to get at some fresh meat, which he spanked vigorously. Bianca’s bottom lip quivered. Her ass stung as if a whole hive of bees had attacked her flesh, but her pride hurt much more.

A fresh crop of tears burned her eyes and chapped her skin as Guy’s paddle-wielding arm set her to huffing and puffing like an insolent child. Horrified by each unrestrainable scream escaping from her mouth, she sniveled, giving in to the humiliation and broadcasting her lack of fortitude and resistance.

Stopping to stretch, he admired his handiwork for a moment before he loosened his tie. “I’m afraid it’s getting rather hot in here. It might be all the heat radiating from this sexy ass of yours.”

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