Are You F’ing Kidding Me? 47 Meters Down Rant

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The movie 47 Meters Deep is on Netflix right now. It’s freezing cold in my neck of the woods and down here when it snows, schools close so I’ve had two teens and a tween at home all day for three days. I don’t mind. I’m happy to have them, but as a result, I’ve watched more than my fair share of Sponge BobGlee and Total Drama Whatever. When I finally get them to go to bed, I like to watch something a bit more exciting so, I gave the Mandy Moore shark movie a shot.

I’ll start by saying, though there were a few slow places, the movie wasn’t terrible. Singer turned actress, Mandy Moore, is talented and so was the rest of the cast. I don’t intend to spoil the movie, but I’ll give a bit of an intro. Mandy’s character, Lisa, and her sister, Kate, are in Mexico for vacation and while they are there, they decide to go on a deep sea, swimming-with-sharks adventure leading to the movie’s premise: Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive.

You can see a commercial free trailer at Amazon by clicking here

Now so far, none of that sounds too bad, but my header reads ‘rant,’ and yes, please bear with me, it’s coming. Towards the beginning of this movie, we get the impression Kate would be all kinds of up for such a risky excursion, but Lisa is a cautious gal. What could possibly get her in the water with the likes of the marine animal shown below?

Just look at him with all those teeth. That MoFo looks like he’s smiling about something. Personally, my feeling on going deep into the ocean in general is the ocean is the sharks house. I love the beach. I love looking at the ocean and smelling the breeze. Just being near the ocean makes me happy. However, when it comes to getting on a boat, chumming the water (Yes, they did this to bring the sharks near.) and swimming with these majestic but deadly creatures. 

(I adore Nee Nee.)


That being said, the deep sea diving premise of the movie is NOT my rant. Theatrically, I knew what I was getting into before I pushed play. My rant is all about what got a sweet, beautiful but completely leery young woman to put her life in danger. If Lisa jumped in a shark cage because she wanted the adventure of a life time, you wouldn’t hear a peep from me, but that was not the case. Lisa decided to swim with sharks for the “pictures.”

Yeah, that’s right. She wanted to upload pictures so she would look vibrant and exciting to her ex-boyfriend, Stuart. You see the only reason Kate went on this trip in the first place is because Stuart dumped her because he was “bored.” WTF?

You guessed it. Here it comes…my rant.

Anyone who dumps you because they’re “bored” is an asshole. He or she is not worth having back. If he came to you and said, hey, let’s do something exciting, things are getting stale, or we need to get back out there and have fun, that’s a different story, but just to dump you because he’s “bored?” NO!

Let me explain something. “Bored” is probably an excuse for “I’ve already found someone I find more exciting.” So not only is Lisa’s ex a huge tool, he’s probably a cheater. Having established Stuart’s prickish behavior, let me say, that’s not what bothers me the most.

Lisa’s reaction to being dumped is what gets me. Not only does she accept Stuart’s bullshit excuse. She takes it to heart and believes she’s boring, allowing him to define her. Then she rushes off to try to fix it in order to get the piece-of-shit who dumped her for a phony reason back. Why, Lisa? Why? Look in the mirror. You’re beautiful. She also seems to be very nice, a good sister and fairly intelligent so I just don’t get it.

It gets worse. Lisa confides in Kate, who is also young and beautiful, that Stuart broke up with her. Lisa also admits she only came on the trip to show Stuart she isn’t boring. Now I know what my reaction would be if my sister told me something like that, but Kate and I are very different. Does Kate tell her sister that Stuart is a steaming pile of stupidity? No. Does she even tell Lisa she isn’t boring? No. Instead, she convinces Lisa to go swimming with sharks to make Stuart jealous. Huh? WHO RAISED THESE GIRLS?

So there is my rant. Don’t pine after someone who doesn’t want you. Don’t try to change who you are to win affection. Love and affection are entitlements of a relationship. You shouldn’t have to earn it. So that’s my rant. Love who you are. If others don’t leave them behind.


Sierra xoxo


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