Wonderland Wednesday 1/17/18 (Adults only!)

Happy Wednesday Dear Readers,

A while back I started writing, Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, a naughty story of shifters and spanking based on my favorite fairytale, Alice in Wonderland. I had intended to publish it as past of a three-part shifter/erotic fairytale mash-up, but instead, I’ve decided to make Wonderland Wednesday a regular feature on my blog. As always, my blog is for adults only so if you’ve under eighteen years old, please navigate away from here. The chapters will be rough and unedited, but I think you’ll still find them worth reading. Without further ado, here’s the first chapter.

Chapter One

* * * * *

Thanks to a busted wooden slat in her hurricane shutter blinds courtesy of one of her uninvited, overnight guests, the morning sun poured in through a nearby window, hitting Alice in the face and forcing her awake. With much reluctance she sat upright in her queen-sized sleigh bed, raising her arms above her head to stretch as she yawned.

Noting she wasn’t alone, Alice was grateful to find herself still fully dressed in the jeans and tee shirt she had been wearing the previous evening. Further inspection of her sleeping mate soon brought a glimmer of recognition and more relief. Alex was a friend. No, friend was too strong of a word. He was a friendly acquaintance who exclusively preferred male partners, and he too was still completely dressed as he snoozed over top of Alice’s burgundy and gold down comforter.

Alex was somewhat of a semi-permanent guest since his daddy cut off his trust fund. He wasn’t about to stop partying so he sponged off of others. Usually, he stayed with one of several rich, older men willing to be his patron, but when he found himself on the outs, he showed up at Alice’s until whichever idiot he was sleeping with sent the necessary amount of gifts to entice him back.

Alice found Alex much more tolerable than most of the hangers-on around her largely because of his complete lack of romantic and sexual interest in her. He only showed up when he needed something from her but at least she knew exactly where they stood and what his motives were. Alice couldn’t say the same about most of the others buzzing around her. All she knew for sure was how completely disconnected she felt from all of them. She pushed the bedding off of herself and stepped down on the hardwood floor.

After she stepped over a couple sacked out together on top of a blanket on the large Oriental rug closer to the middle of her room, Alice scowled and sighed. She recognized one of them—Sandra Labrea, a socialite she’d known most of her life. They got along well enough though Alice couldn’t say they had ever been close. Sandra was entwined in the arms of a handsome if rather common-looking young man. Mr. Collin Labrea, Sandra’s wealthy industrialist father, would not be amused but Alice imagined Sandra’s lover was solely for recreational use anyway.

Alice was accustomed to people she mostly felt indifference towards showing up to party at her lake house. Truth was she didn’t mind. Late at night she craved the noise and excitement that came along with a full house of people ready to shake off their inhibitions. Even though she wasn’t looking to mingle with any of them, the distraction helped keep her sane.

She’d always known something was missing inside of her. She played everything cool and close to the vest but even now on the inside she was screaming. Something primal within her was clawing at the surface but she couldn’t release it, couldn’t even get a handle on what it was though it was constant. Sadly, that dull, aching emptiness was the one thing in her life she could count on to always stick with her.

Regardless of her home’s open door policy, Alice tried to keep everyone out of her bedroom and bathroom. Last night she’d gone as far as to put up “off limits” signs. Obviously not everyone had respected her wishes but as luck would have it, the master bath hadn’t been obstructed by crashing party-goers. Before opening the door, Alice took a deep breath, half expecting some drunkard to be slumped over the toilet.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found herself alone amongst the porcelain fixtures of her tastefully decorated powder room. She glanced in the mirror, pushing back her messy blond hair and wiping at her smeared mascara. Ugh!

Alice wasn’t exactly looking her best, and her mouth was dry as hell. She looked around for the small, plastic cup she kept on the counter, rolling her eyes as her gaze fell across the white powder littering her hand mirror. Son of a bitch! If people are going to be rude enough to do illegal drugs in my bathroom, they could at least snort all of their damn coke. What am I supposed to do with this shit?

Alice enjoyed a little gin and whiskey but she didn’t care for illicit drugs ever since her aunt, who had been her only link to her late father, overdosed on a cocktail of oxy, coke and booze several years back. The only family she had left now was her mom, an ex-model who had always been much more interested in jet setting with her aging, rock star boyfriend than raising Alice.

Fuck this bullshit. She rubbed her forehead as if forcing those thoughts out of her head. She washed her mirror in the sink and dried it with a hand towel.

Her outfit had outlived its freshness date, leaving her feeling filthy and the lingering post-party film of cigarette smoke and false comradery compounded the issue. She needed a shower.

The water was warm but she didn’t care as she stood under the streaming water with her mouth wide open lapping up the clear liquid and swishing it before spitting it out. She hated the stale dryness in her mouth more than she did the taste of hot water. Alice held a bar of soap and lathered it between her hands before returning it to the shower caddy and rubbing her soapy hands all over her body. Once she was clean, she towel dried her hair and skin.

Alice brushed her teeth before slipping into her walk-in closet and choosing a much less funky pair of jeans and a blouse to wear. Outwardly she was a hundred percent better but she still needed to get all of the assholes out of her house. She stepped out of her bedroom and looked down over the stair railing, noting all the partied-out people passed out all over her living room. Since the lake house didn’t lack for spare bedrooms, she could only assume they were occupied as well.

Alice recognized about seventy percent of her slumbering guests. The rest were strangers. There were always people she didn’t know in her house…friends of so-called-friends. While she realized she should be more cautious, she couldn’t even force herself to try. In the evenings, when the dull boredom that constantly gnawed at her was at its worst, she would probably let a horde of spider monkeys or a full grown bear in her house regardless of the personal danger to herself. At least if she was frightened, the emptiness went away for a little while. Rationality didn’t make sense to her at least not on an emotional level.

She slipped back into her room, grabbed her phone and went out onto her balcony to call Davidson. When she was just a girl, he had been hired as a driver and bodyguard but he pretty much served as Alice’s babysitter and later her personal assistant, doing whatever unpleasant task she wasn’t prepared to tackle.

“Hello,” Davidson said. The middle-aged man sounded wide awake despite the early hour.

“Where are you? What are you doing?” she whispered.

“I’m in my room over the garage and I had just gotten up and begun my morning exercise routine.” His voice was always cheerful. Alice loved cheerful people, which was why she had selected him over some of the more qualified, menacing-looking ex-soldiers her mother had wanted to hire for the job.

“There are people in my bedroom.”

Alice was met my silence.


“Did you not invite them?”

“I don’t ever invite anyone. They always just show up.”

“What would you like me to do?”

Alice sighed. Honestly, she wasn’t quite sure. She hated dealing with the tedious, morning aftermath. Burning the place down seemed extreme but allowing a bunch of slugs to wallow all over her furniture and invade her space during the daylight hours while she read, did yoga and busied herself with a whole lot of nothing was worse. When these same people were wired, they were good entertainment. Now they were just a nuisance.

“I want some coffee and aspirin but if I brew a pot, some of these assholes might wake-up and I can’t tolerate talking to any of them right now. If some Ivy League frat boy or old-money skank speaks to me, I’m might punch someone in the face.”

“I must say this is very out of character for you Alice. You’ve always been so genteel. Did something happen last night?”

Alice rolled her eyes, her nostrils flaring. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, just the same old shit. She was so tired of her useless existence. She’d attended college and gotten a degree in literature because books could keep her entertained better than most anything else, but since then, she couldn’t seem to find her niche anywhere. She wasn’t suited for teaching—too many schedules and rules in academia, and since she couldn’t sit still for any length of time, writing was out. Luckily, her trust fund and the properties her father had left her kept her in designer duds and top-shelf booze.

Hot tears burned Alice’s eyes. She just wanted to get away. “No, nothing unusual happened. I’m sorry for being a pain, Davidson. I just want to be alone this morning, and I can’t.”

“I’ll tell you what. I have a coffee maker in my room and some pain relievers. Met me up here in five minutes and I’ll have a thermos ready for you. Then you can run off to that secret spot of yours in the woods and I’ll throw these hoodlums out of your house.”

“Oh my God, Davidson. That would be awesome. You’re the best!”

A slight calmness settled over Alice as a morning breeze fluttered her damp hair. All she had to do now was get out of the house without waking anyone. With any luck, everyone would be too smashed to notice her escaping.


Davidson had been true to his word and as efficient as ever so after swallowing two aspirins and chasing them down with coffee, Alice was traipsing off into the woods towards her favorite place in the world, a small stream off the beaten path. It wasn’t easy to find if you didn’t know where to look which was why Alice loved it so much. It was her quiet place where she could meditate or just sit and watch the wonders of nature. Quite by accident, Alice had found the little stream while following a rabbit when she was still just a child and ever since then, the small ecological wonderland had always been the only place in the world where she felt she belonged.

As she sat at the edge of the creek feeding the ducks some crackers she’d swiped from Davidson’s quarters, the wind whipped around her giving her goosebumps. She probably should have grabbed a sweater when she left the house but she wasn’t going to let a little cool air run her off. Rain had kept her from her special place for the previous three days so as long as the sun was shining she intended to enjoy herself.

She stretched out her legs and tapped the toes of her boots together idly. The chill of the cool ground infiltrated the seat of her tight jeans but at least she’d found a dry spot to park her rear. The thin, frilly white blouse she had thrown on hadn’t been the best choice but at least it had flowing, long sleeves. There was something about the image of flowing snowy blanc fabric in natural settings that she had always liked. Whenever her imagination cast her in an outside setting, she was usually wearing a long, white dress, lacey with thin, billowy sleeves. She probably spent far too much time daydreaming, but it was her favorite activity even more so than reading or gawking at inebriated revelers. Alice hugged herself, rubbing her arms over the smooth fabric.

She looked up at the bright blue sky and smiled as the heat of the sun beamed down on her face. If it weren’t for the damn wind whipping up ever so often, the weather would have been perfect. Spring had sprung. The sunshine lit up the small meadow and radiated off of the water. The grass was green and the woodland creatures were out and about. The ducks she had been feeding were quacking up a storm, butterflies fluttered about near the tree line on the other side of the stream and a couple of fuzzy brown squirrels were chasing each other in circles around one of the trees. Perhaps most interesting was the large, white rabbit sunning itself just on the other side of the stream.

Based on size alone, Alice imagined the rabbit was probably male. She doubted it could be a pregnant female bunny because the tummy wasn’t very big. He had huge feet and was about the length of a loaf of sliced sandwich bread. Sitting, he was about three apples high, but when he stretched his legs and stood on his hind quarters, he was about the size of the average cocker spaniel. Frankly, Alice didn’t know what to make of the floppy-eared curiosity.

She’d seen lops with ears like that before but she didn’t think she’d ever seen a rabbit with such large, deep blue eyes—blue as the pacific ocean. Did rabbits even have blue eyes? She’d seen brown and even pink but blue? And if the bunny’s odd appearance wasn’t unnerving enough, this big fella had hopped right up, plopped down right across from her and she could swear he was staring at her, his little nose twitching.

Alice had to admit he was pretty darn cute. His fur was whiter than powdered sugar, bringing to mind a happy childhood memory when one morning she had awoken at first light to find a pure snow had fallen and no one had disturbed it. Alice smiled. That bunny was probably rather soft and snuggly. I wonder if he would let me pet him.

She picked up the bag of crackers she had been feeding to the ducks and stood slowly before making her way over to natural stone bridge that connected one side of the creek to the other. When she was younger and braver, she had often taken a run for the creek and leaped over to the other side. Back then she hadn’t much cared if her feet got wet or her clothes got dirty, but these days she was more cautious.

Alice took great care, stepping from stone to stone on her tip toes as she slowly crossed to the other side of the brook. Once she was safe and sound, she tossed some cracker crumbs in front of the white rabbit. The fuzzy fella had been keeping a keen eye on her, but when those little bits of food landed in front of him, his head turned and his nose began to twitch for a few seconds before he looked back over to her.

She studied his tiny face and was taken aback by the distinct impression the white rabbit was offended by her offering. At the very least, he certainly wasn’t making a move to eat. She took a step forward and he sat up on his hind legs, lifting his front paws as if making an invitation.

She bent her knees, gradually sinking until she was sitting on them. With deliberate care, she extended her hand. The white rabbit jumped up and Alice half expected him to bolt but he came bounding right over to her. Not only did the little rascal allow her to pet him but he hoped into her arms and began to rub his face against her chest. What the hell?

She sat down, crossing her legs in front of her as she held and petted the cuddly rabbit. He was every bit as soft as she had imagined but was much heavier and more affectionate than she had expected. “Well aren’t you sweet?” Alice said as she hugged him close to her shoulder.

His nose nuzzled at her ear, the tickling sensation making her giggle. His front paws rested on her shoulder but his back feet were still in her lap. Alice gasped as the white rabbit made a sudden movement and managed to shove his face down the top of her blouse.

“No, no,” she scolded as she lifted him and turned him so his back faced her. She slipped her hand into her cleavage in an attempt to brush away any crumbs that might have fallen down her shirt and attracted the unwanted attention but found none. “You’re a naughty little fella.”

He sat on her lap, rubbing his front paws over her thighs. For a second, Alice had the oddest sensation—similar to when a time know some lecher was nearby and she could practically feel his gaze molesting her. Rationally, she realized the rabbit was just getting comfortable, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that her thigh was being groped. He’s just a rabbit.

The temperature of the rabbit’s soft, fuzzy body was far warmer than Alice would have predicted. She had never heard that rabbits had a higher body temperature than people but this one certainly did because she was no longer bothered by the chill of the wind. Oddly enough, the white rabbit seemed perfectly content to just sit in her lap and let her pet him for what had to have been about twenty minutes, and even more curious, Alice was more at home there with him than she ever did with any of her peers.

She pulled up her shirt sleeve, revealing the silver and diamond watch her aunt had given her as a graduation present. As she held out her arm checking the time, to her great and unimaginable shock, the white rabbit gasped and she could have sworn she heard him say, “I’m late.”

Alice’s jaw dropped but she was unable to utter a sound. She simply blinked as the rabbit bolted. Without thinking she jumped to her feet and gave chase. Her tongue loosened and she found her voice. “Wait! Where are you going?”

The white rabbit didn’t stop or even slow down nor did he give Alice as much as a glance over his shoulder. He did, however, reply, “No time! I’m late!”

In shock, Alice followed him as fast as her feet would allow, her loose blond locks whipping behind her. The rabbit approached a gigantic, old tree with a large hole in one side. He leaped high into the air, diving for the opening and disappearing from sight. No fucking way!

There was no way Alice was going to let a talking rabbit get away. No one would ever believe her. Hell, she wasn’t sure she believed it herself. There were two options. Either she had to let the white rabbit go and worry about her own sanity for the rest of her days or she could follow him into the rabbit hole and get to the bottom of this mad curiosity.

She dropped down, crawling on her hands and knees as she poked her head into the opening in the great oak. The tree housed a secret—another hole. Not an ordinary hole dug out in the ground by a small animal but an odd, spinning, twirling vortex that had grabbed hold of her hand and was pulling her down head first into the unknown.

Alice struggled, but like quicksand, fighting only made her sink faster and her entire head and torso were soon pulled under. As the rest of her slipped through like a newborn after labor’s last push, she surveyed her surroundings.

No doubt about it, Alice was falling. The air around her seemed thick, almost as if it was alive, cushioning and slowing her descent. A familiar scent whiffed around her, enveloping her senses with the smell of vanilla. She squinted and for a second she saw the white rabbit but in a flash, he was gone. She continued to fall, and fall and fall some more to the point where she was quite certain she might fall all the way through to the other side of the earth. Somehow she was not afraid, no matter how far or fast she fell, she seemed to be floating until…

”Ahhhhh!” Alice screamed as the sight of solid ground came closer. She closed her eyes and braced for impact, but the force holding her in the rabbit hole graciously set her down rather gently. She blinked open her eyes and stood to look around. No white rabbit but standing just a couple of feet away from her was a startlingly attractive hunk of a man. He had silvery blond hair, pale skin and piercing, blue eyes, but truthfully, Alice’s gaze barely skimmed his face. Try as she might, she couldn’t make her eyes meet his because he was stark naked! Nude, nothing on at all!

She stood slack jawed, taking in every bulging muscle. The incredibly underdressed stranger had broad shoulders and a well-build torso with six perfect abdominal muscles. He towered over her with long, strong-looking legs and muscular arms. Alice gasped as her gaze settled on the area just below his navel.

The stranger had an amazing cock! Long as a snake and thick with girth, it swung proud and erect. “Oh my!” the words poured through her lips like water from a drain and her hand couldn’t reach her lips fast enough to stop them. Alice licked her lips, the area between her legs tingling most fervently.

She swallowed hard and pried her gaze away, looking the man in the face. He wore a smug smirk. “I’d love to stay, dear, but I’m late!”

Alice’s eyes widened and she took a step back. Wasn’t he taller just a minute ago? Yes, she was certain of it, but now, instead of standing a good two heads above her, he stood eye-to-eye with her until he didn’t.

He was shrinking! For the one hundredth time, she gasped, her jaw dropping as he decreased in height right down to the size of a mouse. What the ever-loving fuck!

Without further ado, he scurried through a tiny, open door no larger than six inches tall. Alice dropped to all fours, peeping through the hole as best she could. From what she could see, he had entered a garden and kept running. Pushing her face to the wall and squinting, Alice could see beautiful flowers going on for quite some distance. The fragrance of roses and lilies was near intoxicating. Had her white rabbit exited through this opening as well?

She stood and looked down at the tiny door. For sure it would have been a tight fit but her white rabbit might have been able to squeeze through. If he had, she certainly would never be able to follow. Shit! Where the hell am I?

Alice turned in a circle, surveying the small area where she had landed. She appeared to be in a round room, possibly some sort of turret.

Alice looked up and found nothing to see. The cobblestone walls appeared to go up forever and disappear into darkness. In the middle of the small room, there was a round table and a stool. The table was set with a tray of cupcakes and beside them was a glass bottle filled with blue liquid.

The cupcakes looked delicious and Alice was starting to get hungry. She hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning, opting just to have some coffee. It was well past lunch time and her tummy was rumbling. She bent down and sniffed, noting the strong smell of vanilla. Could these cupcakes have been responsible for the smell she first encountered as she was sucked into the rabbit hole?

The yummy looking baked goods had been frosted in a variety of pastel colors, including pale blue, light pink and a soft green. Alice licked her lips—could that be buttercream. She loved buttercream. Nothing was tastier than buttercream. She bet it was buttercream….mmmmm…buttercream. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a problem to have just one. She walked around to the other side of the table where she first noticed a small folded place card in front of the tray with the words Eat Me printed in calligraphy.

Unable to hold back, Alice plucked a pink frosted cupcake from the tray and took a bite. “Mmmmm!” Oh yeah! That was definitely buttercream and one bite wasn’t going to be enough. If it were possible to taste love, Alice was certain it would be the flavor currently in her mouth. She savored the subtle sweetness before swallowing. She took a second bite and then a third, and before she knew it she had gobbled down the whole thing.

She laughed as an insidious giddiness slowly took hold of her. Her head was woozy and her limbs might as well have belonged to a newborn calf. Then came the heat, and it hit her like a ton of bricks! Her temperature shot up until her skin felt as if it might sizzle.

Alice opened her mouth to let out a curse but the lewdest moan was all she could manage. Her body quivered as a tumultuous pulsing struck between her legs, coming on as fast and frenzied as a runaway train.

Her lips released another soft moan as her knees buckled, leaving her on the floor. She rolled over on her back, her eyes searching the room. The gray stone walls curved, encircling her. The lighting was neither bright nor dark, but most interestingly, everywhere she looked there was some kind of door of various sizes and colors. Some were far too high for her to reach even if she stood on the little table and some were right at her height. A couple of them were so small they had to be intended for a small cat or a large rodent. There were some shaped like rectangles while other doors were round or arched and each one was painted a different color.

Alice ran her hands over her silky blouse. She had decided against a bra that morning since they were always uncomfortable and her only plans for the day had been to hang out by the creek alone in the woods. Her shirt’s fabric seemed smoother and more luxurious than it had just a few minutes earlier. Somehow her sense of touch was exaggerated. Simply running her fingertips over the material shot waves of pleasure up from her palms. She moaned as she pushed her fingers against the lace bordering the decorative collar.

“Ah! Ah!” she cried out, every nerve ending on fire with a burning lust she couldn’t fathom. She squeezed her breasts and a surge of electrical current jolted at the juncture between her thighs. Alice unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper, pushing her fingers down her white, lace underwear. The moment her finger strummed across her folds, her body shuddered. She needed more.

She rubbed her velvety flesh, wetness coating her fingers. She was already drenched. She scooted her jeans and panties down around her thighs and caressed the insatiable numb crowning her entrance. The area was screaming for attention, but even a slight touch was enough to send shockwaves throughout Alice’s entire body.

Once when she was young and stupid, an entire two years ago, she had let a lover talk her into trying ecstasy. She could still remember the way the drug had made her senseless and caused a massive increase in her sensitivity to touch. If she multiplied that sensation times a hundred, it still didn’t even come close. She was a prisoner in her own body, bound by lust. Her skin blazing, sweat moistened her hairline. She panted, unable to catch her breath as her heart pounded. She had to satisfy this hunger before it ate her alive from the inside out.

Alice pushed two fingers inside of her pussy, thrusting them in time with her bucking hips. The sensation was mind-numbingly pleasurable. She used her other hand to play with her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion.

Moaning and groaning as she was overcome with an inferno of yearning, she writhed like a nymph on the cold, hard floor. A tightening coiled in her belly and she clung to the feeling, coaxing it forward as her fingers stimulated her sweet spot.

“Ah!” she clenched down on her thrusting fingers as a wave of climax ripped through her and shook her like a ragdoll as she wrung every last drop of pleasure out of her orgasm.

Aftershocks buzzed through her wobbly limbs as she removed her fingers from inside her body, licking them clean. The powerful longing was subdued but not sated. She could feel the sleeping panther clawing just below the surface. She had to get out of that room, but how?

Huffing and puffing, she managed to roll over onto her hands and knees. Bits of grit from the cobblestone floor roughed up her palms, and she grimaced. Great, I just fucked myself on a filthy floor in the middle of nowhere. What the fuck is wrong with me and what the hell was in that cupcake?

Her body was still warm and flushed and her mouth was so dry it might as well have been filled with cotton. Alice remembered the bottle of blue liquid beside the cupcakes.

Standing shakily and with great difficulty, she contemplated drinking from the bottle. She grasped it by the neck, slowly turning it around until the small label faced her. No ingredients were listed nor was there even a name. The only writing read: Drink Me.

Alice hesitated. Heading the advice of the similarly worded cupcake nameplate had not been her best idea and in fact had landed her in this mess. Still, her throat burned with parchedness and tongue felt as if someone had forced her to eat sand right before stuffing a full grown sheep in her mouth. Perhaps the drink is the antidote to the cupcakes’ voodoo sex magic.

There was only one way to find out but fear gnawed at Alice’s insides. The blue liquid could just as easily be a deadly poison. She stumbled over to the wall, extending her arm and placing her palm on the stones to keep her balance. Slowly she trailed around in a circle walking the circumference of the room checking everything until she stood in the same place where she started. There were no loose stones or secret passages to be found so she looked to the doors. The few she could fit through where locked. She moved the platter of cupcakes to the stool and stood on the table to see if she could reach any of the doors higher up but even if she put the stool on the table and stood on it, she still wouldn’t be able to reach any of the knobs or handles and they would probably be locked as well. There was certainly no easy way out.

Alice hopped down and glanced at the tiny door leading out to the garden. The sexy guy she’d seen had shrunk to fit though. Was that the only way out?

Alice stumbled forward, putting her hand against the wall to steady her body as her pussy started to tingle again. Something had to give!

She staggered back to the table and picked up the glass bottle, uncorking it before raising it to her nose. Alice took a good whiff. The liquid smelled inviting like some sort of exotic fruit. She licked her lips, and finding no moisture, she made up her mind. Bottoms up!

Alice had no idea how long the bottle had been sitting out on the table but the liquid was cold as it flowed over her tongue and down her throat. The oddly matched flavors of bubble gum and champagne sat heavily on her taste buds. She closed her eyes and gulped the liquid down, hoping for the best.  She drank and drank and drank some more, swallowing down all she could tolerate. She was certain she had at least managed to drink half the bottle, but when she opened her eyes and sat the bottle back down on the table, it still appeared full. Curiouser and curiouser!

Suddenly, she began to sway side-to-side, her head spinning. Something was very wrong with her! Every hair on her body stood upright and her skin developed a slight itch.

Alice lifted one hand and began scratching at her wrist with the other. The change was subtle but soon enough there was no doubt. She was shrinking. She had suspected as much after what she had witnessed. Down…down…down she contracted right out of her clothing and soon enough she was even shorter than the table.

She fretted, ringing her hands. Shit! What if I disappear? Alice gasped as she looked over at the small stool that had previously been merely half the height of the table. Now it could shelter her from a storm. She twirled around towards the small door and finding it large enough for her, she dashed through to the lovely garden on the other side.

Alice ran as fast as her tiny feet word carry her, looking for some sign of the white rabbit or maybe even the stranger she had seen previously. Surely, he would have some answers. All the flowers and shrubs towered over her, but at least she was out of the round room. She gave a sigh of relief. What now?

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed chapter one. Please come back next Wednesday for your next dose of sizzling fairytale erotica.


—Sierra xoxo

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