Sunday Snippet 2/18/2017

Welcome to Sunday Snippets. Every Sunday, I like to share a little something from a story I am currently writing or have recently finished. All of my stories are for adults, so if you’re not at least eighteen, please navigate away from this website.

Today, I’m sharing another segment from Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland. This bit is from the chapter I will be posting for next Wonderland Wednesday. Please enjoy!


Alice (Alice in Wonderland)Looking up at the clouds, she laughed. Since she had arrived, she had gobbled down a poison cupcake, drank a potion that shrunk her, watched a mouse-shifter orgy, gotten her ass beat by a crazy sadist and made friends with a disappearing cat, but she felt more alive and at home than she ever before. Throwing caution to the wind, she put a hand on each side of Wit’s face and kissed him.

His hands combed through her hair, and her arms slide around his neck. The kiss deepened as passion stirred between them. She shifted position, settling her palm over his beating heart. As their tongues danced, connecting them in a lively oral embrace, she unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it hanging open while she caressed his hard torso, her thumb strumming one of his nipples before her hand scooted downward to touch his tight abdominal muscles. The hardness beneath his waist pushed against her, and he moaned into her mouth.

As Alice started to unbuckle his belt, he grabbed her hands. “No, we mustn’t.”

Alice giggled coyly. “Why mustn’t we?”


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