Sunday Snippet 2/25/18

Now that Alice is in Shifterland, she just can’t fight her true nature. And why should she? Let a naughty girl have some fun. Please enjoy this teaser from Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland unless you’re under eighteen. If you’re not at least eighteen years old, please navigate away from this website. My work is for adults only.


The Queen yelled right in the Knave’s face. “Confess!”

“I’m sorry, Majesty! I only ever wanted to please you and His Highness!” The Knave quivered, and his cock twitched, standing much taller since his chastisement began. Is he actually enjoying this debasement?

Alice’s cheeks burned. She wasn’t sure why she was enjoying this man’s degradation so much, but somehow the spectacle was like an intoxicating drink. Every tear he shed amped up her buzz better than a shot of top-shelf whiskey ever could. She was giddy with sadistic glee.

“Confess!” The Queen’s demanding tone sent a shiver down Alice’s spine. She hugged herself, parting her lips. As her gaze traveled upward, she noticed the Prince staring at her with a haughty expression of self-satisfaction. Had he somehow known how this distasteful display would affect me?


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