Wonderland Wednesday 1/24/18 (Adults Only!)


Happy Wednesday Dear Readers,

Last week, I shared Chapter One of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, a naughty story of shifters and spanking based on my favorite fairytale, Alice in Wonderland. If you missed the first segment, check it out here and then head back here for Chapter Two unless you’re a minor. My blog is for adults only so if you’ve under eighteen years old, please navigate away from sierrabrave.rocks. For all the erotica loving adults, keep reading, but please keep in mind, Down the Rabbit Hole hasn’t been professionally edited. Also, I must warn you, this chapter packs a punch. If you’re offended by MMF ménage, FF sexuality, BDSM, or spanking, or simply don’t like tongue-in-cheek, high-camp, this chapter isn’t for you



Chapter Two

Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Alice looked over her shoulder as she ran and smacked into a bush, knocking herself on her bottom. Sitting with her knees bent and her feet flat on the ground, her palms grasped at short blades of grass while her hands steadied her. She huffed, blowing a lock of loose blond hair out of her face.

A sudden loud, shrill squeak scared her so much she jumped to her feet at record speed and scurried into the protective branches of the shrub to hide. A few seconds later she heard a second squeak followed by the sound of friendly banter. Slowly, Alice pushed her way through, crawling and climbing as needed until she found the source of the noise.

She crouched on a branch that was probably more like a twig but still, it gave her a bird’s eye view of the scene unfolding below. What was in truth a small puddle from the watering of the lilies above was serving as a swimming hole for three unusual creatures, two male and one female.

They were all as small as Alice and like Alice, all three were naked. For the most part, they looked like tiny humans but there was one glaring difference. These three “people” had mouse ears. She watched as they skinny dipped, splashing playfully and squeaking.

One of the men had dark brown skin and brown eyes. Aside from his scruffy ears, his head was smooth and bald. Both the brunette female and the white-haired male were hanging all over him, kissing and nuzzling his firm body anywhere they could.

Both males had lean, strong-looking legs and arms. Their bellies were flat but neither was ripped although the dark-skinned one had a hard, muscular chest. The female was much rounder than the males with large breasts and a small-pot belly, thick thighs and voluptuous curves. She also had an infectious laugh.

A small tinge of guilt ate at Alice as she spied on the intimate scene but who could possibly pull their attention away from three tiny mouse people? Certainly not her. She bit down on her bottom lip as the bald man scooted behind the female, his hands caressing her curves lovingly. She squeaked happily turning her head to kiss him. Slowly, her ears began to disappear, transforming her appearance to a completely human state as she moaned.

The white mouse man turned his back to Alice, showing off his still visible but rapidly shrinking tail. Soon he was as human-looking as her. He ignored the woman in favor of nibbling at the dark-skinned mouse-man’s shoulder. His sleek as butter, mahogany skin shimmered in the sunlight but Alice wished he would go ahead and lose his ears. Clearly, whatever they were, the three of them were the same species, but even still watching animalized people get busy squigged her out. Thankfully, all the tails had disappeared.

Alice craned her neck to get a better look and got a good idea of why the white-haired male and the female were so enamored with the bald guy. From what she could tell, he was extremely well-endowed; his manhood was not even completely erect yet but was unmissable even at his current size and scale.

The males shared a kiss and the dark-skinned male finally transformed completely, leaving all three creatures completely human looking though still mouse-sized. Of course, Alice wasn’t much larger than a mouse either.

The female squeaked and scurried, the large bald male giving chase as she rushed to the edge of the puddle. Grabbing her from behind, he placed his hand on the back of her head, pushing her downward until she was bent over, resting her hands on her knees with her ample rear up in the air. His large, black cock stood fully erect and raring to go, the bulbous head visibly throbbing.

Alice’s breath hitched and she pressed her thighs together as she watched the scene unfold. The bald male slipped his hand between his female partner’s legs, rubbing her sex, preparing her before performing the same action with his long, thick dick. A lump formed in Alice’s throat as the powerful throbbing within her began to stir again. Being naked only made the situation worse. With some difficulty, she swallowed, unable to pull her attention away from the live-action sex show. 

Apparently satisfied with the female’s readiness, the dark-skinned male took her, pushing in with a mighty thrust. She moaned pushing back against him as he plunged deeper. He held her hips fucking her fast and furiously before pulling out and rushing around her in a circle only to remount and complete the cycle three more times while the other male stood back and watched, stroking his own shaft.

Initially Alice was perplexed until she remembered a similar scene she had once witnessed in the white mice section of a pet store. Whoa!

When the bald male dismounted again, the white-haired one made his move, rushing in to mount the female as the other mouse scurried around. The female didn’t seem alarmed by the switch though Alice was rather surprised. She held her breath as the dark-skinned male hurried around and her eyes bulged as he ran his hand down the white-haired man’s back and squeezed his ass. She placed her hand on her chest as if to steady her pounding heart.

The bald male suckled his fingers before inserting one into the white-haired male’s rear. Alice squeezed her thighs together tightly, suppressing a moan. She knew a lot of gay people but this was her first time seeing two men having sex with each other. She was startled by how much this scene interested her. She wanted to get closer so she could see better but she didn’t dare move, least they might discover her watching them.

She held her breath, caressing her own large breasts as she watched with fascination. A chill ran up her spine and she shivered, eyes hooded and desire piqued. The dark-skinned male entered the light-haired one, pushing inside slowly. The receiving male arched his back but didn’t miss a beat as he continued to fuck the female in a much more human fashion than what the bald male had done. Alice tilted her head, impressed by how gentle the bald male was with his male lover. He hadn’t afforded the female nearly as much care, but perhaps she liked it that way. He loving wrapped his muscular arms around the other male’s torso and caressed his chest while slowly thrusting into his ass. Alice moistened her lips with her tongue.

The white-haired male leaned his head back on the dark-skinned male’s shoulder, moaning and whimpering with desire. As the female pushed back against the white-haired male, he used one hand to grab her locks like a reign while tucking the other arm behind his male lover’s head.

The arousing scene went on for quite some time, warming Alice’s loins and stoking her lust. She slipped her hand between her legs and caressed her aching pussy, even dipping two fingers inside and curling them upward, but her own efforts weren’t going to be enough to dull the yearning anymore. Despite the temptation to stay and watch the scene to its conclusion, she had to get out of there and figure out what was happening to her.

Carefully, she climbed down from her perch and made her way out through to the other side of the shrubbery. Her body was bubbling and brewing a lusty cauldron of nectar, leaving her in a flushed state as she stumbled out into the open air. Alice took a couple of steps forward before leaning against the stem of a lily to catch her breath.

While she gathered her senses, some movement off to the side caught her eye. She turned her head and caught a glimpse of her own white rabbit. He was hopping along quickly while carrying an envelope clutched in his jaws.

Alice ran after him. “Wait for me, white rabbit!”

If he heard her, the animal did not respond but Alice wasn’t deterred. She kept running as fast as she could which wasn’t getting her far at her current size. Nevertheless, the rabbit left footprints in the dew drenched garden’s grounds and she followed them until one of them was darkened by a large shadow.

Frightened, Alice twirled in a circle, looking for the shadow’s caster but found none. Without warning a floating cat’s paw reached out and knocked her on her bare bottom. Alice gasped. Where was the rest of the cat? Suddenly, two large purple eyes materialized right in front of her followed by a floating grin.

Alice scurried, pushing herself backwards with her feet while crab walking away from the absolute insanity before her. Laughter poured from the disembodied grin as the rest of the animal’s face showed up without his body.

“No need to run. I’ll only give chase,” the cat said in a voice much deeper than Alice would have expected if she had ever dreamed cats could talk.

“Don’t eat me!” Alice squealed indignantly.

The cat materialized completely, showing off its Calico fur pattern while grooming its paw. “Don’t be absurd. You wouldn’t taste good at all.”

Alice was unsure if she should be relieved or insulted but after a few seconds of contemplation, she settled on the former and asked, “What’s the big idea of knocking me over? Can’t you see I’m tiny? Shouldn’t you pick on someone your own size?”

The cat howled with laughter before replying. “Surely you can understand you’re as small as a mouse. I was but toying with you, little girl. Besides even I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.”

“Fuss?” Alice tilted her head, regarding the curious feline with suspicion.

“Indeed…news of your arrival has already spread through the Kingdom of Hearts and will no doubt be the topic of interest in the Red Kingdom by tomorrow.”

“I suppose you don’t get too many visitors around here,” Alice said, contemplating her strange surroundings while remembering the incredible way she arrived.

“Indeed we do not. No one can travel here without an invitation,” he replied still grinning like a lunatic.

“No one invited me. I fell down a hole.” Alice shook her head as she spoke.

“You were invited by a soft, white messenger. Were you not?” the Cat asked.

Alice tapped her chin with her forefinger as she considered the cat’s words. “The white rabbit?”

“You didn’t think you happened upon him by accident, did you?” The cat answered on the heels of a rumbling purr.

“Actually, I kind of did. It’s spring and rabbits are out and about in the forest behind my home.”

The cat snickered, rolling over on its back while pawing at a butterfly fluttering overhead. “I suppose all the rabbits behind your home take such an interest in you and let you get up close?”

Having been gotten the better of by a cat, Alice frowned, feeling a fool and upon further reflection, having realized she was also tricked by a rabbit, she sighed heavily before pondering aloud, “What am I to do?”

“What do you want to do?” the cat asked. Cheshire Cat

Alice pursed her lips as she considered the question. What do I want to do? Go home? No…not especially at least not yet. The world she found herself in was far too fascinating to just turn tail and run and besides she was still as small as a mouse. She could hardly return home in her current condition. She wanted to see more, find the white rabbit and demand answers. She needed him to help her return to normal size and she wanted to know why he had brought her to this odd place.

“I need to find the white rabbit,” Alice replied, standing up and brushing herself off.

“Oh, I rather imagine he will find you.” The cat twisted until it was in position and stood upright on its back paws.

“Which way should I go?” Alice stomped her tiny, bare foot, cross with the animal for his cryptic and mocking replies.

“Testy, testy…” the cat began. “Where do you want to go?”

Alice groaned heavily, balling up her fists by her sides. “I really don’t know.”

The cat’s grin turned into a smirk just before it answered, “Than it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

“I want to find the white rabbit,” Alice insisted.

“Well, I can tell you he was heading in the direction of my house.” The cat wasn’t even looking at her as he spoke.

“You have a house?” Alice raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“I live with the Duchess and her pig of a husband.”

Alice raised her eyebrows, her eyes widening at the cat’s description of his mistress’s husband. “It’s hardly very nice to call someone a pig.”

The cat shrugged. “You’ll understand when you meet him. I’ll show you the way.”

Having no other plan, Alice agreed, following the furry feline up to an attractive cottage painted blue with white trim. The home was cute but hardly a place she would expect nobility to live. While observing the house, Alice stumbled into a depression in the ground, tripping and landing on her hands and knees. Huffing and puffing as the cat laughed at her, she stood up and brushed the dirt off her knees. The rabbit’s footprints lead up to the porch steps.

“I’m glad you’re having so much fun at my expense.” Alice looked around and realized she had stepped in one of the rabbit’s paw prints.

Without reply, the cat ran ahead and leapt up the steps to the cottage’s porch, leaving Alice behind.

Alice was terribly out of breath but drudged onward, making it all the way to the bottom step. She looked at the first step skeptically. There was no way up for her without a ladder or a pole for vaulting and she had neither the equipment nor the skill for either.

Alice noticed a large shadow covering her and looked upward. She expected the cat but instead, a large frog hopped down from the top step. Alice jumped back just in time, narrowly missing being plopped down on by the slimy critter. From right next to her, he croaked out, “Ribbit.”

Breathless with exasperation, Alice stood eye-to-eye with the green amphibian. Each eye was large and red with a dark pupil that seemed to spin like the hole that sucked her into this world. Those hypnotic eyes took a hold of her, muddling up her senses. Soon Alice found herself moving towards him, dipping under his head and locating a tiny pail dangling from a necklace or collar of some sort. Without thinking, she reached inside the small bucket and pulled out a corked bottle of pink liquid, opening it and drinking it down without question.

Bubbly and sweet, the liquid tickled her throat and immediately went to her head. She stumbled backwards, a dense fog dimming her thoughts as she hiccupped. She lifted her arms over her head as her body stretched, expanding up and outward. As an uncontrollable bout of hiccups ensued, she grew. Her head spinning, she dropped to her knees, taking account of her new condition.

Alice was back to her normal size but still completely without clothes and shoes. She wrapped her arm over one breast, covering the other with her palm while using her free hand to hide the small triangle of fuzz crowning the entrance between her legs like a damn homing beacon. Somehow being tiny had overwrought the embarrassment and insecurity that typically accompany being naked but all of a sudden, Alice was feeling overexposed. Just as she was about to run and hide behind a nearby azalea bush, her skin started to tingle, particularly over her dampening folds.

She writhed, pressing her thighs together as tightly as she could manage in a desperate attempt to quell the longing. The frog sat next to her ankle and gave a final croak before bouncing off just in time to avoid the dog jumping down from the porch.

Alice sprung up and jumped back to avoid being tackled by the unfamiliar animal. Upon further inspection he didn’t seem unfriendly though he had a sad face. He was a short-haired, brown hound dog and he held the handle of a small, white-wicker basket in his mouth.

“Ruff.” He dropped the basket at her feet.

Alice looked down at the offering. Whatever was inside had been covered with a blue cloth. “For you,” the dog barked out, nearly scaring Alice out of her skin.

Alice shook her head, ashamed at herself for being so startled after all that she had witnessed thus far. She snatched up the basket and pulled out the blue cloth that had in truth been a dress. She unrolled the garment and inside she found a frilly pinafore-style apron of sorts along with white, thigh-high stockings laced with blue ribbons at the tops, a pair of white, cotton panties and a note reading:

You fit the bill, doll, so get dressed and go greet the Duchess. – The Dark Prince

The Dark Prince, huh? Alice wasn’t so sure about a character that referred to himself thus, but she was happy to have some clothes so after shooing the staring, drooling, talking dog away, she put on the clothes provided for her. The dress was tight and short, clinging to her breasts and barely covering her new panties and then only if she didn’t bend over. The white apron was even shorter and didn’t seem to add much to the outfit accept for the two small pockets that hung right over her upper thighs. Even still, the sparse coverage was much better than no coverage. Unfortunately, Alice still didn’t have any shoes to wear over her now stocking feet. “Where might I find this Duchess?”

The nosy dog that had been hiding in the bushes came trotting out and answered, “You’re already here. Just go inside.”

“Is the white rabbit here?”

“He was here just a little while ago, but I think he had to leave.”

“He’s a busy fellow,” the frog added.

Alice stood back to look at the house and sure enough now that she was large enough, she could see a placard beside the door announcing the little cottage as the home of the Duke and Duchess of Hearts. She started to climb the porch stairs but hesitated, turning to question the dog. “This Duchess, what type of person is she?”

“The noble kind,” the dog replied haughtily.

Alice looked to the side, thinking of what she should do and was suddenly gripped by fear. For all she know this Duchess could be a fire-breathing dragon. Distraught, she turned and sat on the top step, holding her head in her hands as she fretted.

“What’s the matter, Miss?” the dog asked from his perch on the bottom step.

“I’m not sure if I should go inside. I’ve had a most uncomfortable time thus far, and I’m loath to walk into something that might be much worse.”

“Hmmm,” the dog began, “Tell me, what has been so difficult?”

“I fell down a hole only to watch a naked man shrink and run away. I was trapped all alone in a small, round room with a door much too small for me to enter…”

The dog interrupted, “That’s what the Crystal Blue is for. It’s a key of sorts.”

“Yes, I found that out but not before I ate a cupcake that had a most peculiar effect on me.” Alice crossed one leg over the other as she squirmed.

“Ah, yes! Just one bite will do ya or so I hear.” The dog yipped, wagging his tail.

“One?” Alice closed her eyes, shaking her head in dismay.

“Give or take.” The dog’s ears were as droopy as his face.

“And if one were to eat the entire cupcake?” Alice couldn’t even look him in the face when she asked.

The dog laughed and laughed, making Alice nearly hysterical with worry before he finally spoke. “That person would be in quite the fix, but the Duchess could help. I bet she’d lend you some shoes too. She comes on strong but has a gentle heart.”

Alice was convinced, and after thanking the dog for his counsel, she got up and went to knock on the door. After she rapped three times, the door swung open, revealing a buxom, young woman wearing the same apron as Alice along with similar white stockings, only hers had a red ribbon laced around the top. The red stilettos on her feet gave her three extra inches of height while the chef’s hat atop her short, wispy brown locks gave away her profession. Unlike Alice, the brunette wasn’t wearing a dress beneath her apron and the bib portion barely covered her large, bouncing bosoms. She held a large bowl in one arm and had a spoon in her hand. “Get in and taste this,” she demanded in a heavy accent.

Alice complied, stepping inside to find a messy kitchen with dishes piled high in the sink and scattered along the counter. She looked around the room, noting a cauldron, burning over fire in a large fireplace even though there was a modern stove not far away. The entire room was thick and cloudy with the smell of pepper and sure enough when Alice opened her mouth and accepted the spoonful of soup it was saturated with the spice. “Well then? How is it?” the cook asked.

“Peppery.” Alice rolled her tongue along the roof of her mouth in an attempt to diminish the strong taste.

The cook smiled, showing a small gap in her two front teeth as her chestnut brown eyes dance with delight. “Perfect! Follow me.”

As the woman turned her back, Alice’s did a double take, her eyes bulging as she noticed the cook’s lack of undergarments and her shapely bare backside. Warm, dizzying sensations overwhelmed Alice’s senses. For a thin woman, the cook had an ample rear but Alice was most fascinated by the contrasting hue of the cook’s bright pink bottom with the rest of her pale skin. Curiosity ate at Alice’s belly. How did the cook’s fanny get such a rosy glow? Could she have backed up against a hot stove?

Alice’s gaze stayed glued to the cook’s ass as she wordlessly followed the woman out of the kitchen. They walked down a short hallway, turning into a large parlor. Alice looked around the spacious room, aghast by all she saw.

No less than four odd looking contraptions were stationed in various locations. One of them looked like a massage table but with a cutout to force the legs to spread as well as restraints to keep a person from slipping off. Another contraption looked like a carpenter’s saw horse but was also equipped with restraints. Alice noticed a couple of others but paid them little notice as she recognized the hound dog she had previously spoken with peering in a window from outside while a hefty, furry, grinning cat teased him from inside the room.

“This should suit Madam’s taste.”

Alice’s attention was drawn by the cook’s voice. The sexy young woman handed the bowl to an older woman with her long, red hair pulled up in a tight ponytail high on her head. The redhead had deep blue eyes, an aquiline nose, super model cheekbones and an angular face. Based on the subtle lines around her eyes and forehead, Alice estimated her age at around forty, not old, but she probably had close to twelve years on Alice and a good fifteen to twenty on the lovely cook.

“It better be right this time or you go back over my knee and your pert, little ass will get more of the same.” The redhead took the bowl and spoon as she made the threat.

Alice’s ears perked up and she bit down on her bottom lip as a flurry of arousal stirred within her. The cook’s gorgeous bottom had been spanked! Envy twisted Alice’s insides as she imagined smoothing her skirt and ushering the maid over her own lap.

“Oh, yes, yes, the young miss said it was peppery!” The cook’s face beamed with delight.

“Hmph,” the older woman replied as she looked to Alice and gave her the once over. “She looks frazzled and flushed.”

Alice was insulted but the redhead was probably right on the mark based on the heat crackling against her skin and the dizzy, wooziness overpowering her brain. She watched as the redhead tasted the soup and nodded. The cook smiled triumphantly as the older woman handed the soup back to her and stood.

The ginger was dressed in a tightfitting, long-sleeved, black leather suit that was so shiny it looked wet. Unfastened silver buttons trailing down from the neckline to just below her breasts created a large V-neck opening that exposed her ample cleavage while additional fastened buttons that could provide some serious access continued down between the woman’s legs.

Those huge breasts made her look top-heavy due to her slight height. Even in her laced-up, six-inch-heeled, black leather boots, she was only just tall enough that she could have rested her chin on Alice’s shoulder. Her tone was commanding and she held her head high. Someone with such a regal demeanor had to be the Duchess.

“Feed it to him,” the Duchess ordered as she grabbed a dark-colored dustcover and yanked it off of what Alice had assumed was an old clock or painting but what turned out to be a chubby, naked man tied kneeling on a Y-shaped bench. His fleshy thighs had been bound together with rope while each arm was outstretched and tied down to one of the top portions of the Y. His back was bound closest to where the arms of the Y separated, leaving his head hanging down in the middle. His calves were tied to the wide straight part, leaving his bare ass up in the air and judging from the state of it, his bottom had already been beaten quite a bit. Alice shivered, both horrified and intrigued. She would have hated being put in such a demeaning position but didn’t dislike watching.

The cook ran around to the other side and began spooning soup into the man’s mouth. He swallowed with some difficulty and after each mouthful he would sneeze.

“Stop sneezing!” the redhead shouted before picking up a riding crop and smacking it down on the man’s red and bruised buttocks. Alice flinched as he squealed like a pig. Staring in bewilderment she squirmed as the scene repeated again and again.

The Duchess began to chant, “I speak harshly to my boy and beat him when he sneezes. I know he only does it because he’s teasing!”

Alice’s jaw hung down as she gawked in a combination of awe and trepidation. Each time she heard the whoosh of the crop flying through the air followed by the smack or leather against flesh, she quivered. After a few more rounds, her pussy was dripping and her heart was pounding. A moan slipped through Alice’s lips. The action stopped abruptly as everyone turned to look at her.

“Oh my, what have we here?” the redhead asked as if she was noticing Alice for the first time.

“I’m Alice. I was instructed to greet the Duchess.” Alice dabbed at her brow with the back of her wrist.

“Oh? And yet, I’m still waiting for a greeting.” The redhead smirked as her gaze traveled up and down Alice’s length.

“Yes, my apologies,” Alice said, giving a curtsey as best she could in her short dress. “How do you do?”

The Duchess smiled devilishly while tapping her riding crop along the side of her knee-high boot before answering, “By the looks of it, much better than you. Tell me, dear. How many bites did you take of the Prince’s cupcake?

“Bites? I don’t know. I didn’t count.” Alice studied the Duchess’ face for clues of what she might be thinking.

Tilting her head, the Duchess stared into Alice’s eyes, likely judging her honesty. “Well how much of it was eaten? A fourth or perhaps a half?”

“I ate the whole thing.” Alice blurted the comment out and immediately realized she had showed all of her cards far earlier than she likely should have.

A gasp rang out from the grinning cat, the cook and the well-spanked man but the Duchess laughed heartily. She placed her riding crop down and grabbed Alice by the arm. “Aren’t you a naughty, little thing?”

The Duchess pulled Alice close to her; their bodies pushed together as the older woman reached around and slipped her hand under Alice’s dress, palming between her legs over the top of her underwear. Alice squirmed, attempting to push her away. “Stop that!”

“Just as I suspected. You’re in a heightened state. That calls for a punishment!” The Duchess dragged Alice over to her chair and pulled her down across her lap. Alice was shocked by the much smaller woman’s strength. No matter how hard she struggled, Alice couldn’t get loose from the her grasp and now she found one of her legs trapped between the Duchess’s short, slender but oddly robust legs.

“Please don’t!” Alice begged, but the Duchess’s only answer came in the form of one of Alice’s arms being twisted behind her back.

“Now settle down. A good spanking will do you good and calm the fire burning inside. Why do you think my no good nephew sent you here in the first place?”

Alice sobbed. “I don’t even know your nephew.”

“Lies!” the Duchess screamed, landing the first swat over the bottom of Alice’s new, light blue dress.

“Ow!” Alice cried out, squirming and kicking. “I’m not lying.”

“You don’t know my nephew but you ate his specialty cupcake?” the Duchess asked flippantly. “And just who asked you to greet me?” She landed several more well-placed slaps across Alice’s behind.

“I followed a white rabbit down a hole. I was hungry and the cupcakes were there,” Alice blubbered.

The Duchess never stopped spanking Alice as she answered, “If that is true, you are a very foolish girl and deserve this even more than I originally suspected. Do you have any idea who that rabbit is?”

“No,” Alice admitted, whining pitifully as the Duchess warmed her behind with sharp, stinging slaps.

“No, she says.” The Duchess clicked her tongue, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Alice’s face burned with humiliation.

“Well,” the Duchess added, “I can tell you, he’s quite the scoundrel. He works for the royal family, playing all sides, but my nephew especially keeps him quite busy.” The entire room, save for Alice, roared with laughter.

Alice huffed and puffed as the Duchess’s heavy hand smacked down on the fleshiest part of her bottom. She squirmed to no avail. A cool breeze blew over her upper thighs as the Duchess pulled up the hem of her dress. Sensually, she rubbed Alice’s behind over her undies, kneading and patting her punished globes. Alice cooed as the Duchess paused to straighten up her panties, covering her more fully.

Alice had just caught her breath when the Duchess struck again, popping her on the left cheek and then the right. Alice tried to stay still but her loins were as warm as her bottom. She wriggled, grinding against the Duchess’s knee. Her bottom was burning fiercely and the Duchess seemed to just be getting started. “Stop! Please stop!”

The Duchess didn’t reply, landing three solid blows to one cheek and then the other. She increased the speed and gave Alice a good, hard spanking. Alice’s breath hitched as the Duchess hooked her thumb under the top of Alice’s panties pulling them upward before yanking them off over her bottom and down her thighs.

Alice gasped, completely awash with shame as she was exposed to the Duchess, the cook and even that damn grinning cat. Walking around naked wasn’t nearly as humiliating as having her panties yanked down like a naughty baby. She had been stripped of all power. As the first spank landed against bare flesh, the sound reverberated throughout the room and Alice bucked, lifting her head and dropping it down again just in time for the next slap to land.

“Oooo!” she squealed, kicking one of her legs, not that it helped her get away. At most she had only managed to expose more of her hidden charms to anyone watching.

The Duchess was relentless, lighting Alice’s ass aflame with each harsh blow. Alice imagined her bottom was glowing red by now. She grunted and screamed, tears pouring down her cheeks. As the punishment ceased, Alice breathed a sigh of relief but gasped loudly as a finger penetrated her soaking wet pussy. “Oh, do quite down, girl. I’m just taking your temperature, and I’m afraid you’re not quite done yet.” The Duchess laughed as she began to spank Alice again.

“No, please, I’m done. Whatever I did to deserve this, I’ve learned my lesson,” Alice promised.

“It’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about getting your mind in the right place and getting your body sorted out for what’s to come.” The Duchess’ tone of voice was teasing.

Exhausted, Alice surrendered, hanging limply over the Duchess’s lap and bawling as the woman pounded slaps down on her naked ass. Alice shook her rear to and fro in an attempt to shake away the heat but nothing helped. Her bottom was ablaze with pain and stinging like a hive of bees had attacked her plump cheeks.

Heaving in gasps of breath between sniffles, Alice cried her eyes until the assault stopped. This time, Alice didn’t take anything for granted, knowing the Duchess could very well start beating her again. She lay as still as she could, wiping her face with her hands.

“I think you’ve been tenderized enough,” the Duchess said, hauling Alice to her feet and hustling her over to a corner. “Stand right here with your little face to the wall and your hands behind your back to hold up this skirt hem.”

“Can I pull up my panties?” Alice asked with a snivel.

A hard slap landed across her thigh and Alice yelped just before the Duchess replied, “No, and don’t speak unless spoken to.”

Alice did as she was told and kept completely silent as she stood mortified by her present predicament. She hadn’t been chastised in such a manner since she was in elementary school. She would have loved to get revenge on the Duchess, turn the tables on her and spank her ass red, but she didn’t dare move a muscle. As she waited, she could hear the chunky man behind her sneezing and being punished for it.

Alice’s heart went out to the poor man whoever he was. Was he just some poor soul who wandered into this mad house like she had? And if so how long had the Duchess held him there? Alice had to find a way to escape before the Duchess decided to tie her down.

As the smacks became louder and more frequent so did the man’s cries but they were tempered by moans. “That’s my sweet, piggy, piggy. Thank me for your punishment.” The Duchess spoke in an annoying sing-song voice.

The man squealed, cooed and moaned loudly as the Duchess sang of beating him. Alice was tempted to look over her shoulder to see what had him going on so but was too scared.

“Oh yes!” the portly man called out, sending a shiver down Alice’s spine. Until just then, the heat of her backside had fogged her brain, allowing her to forget all about the heat pulsing between her legs, but now it was back in full force.

Alice felt warm breath on her neck just before a hand ran across her backside. “Yes, I think that was a nice warm up,” the Duchess said before asking, “What say you, cook?”

“Oh yes! Her derrière is so pretty. Such a scarlet glow!” The cook’s  voice simmered with sensuality.

“I agree and she’s done quite well to stand here so still. I think I shall reward her by allowing her to have the rest of her punishment doled out in private.”

The rest? Fresh tears burned Alice’s eyes as the Duchess pulled up her panties and took her hand, leading her out of the parlor. Alice looked down at her feet as she followed the older woman up a winding staircase. Alice’s heart thumped, not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when the Duchess opened the door to a rather tame-looking, frilly and feminine bedroom rather than a scary dungeon. The color scheme was many different shades of pink, including a lacy canopy bed with a pink bedspread. Matching curtains adorned the large picture-box window adjacent to the bed.

Alice’s stocking feet scooted across the spotless hardwood floor as the Duchess led her to a standing, full-length mirror with an ornately carved, wooden frame. Upon closer inspection, Alice noted many hearts of different sizes as well as lots of sexy upturned rumps in the details.

The Duchess stood behind Alice, caressing her well-spanked bottom as she asked, “So how was it?”

Alice looked at the woman’s reflection in the mirror and frowned. “Painful.”

“Was there no pleasure?” The Duchess tilted her head, examining Alice’s reflection.

Alice shook her head. “It hurt very much.”

“Hmmm, you have much to learn.”

Alice didn’t much like the sound of that, but she didn’t dare balk. She stood still as the Duchess untied her apron and slipped it off of her shoulders, folding it before setting it down a foot away on a settee with a pink-and-white, pig and horse patterned cushion. She returned and unbuttoned Alice’s dress, slipping it off of her. As the Duchess knelt to pick it up off the floor, Alice stepped out of the garment.

Naked from the waist up, Alice wrapped her arms around her breasts, covering herself as best she could. After the Duchess had folded Alice’s dress and placed it on top of her apron, she returned to her spot behind Alice. “Now, now, show me what you’re hiding.” The older woman coaxed her gently.

Alice’s cheeks flushed but she slowly lowered her arms, presenting her breasts for inspection. The Duchess’s hands slipped beneath each large lobe, cradling them in her palms. Alice closed her eyes and quivered, wishing the Duchess’ fingers would trail lower and give her some relief from the aching between her thighs.

“Very nice,” the Duchess said while kneading each firm breast before running a thumb across one of Alice’s protruding nipples. A chill ran up Alice’s spine and she shivered.

“Such pale skin and such pink buds. You’re far too innocent for the likes of him.”

“Who?” Alice had no idea what the Duchess meant.

The Duchess laughed as she slipped a hand down the front of Alice’s panties and performed another temperature check. Alice sighed, clenching over the digit.

The redhead smiled and said, “I think we can begin now.” She scooted Alice’s underwear down her thigh and over her knees until they hit the floor.

Alice tried to hide her privates with her hands but when the Duchess returned from putting away her undies, she took each of Alice’s hands, pulling them down by her sides so she could inspect her lower half. Alice stared at her own body in the mirror. She was a good foot taller than the Duchess, slender but curvy with wide hips. Her tummy was just short of flat but her big breasts overshadowed the small pot. Her thighs were thick and luckily the small fuzzy, blond trim just above her entrance was well-manicured thanks to a recent trip to the spa for a wax.

“You need shoes,” the Duchess said before heading over to a large walk-in closet and returning with a pair or knee-high black boots with three-inch wedge heels. “These should do nicely. Slip them on.”

Alice complied without question, slipping the shoes on and finding they fit perfectly. “Thank you. They’re stunning.”

The Duchess nodded, taking Alice’s hand and leading her over to the bed. “Climb up and get on your hands and knees.” Alice’s limbs were shaky but she complied, ascending over the pink bedspread. “Good! Now lower your head; spread your legs slightly and lift your bottom high in the air.”

Alice took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she lowered her head. The Duchess’s bedding was plush and soft and smelled of lavender sachets. Alice laid her hands flat against the bed, spreading her fingers and pressing the tips into the quilting. The Duchess touched Alice’s nape, trailing her fingers down her spine softly like the fluttering of butterfly wings.

Alice pursed her lips as she quivered. The Duchess’ fingers halted just above Alice’s tailbone before her hand scooted down and caressed her recently punished bottom. Soon two hands smoothed across Alice’s plump rear, rubbing from the small of her back down to her pristine thighs. “He’s out done himself this time?”

“Who?” Alice voice was muted as she was lost in the comforting sensations.

“The man that brought you here.” The Duchess’ hand slid between Alice’s legs, palming her dripping petals.

Alice moaned loudly as a single finger massaged the seam of her soft folds, slowly dipping inside. “There was no man. I followed a white rabbit here.”

The Duchess laughed. “Foolish girl! That was no rabbit. He claims to work for the Queen of Hearts, but he’s a creature of the Prince.”

“The Dark Prince?” Alice remembered the note on the basket.

“Oh, is that what he’s calling himself these days?” The Duchess laughed as she slid another finger inside of Alice. “Whatever name he is going by, he’s the one responsible for the state you’re in now.”

“State?” Alice murmured between moans while pushing back against the Duchess’ exploring digits.

“You’re entire body is burning with desire. You’re shaking with need and your pussy is soaking wet. You ate his sweets and now you are his.”

Alice shivered. She didn’t like the sound of being owned, body and soul by a man she didn’t even want to know. “Can you help me?”

The Duchess thrust her fingers deep inside of Alice, making her cry out in delight. Alice clenched over the probing digits, attempting to alleviate some of the throbbing.

“Hmmm, you are way too far gone. I can treat your symptoms if you’re willing to pay, but the Prince has the only cure.”

“Cure? Am I going to die?” Alice’s eyes were wide with terror.

“Oh no, nothing so final as that. You’re affliction is the gift that keeps on giving. Surely, you have felt it wax and wane already,” the Duchess replied as she took her fingers out of Alice’s pussy. Alice missed them immediately. “Are you willing to pay the price for my help?”

“As I’ve said, I was sitting outside by a creek about twenty-feet behind the house I live in and chased a white rabbit down a hole. I didn’t exactly have my wallet on me.”

The Duchess laughed. “You think I want money? Your currency is already in the air.” The Duchess pulled a long cane from between her mattress and her elaborately-carved, heart-shaped wooden headboard before reaching in her drawer and removing three small green vials. As she flicked the cane, whipping it through the air, the whooshing sound it created filled Alice with foreboding.

The Duchess chuckled and chanted, “Three for me; then three for you. Three for me; then three for you. Three for me; then three for you. What do you say?”

As the deep, churning ache between her legs ratcheted up to a nearly unbearable level, Alice broke out in a cold sweat, her knees wobbled and her head spun. Anything had to be better than this deep, everlasting longing. “Okay! I’ll pay!”

“Excellent!” The Duchess exclaimed excitedly, wasting no time tapping the cane against Alice’s upturned bare bottom. She stopped abruptly and walked to the door, opening it. “I prefer an audience,” she added before calling everyone in the house to come and attend.

So much for the private punishment I was offered. The cat was the first to come running, leaping up on a nearby dresser to get a front row seat right in front of Alice’s face. She frowned. “Must I watch you smile the whole time?”

The cat didn’t reply, but his tail vanished. Alice rolled her eyes. Slowly, the rest of him disappeared, leaving only that unsettling grin. Smartass!

In short order, the cook filed in and then the man the Duchess had been punishing earlier. For the first time, Alice got a good look at him. He was at least the Duchess’s age, portly and not especially attractive. He had a round face, a snout-like nose and a ruddy complexion. Alice remembered the cat’s description of the Duchess’s husband and assumed this must be him.

“Excellent, you brought the Duke.” The Duchess nodded to the cook who gave a curtsey.

Alice shivered as both the cook and the Duke moved behind her where she could not see them but all her private business was on complete display for them. Her face flushed with a rush of humiliation that oddly sent a bolt of electricity outward from the swollen peak above her entrance.

“She’s a beauty,” a male voice that Alice assumed was the Duke’s said. “Look how pink her cunt is.”

“Yes! And so wet,” the cook added. “Her juices are flowing down her creamy thighs. Can I touch her?”

“Certainly not, you common girl! She’s for the Prince. He would not take kindly to a servant’s hands on what’s his.”

“Perhaps after he’s cured her, he’ll send her back to us,” the Duke said in a nasally snort.

The mere thought of the pig-faced Duke laying his hands on her body made Alice gag. Women weren’t usually her thing either, but in her current state, she wouldn’t turn the sexy cook or the Duchess down.

The Duchess tapped the cane on Alice’s bottom again and asked, “Ready to begin?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice replied in a husky whisper.

The duchess rubbed the end of the cane back and forth against Alice’s ass. Alice braced for the first lick as she saw the cane’s shadow against the bedspread but the Duchess teased her, swinging the cane through the air without landing it. The sadistic bitch continued this line of torture for a while, and with every whooshing sound, Alice squealed, much to the delight of the Duchess and her audience.

When the first strike landed with a loud thwack across Alice’s skin, she was completely caught off guard. The pain ripped into her the way a snag runs through pantyhose. Alice jumped and screamed, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. She breathed heavily in an effort to get her bearings before getting back in position.

“Count, dear,” the Duchess ordered.

“One,” Alice said shakily.

“Very good!” The Duchess ran a finger across the angry painful line she had made across Alice’s bottom. “Gorgeous!”

The cane tapped Alice’s bottom again, then came the rubbing back and forth. Alice expected more showy flicking but was floored when the second lick burned across her backside.

“Ooowww!” Alice howled, tears flowing freely. It took her several seconds to regain enough composure to speak. “Two.”

Again came the tapping, harder now and all over Alice’s bottom. Alice thought this was cheating but didn’t dare say as much. The cane lifted from her bottom and came down gently, just another tap. The Duchess repeated the process but on the third go around, she landed the cane harshly just an inch above Alice’s thighs.

Alice cried out, falling forward on the bed, sobbing and whimpering. “Three!”

“Leave us!” the Duchess commanded to the chagrin of the others. The Duke moaned in disappointment and the cook openly complained but was sent away after the Duchess gave the girl’s perky bottom a couple of open handed smacks. “You too, Lewis!”

The cat’s eyes materialized first and then the rest of him with a smug smirk of an expression. He bounded down from the dresser and shimmied out of the room just before the duchess closed the door and locked it behind him.

Crumpled up on the bed in the fetal position, Alice wiped her tearstained face with her hands before the Duchess crawled on the bed next to her and pulled her into her arms.

Alice rested her head on the woman’s full breasts while the Duchess stroked her hair and comforted her. “There, there, my sweet.” She kissed the side of Alice’s head. “Let’s get you some medicine.”

Alice nodded, sitting up on her knees as the duchess got up and retrieved a small compact, opening it and dabbing a cooling ointment on the welts she had levied across Alice’s ass.

“Better?” the Duchess asked.

“A little.” Alice sniffled.

The Duchess reached down stoking Alice’s clit. “Here’s where the real problem lies? No?”

Embarrassed, Alice looked off to the side and nodded. The Duchess took one of the vials from her dresser, handing it to Alice as she instructed, “Drink.”

“This will help?” Alice looked at the vial skeptically.

The Duchess nodded. “For a time.”

Desperately, Alice took the vial, uncorked it and drank it down. Almost immediately her body cooled down and the lust subsided. “Wow!”

“Indeed, but I must warn you. The effect will wear off and when you use the second dose, it will not work as well or as long as the first and by the time the effects of the third dose wanes, if you haven’t found the Prince and begged for the cure, you will be ready to entertain anyone who expresses interest before the effects of his cupcake wear off. Now get dressed and find the Prince.”

“Yes Ma’am!” Alice jumped to her feet and rushed to gather her clothes. The Duchess helped her dress and put the remaining two vials in the pockets of Alice’s apron before seeing her to the door. “Where should I look for the Prince?”

“How should I know?” the Duchess’ expression was cheekily. “If you don’t find him by the time your meds wear off, you can always come back here.”

“For more medicine?”

The Duchess laughed. “After three doses, more will do no good, but we’d be glad to entertain you.” She gave Alice a wink and patted her on her sore bottom.

Alice huffed, quickly running out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house, nearly taking a spill down the porch steps in her borrowed boots.


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