Sunday Snippet* 1/21/2018

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Snippets. Today it’s all about voyeurism. defines voyeurism as the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially secretively. Synonyms include “Peeping Tom” and even “perv.” So what would happen if you happened upon a private encounter? Could you walk away or would you be compelled to watch?

In Chapter Two of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, Alice finds herself in just such a situation. Here’s a taste of her reaction:

Alice’s breath hitched and she pressed her thighs together as she watched the scene unfold. The bald male slipped his hand between his female partner’s legs, rubbing her sex, preparing her before performing the same action with his long, thick dick. A lump formed in Alice’s throat as the powerful throbbing within her began to stir again. Being naked only made the situation worse. With some difficulty, she swallowed, unable to pull her attention away from the live-action sex show.

If you’re shaking with anticipation, be sure to come back for Wonderland Wednesday. I’ll be posting all of Chapter Two on 01/24/2018. You can read Chapter One here.


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