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Thanks for joining me on this erotic journey. I’m looking forward to sharing more campy, sensual scenes from Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland with you. If you’ve been keeping up, we’re up to the third installment, but if you’ve fallen a bit behind, don’t worry. You can read Chapter One and Chapter Two before you dive in. As always, my sexy stories are for adults only. If you’re under eighteen, please navigate away from this site.



BLURB: All of her life, Alice had known she was different. Not only did she have trouble relating to the people around her, everything about her surroundings seemed off.  She had no idea why until she chased a white rabbit into a hidden tear in the universe and landed in a strange, but oddly comforting, land of sexy shifters, power-crazed royals with a penchant for BDSM and a gorgeous stranger who insisted her appearance in Shifterland was her prophesied destiny.



 Alice still wasn’t sure where she was going, but she left the duchess’ yard and followed a nearby path. Before long she ran into an oversized blue caterpillar smoking from a hookah while sitting atop a mushroom as tall as Alice’s waist.  The stem was gray but the cap was a bright yellow with red spots. Alice stopped short and said, “How do you do?”

The blue creature had a voice even deeper than the vanishing cat’s which took Alice off guard considering he was about the size of the average Yorkie from back in her world. He wore nothing but a pair of thin-framed spectacles as he blew out his smoke in a ring. “Quite well and you?” Alice in Wonderland
Alice reached behind her rubbing her well-spanked bottom. “To be honest I’m rather sore.”

The caterpillar took another drag and nodded knowingly. “Visited the Duchess, did you?”

Alice nodded, her face flushing warmly. “Uh huh.”

“Well, climb on,” the caterpillar reached out one of his short arms or legs; Alice wasn’t quite sure nor was she sure she wouldn’t pull him down rather than him boast her. “I know what you’re thinking. I’m much sturdier and stronger than I look.”

Alice nodded and grabbed ahold, allowing him to help as she climbed up on the mushroom and sat next to him.

He handed her the hookah. “There’s no pain a little of this can’t help.”

Alice sniffed, recognizing the smell of cannabis. She wasn’t a big pot smoker, but she didn’t dislike the herb the way she did harder drugs. “Will it help cure me of the cupcake calamity?”

“You ate some of the Prince’s cupcake?” He tilted his blue head as he looked her over, his buggy eyes lingering on her breasts.

Alice nodded. “I ate an entire cupcake.”

The caterpillar gave her a sideways glance. “Inhale deeply.”

Alice pulled from the hookah, holding the smoke for as long as she could before exhaling. “I’ve seen some shit today.”

The caterpillar smiled. “It might get worse before it gets better.”

Alice groaned. “I hope not.” She took another drag before handing the hookah back to the caterpillar. “Tell me. What’s the Dark Prince like?”

He raised an eyebrow. “If you mean the Prince of Spades, he’s a mysterious sort—professionally, he looks like he does little to nothing but is responsible for far more than most know. He personally provided my merchant’s visa. On a personal level, he’s always cavorting with that roguish white rabbit of his and does as he pleases without much worry as to consequences. His Aunt dotes on him.”

“The Duchess?” Alice breathed in the smoke he exhaled.

“Well, I suppose her too but I meant the Queen of Hearts. She and the King have no children of their own so the Prince, the Queen’s late sister’s boy by the former Prince of Spades, is her heir.”

“Oh, my!” Alice giggled as the weed played with her head. “Do they live on a bridge?”

The caterpillar eyed her with indignation. “Certainly not—most of the royals live in the castle.”

“Do they drink much gin? I bet someone must be an absolute rummy!” She laughed, clapping her hands together at her silly card game references.

“No more toking for you.” The caterpillar waved his hands.

Alice poked out her bottom lip and pouted. “Aw.”

“I will tell you something good though.” The caterpillar gave her a toothy grin.

While straightening her back and crossing her legs at the ankles, Alice made a fish face at him, giggling some more. “What’s that?”

“After you slide your silly tookus down off this fungus, grab a small hunk from underneath each side and put one in each of the pockets on that apron straining across that hefty bust line of yours.”

“Hey!” Alice stared at him crossly.

The caterpillar paid her protest no mind, continuing his instructions. “When you want to get small, nibble just a crumb of the right, and when you want to return to your regular height partake of the left.”Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

It occurred to Alice that the little blue bug had given her some of the best advice she had gotten all day so she forgot about his prior rudeness and thanked him kindly before scooting to the edge of the cap and sliding off the side onto her feet. She collected a bit of mushroom from both sides of the underneath, stuffing them in her pockets next to the vials of green medicine. “Thanks again!” Alice gushed still hazy headed from the cannabis.

“Indeed.” The caterpillar nodded in her direction. “Take the path a ways until you come to a fork and then go left. You should get there in time for tea.”

“Get where?” Alice tilted her head, throwing him a look of confusion.

The caterpillar smiled. “You’ll see.”

Before Alice could ask anything else, he took a long, hard hit from the hookah and disappeared behind a wall of smoke.

Alice frowned, but at least she had a lead now. She followed the path for some time which was no easy task in the Duchess’ boots. Just when she was winded enough she feared she might succumb to exhaustion, she saw where the path varied off in two directions. Taking it as confirmation she was going the right way, Alice got her second wind, turned left as the caterpillar had instructed and continued on her trek.

Alice had been walking for several minutes when she heard voices not far from the path. Tiptoeing in their direction, she peered around a tree and spied a group sitting around a table, apparently enjoying tea and lively conversation. She watched from the sidelines, taking in the spectacle.

Colorful paper lanterns of pink, turquoise, yellow and lavender were strung up from the tree branches above a long, rectangular table of white distressed wood. Several triangular-shaped runners in baby blue, white, sage and pink were draped over the tabletop. Chairs that didn’t match but that were nevertheless lovely surrounded the table, giving the set-up a quaint, shabby-chic look.

At the far end of the table, seated in a high-back, Queen Anne style chair covered in dark blue velvet sat an attractive man with pale skin. His long, straight blue-black hair flowed over one side of his forehead, covering one of his eyes, and a dark goatee covered the chin of his heart-shaped face. He was dressed in a white, silk shirt with a high collar and a gray waistcoat. Flowing white ruffles peeked out from under the sleeves of a dark, near-black frockcoat trimmed in gray.

Ogiwara Shusei Atop his head, he wore a high, black, top hat with a peacock-blue band bonding the matching flowers around the crown. His right hand sported a silver ring with a large dark blue jewel that matched his bow tie. Hooded under a thin upward eyebrow, his only visible eye was dark onyx and held a distant bored look only compounded by the cigarette dangling perilously from the side of his frowning thin lips and the precariously held teacup in his hand. Something about his dark, mildly sinister appearance fascinated Alice.

Seated to the man’s right in a Louis XV-style chair with gold cushions was an agitated rabbit but not Alice’s adorable, white bunny. This gray-colored rabbit was thinner and not cute at all. He was frazzled with scruffy fur and whiskers. His lop-sided ears, one way up and the other hanging to the side, didn’t help his appearance, but the real nail in the coffin was his crazy eyes. The odd-looking, gray hare had bulging, yellow eyes and long buck teeth. He was dressed in a shabby sage green coat, brown and white striped pants and a white shirt topped off with a mustard yellow tie. Oddly, he also had a long piece of straw wrapped around the top of his head around the base of his ears as if he had tried to prop and tie them upright.

Across from the gray rabbit and a couple of seats down from the man, there was a brown squirrel. He sat on a stack of books in a Georgian-style chair that had been painted a light pink. He was cute, fluffy and quite possibly actually a female. Alice couldn’t be sure since he wasn’t wearing any clothing besides a small, according-style collar around his neck.

Next to the squirrel, a small, white mouse sat atop an overturned teacup. He had large brown eyes, a pink nose, and white whiskers and he was dressed in a long red frock coat with a stiff, white shirt underneath. There was one more guest Alice had not initially noticed, probably because he had not been visible but that damn grinning cat was perched on the back of an 1800 era, pillow-top chair observing everyone.

Alice hadn’t exactly been invited to this party, but the caterpillar had said she should arrive in time for tea so she imagined this might be the very place he had intended for her to inquire as to the whereabouts of the Dark Prince and the white rabbit.

Alice walked up to the table and stood about a foot behind the gray rabbit as she called out to the group, “Hello.”

The boisterous chatter came to a screeching halt and all eyes gaped at her. Nervously, she twirled a few strands of her hair around one of her fingers as she nodded towards the talking animals.

“Hello to you,” the handsome man replied, his bored look melting away as he tipped his hat to her. Their eyes met and Alice’s heart pounded while butterflies fluttered in her tummy. His gaze never left her face, yet she could practically feel his breath on her shoulders and his hands on her body. Her knees knocked as her legs trembled.

As he snuffed out his cigarette against a saucer and licked his lips, Alice could barely think straight, much less move or speak; yet, somehow as if some kismet was binding them, she knew he was already breathing in her scent and tasting her essence.

The scraggly rabbit turned in his chair, narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who the hell are you?” Alice in Wonderland

Distracted away from the invisible tether linking her to the sexy stranger, Alice took hold of her senses and replied, “I…I’m Alice.”

“Don’t be rude,” the stranger replied, flicking his cigarette butt at the gray rabbit. As the man stood, Alice bit her bottom lip, taken aback by his height and the cut of his jib. He stood a good two heads taller than her and filled out his dark trousers perfectly. His chest and shoulders were broad while his waist was slender. He grasped the antique-silver-gray frame of the sky-blue Venetian chair beside him and pulled it out. “Please dear, have a seat and join us for high tea.”

Alice smoothed out her short dress, careful not to trip over her heels as she swung her hips back and forth whilst making her way over to him as if she were caught in some hypnotic haze.

“Thank you.” She sat and he scooted her up to the table.

“You’re most welcome, my dear, and please take no offense to the March Hare. Mating season isn’t going so well for him. Perhaps he’ll feel better in May.”

The rest of the animals around the table howled with laughter while the March Hare snarled angrily. “How dare you speak of my private, personal business, you hard-hearted scoundrel!”

“Hi ya, Alice!” the mouse said in an odd accent Alice had never heard as he strutted up to her and took a bow.

“How do you do?” Alice nodded at him.

“Nice ta meet ya, Alice!” The mouse squeaked while the squirrel chattered and nodded.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself?“ The March Hare smirked at the handsome man in the top hat. “I’m sure she’d be interested in knowing who you are!”

“Tsk tsk, of course.” The man narrowed his eyes at the March Hare before turning to Alice. “I’m Hat…Hat Blackard.”

The March Hare’s jaw dropped and for a moment he looked as if he had something to say but seemingly thinking better of it, he folded his arms and turned his back on Hat, offering only a , “Hmph.”Hachiyuki

The white mouse shivered and quaked while the grinning cat laughed. Alice looked to Hat for answers but he simply plopped back down in his seat and offered Alice a cup of tea and some of the delicious looking refreshments displayed on gorgeous platers and cake plates of many different mix-matched patterns along the middle of the table. There were three teapots, one on each end of the table and one in the middle, accompanied by a plethora of fine china teacups and saucers also in varying patterns, some with flowers and others of solid colors.

Bread and butter were served as no high tea was complete without such, but also scones and jams, cheese and crackers and a large assortment of cupcakes that Alice wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole after what the other one she ate had done to her. The memory of how fast that curveball had hit her made her think better of eating or drinking anything at this shindig. Nevertheless, Alice thanked her host and accepted a small cup she had no intention of raising to her lips.

She reached out and fingered one of the many antique skeleton keys littering the table, thinking perhaps they might unlock some of the doors in the round room where she had found herself after falling down the rabbit hole. Besides the keys, there were small vases with flower arrangements placed between the platters of goodies. All of the vases held roses. Some were red, others were white and a few actually looked like white roses that had been partially painted red.

“So Alice, how are ya enjoying the Kingdom of Hearts?” The tiny mouse’s voice was shrill.

Alice glanced at the small rodent but wasn’t sure how to answer. She didn’t want to offend him but she wasn’t accustomed to outright lying either. Alice nervously tapped her chin as she considered what to say. “Well, I’ve certainly never been anywhere quite like it. I’d have to say your kingdom is simply amazing.”

Hat laughed. “There’s nothing simple here, especially not in the Kingdom of Hearts. All of The Land of Shifters is a place of wonders.”

Remembering the spectacle she had first seen when she arrived, Alice’s eyes widened and she turned in Hat’s direction. “Yes! I’ve seen something like that…shifting. Please explain. Can you shift?” She turned towards the March Hare. “Or you?”

Hat replied, “I can, but I rarely do. The hare can too, not that his human form is much of an improvement.”

“How dare you! In my day, I cut quite the figure!” The March Hare waved his arms around dramatically, shaking his fist as he protested in frustration.

“That time is long past,” the little mouse replied, slapping his knee as he snickered while the squirrel chattered merrily as if in agreement.

“Aw, I’m sure they jest.” Alice attempted to comfort the hare.

He lifted his head and gave her a smile nearly as lopsided as his ears. “Many thanks, lovely lady.”

Alice looked down, slightly embarrassed as she waved off the compliment. “You’re too kind. Oh, but perhaps you could help me. I’m looking for someone, a white rabbit. I suspect he might be a shifter too. Do you know him?”

The March Hare scrunched up his nose in disgust. “Him again? Yes, I know that no good, doe stealing son of a bitch!”

Alice’s shoulders jarred as she brought her hand up to cover her wide open mouth. “My…my apologies.” Her voice stammered.

Hat spoke up. “Pay his jealous ramblings no mind. He’s just mad because no matter if shifted or human, the ladies lift their bottoms for the white rabbit but push Marchy away with strong legs.”

“Oh, fuck you, Hat!” The hare exaggerated the last word.

Aside from Alice and hat, the rest of the guests gasped, their heads jerking to look Hat’s way. Alice followed their lead, looking over to Hat, but locking eyes with him for even a second nearly took her breath. She looked away and changed the subject.  “So Hat, that’s quite the hat you’re wearing.”

The sinister death stare he was shooting the trembling March Hare disappeared as Hat’s gaze returned to her. He smiled, running his finger across the brim. “You like it?” Alice nodded, and he added, “I made it.”

“Made it? So you’re a hatter?” Alice hadn’t exactly expected this man to be in the fashion industry.

“Among other things.” His answers were as cryptic as he was mysterious.

“Well, look who’s here,” the squirrel spoke for the first time, confirming he could as he pointed towards a man approaching the table.

Alice recognized him as the naked man she had seen when she first arrived. Of course, now that he was fully dressed, she was able to get a much better look at his face. By all appearances, he was her age or perhaps a year or so younger. The man’s once shaggy platinum mane was now swept back from his forehead, showing off his darker lowlights as well as his diamond-shaped face. His deep-set, blue eyes held just a hint of silver, giving them an appealing sparkle.

As the young man swaggered closer,Alice in Wonderland sex appeal in every step, Hat shooed the March Hare, aggressively urging him to move at least one chair to the right. The March hare’s displeasure was more than evident in his body language and facial expression but he made his stance even clearer when he opened his mouth. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Who the hell invited you?”

“Oh, do shut up.” Hat glanced at the March Hare dismissively as he pulled the chair the frazzled bunny had just vacated out for the new arrival. “Alice, this is my dear friend, Witt Konijn.”

Having heard the name and recognized its meaning Alice narrowed her eyes but quickly caught herself and gave a smile. During her year studying abroad in Holland, she had picked up quite a bit of Dutch and was well aware Witt Konijn translated to white rabbit. She had no idea why Hat and the white rabbit wanted to keep his alter ego a secret, hell, she didn’t even understand how they spoke English much less Dutch but she didn’t imagine letting on she knew they were lying would give her the upper hand while keeping quiet just might.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” Alice offered Witt a smile as she looked him over a bit more. He was well-built and muscular as evidenced by the blue shirt he wore completely unbuttoned, showing a good bit of him from neck to navel. Over the shirt, he wore a burgundy jacket, also unbuttoned, and paired it with white slacks.

Witt gave a slight bow and reached over the table, taking Alice’s hand and brushing his lips just above her knuckles. “I’m always pleased to meet a buxom beauty.” His voice was as silvery as his eyes. He plopped down in his seat, throwing a leg across the chair arm.

“Tired my friend?” Hat asked.

Wit gave him a sideways look and smiled. “I’ve got unlimited energy but it has been quite the morning. I’ve been all over and back.”

“Where have you been?” Alice wanted to know if he’d admit he lured her down a hole and served her up to the Duchess.

“You’re full of questions.” Wit raised an eyebrow at her.

Alice shrugged. “I think I ask a completely appropriate amount of questions.”

“You think? That’s good. Too many people do far too much talking and not nearly enough thinking.” Wit poured his own cup of tea, barely looking at her as he spoke.

She narrowed her eyes at him, smarting from the rebuff. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Wit licked his lips at her seductively. “There she goes—another question.” He glanced to Hat, and for the first time, Alice realized how much Mr. Blackard was enjoying this display.

“Oh, my turn!” Hat’s lips turned upward as a grin spread across his face. “I have one for her! Alice, how is a raven like a writing desk?”

Wit laughed, took a sip of his tea and shook his head. “She won’t know.”

“Give me time to think!” Alice’s voice was louder than she had intended. She was certain she had heard this one before. Originally, there wasn’t supposed to be an answer but a very smart man eventually came up with one. Oh, what was it? I have to remember! Raven, Raven…writers…Poe…King. Ah ha!

The cheeky white rabbit in his glorious human form held up a gold pocket watch, swinging it from its chain as he teased. “Tick tock, Alice. Tick tock.”

Alice pursed her lips and lifted her eyes at him seductively, her large breasts touching the table as she leaned in to whisper. “How is a raven like a writing desk?” She paused just a second for effect. “Poe wrote on both.”

The March Hare spit out his tea, nearly choking before he descended into a fit of laughter. Meanwhile, Hat Blackard, who Alice was beginning to suspect, was, in fact, the Dark Prince was smiling as wide as the Duchess’ naughty cat.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” Hat quoted Poe as he lit a new cigarette.

“You know The Raven?” Alice looked down at her teacup to in an effort to hide how impressed she was.

“I’m familiar with Edgar Allan Poe and Steven King. We’ve pilfered some of the best things from your world.” Hat winked at her. Of course, a few lunatics, mostly during the long-ago dark times of our history, ran away from here and gave your people bits and pieces of our culture as well. Otherwise, you might all still be communicating with grunts and clicking noises.”

Wit seemed far less pleased, folding his arms across his chest and frowning. “She didn’t give the right answer.”

“Oh, come now, Wit. There never was an answer, but her answer is a perfectly good one. I think I like her very well.” Hat reached over and ruffled Wit’s hair with more affection than Alice would have expected. Surprisingly, she wasn’t jealous. As attracted as she was to Hat, the idea that he and Wit were a little more than friends actually excited her, and the display she just witnessed had her heart doing cartwheels. Unfortunately, the aching betweeWhite Rabbitn her legs meant her medicine was starting to wear off.

Wit wore a slight pout. “I suppose.” He reached into his inside coat pocket and produced a small scroll, holding it between his index and middle fingers as he passed it to Alice.

“For me?” She sat up straight, taking the scroll with suspicion.

“Word travels fast in the Land of Shifters, particularly within the Kingdom of Hearts. The Queen has invited the Princess of the Land of Racing Time to play croquet.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Alice looked at Wit as if he had spoken pure gibberish.

Hat chuckled and Wit shot him a look of annoyance, frowning at him for a few seconds before sighing and returning his attention to Alice. “That would be you.”

“Me?” Alice jumped up from her seat in surprise. “No way.”

“Once, a very, very, long time ago from your point of few and a not nearly as long from ours,  the very dashing White Prince visited the Land of Racing Time and fell for a woman there. Against all warnings of the terrible danger of staying, he shirked his royal duty and left his people without a ruler, and before anyone had time to convince him to come home, his time ran out.”

Alice wasn’t sure what his story had to do with her but didn’t say as much. “His parents never saw him again?”

“Indeed.” Hat shrugged, a pensive look on his face.

“Ghastly…” Wit shivered. “Dying in such a horrible place.”

Just watching the gorgeous man’s body ripple flooded Alice with desire. She raised a finger to her lips, mouthing the tip.

“Quite so.” Hat nodded in agreement. “You don’t even have to be killed. The people just wither away.”

“Quickly too—most last less than a hundred years. Of course, you know that being that you lived there.” Wit addressed his last comment toward Alice while hugging his torso.

“Don’t despair. Just as the prince wilted when he went to your world, you will cease to wilt here.” Hat raised his eyebrows and smiled at Alice. She didn’t understand a damn thing he said but when they locked eyes she involuntarily let loose a moan.

Wit suddenly seemed excited, his nose twitching as he licked his lips. He stood. “I think you better get going. You stay here a moment longer and you will either be very late to meet the Queen or not make it all.” VOCALOID

“He is correct,” Hat got up from his seat and reached over, tugging gently at Alice’s apron pocket. She swooned, placing both hands on his chest to keep her balance and burying her head in his shoulder. Before she could take another breath, he was on her, grasping at her waist and kissing her nape. Wit had traveled around the table and was behind her.

Hat retrieved her second vial of medicine, uncorked it and poured the contents into his mouth. All Alice could offer in response was a lusty moan. He tightened his hold on her, dipping her slightly and pressing his lips against hers. As she opened her mouth to deepen the kiss, he released the medicine, allowing it to flow past her lips and down her throat.

The two men held her body trapped between them until the medicine took effect. The overwhelming yearning persisted for several minutes before subsiding and was never completely squelched. Alice was unsure if her prolonged desire was due to the diminishing effects of the medication or because of her close proximity to two men she could eat alive. Coming to her senses, she pushed them away. “Get off of me.”

She straightened her clothes and turned her attention to the mouse. “Kind mouse, could you please point me in the direction of the Queen’s croquette game?”

The mouse marched to the edge of the table. “I’ll be glad to accompany you and show you the way.”

“Oh thank you!” Alice gushed. The mouse leaped upon her shoulder and began to whisper the directions in her ear.


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