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Welcome to Wonderland Wednesday. Today I’m sharing Chapter Eight of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland. This Chapter and all of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland belongs to me and all rights are reserved. As always, my stories are for adults only. If you are under eighteen, please navigate away from this website.


Chapter Eight

Hat stopped and waited, offering his hand again. Reluctantly, she took it, allowing him to intertwine their fingers. They walked for some time down this long winding hallway until they came to a red door. “Is this the place?” Alice asked.

Pixiv Id 451009“Not exactly.” He tapped the keyhole. “Take a peek.”

Alice bent down and looked through the tiny opening. She couldn’t see much with the exception of a contraption that reminded her of what she’d seen at the Duchess’s home. Whoa! So this was the punishment room? She stood up and shot him a look of excitement. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an old-fashioned, metal, skeleton key with a spade-shaped bow and a fancy notched bit attached to a long chain. Alice expected him to unlock the red door but instead, he ran a palm across the wall to the left, tapping several spots as he did.

“Ah ha!” he said as he tapped a spot on the wall and the area swirled until a gothic-looking, silver doorplate with a mortise and rim keyhole and ornate doorknob appeared out of nowhere. He popped the key in the lock and turned it, creating a loud click. As he twisted the knob, the wall swirled and an opening appeared out of nowhere.

Alice’s eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. “Neat trick.”

Hat smiled. “The vortex technology is from the vanishing cat’s homeland. It’s why I invited him here.”  Alice nodded as he escorted her into a tiny room, no larger than a closet. It was well-lit and had several plush Queen Anne chairs covered in red velvet set on a high-up platform in front of a gold curtain. The area reminded Alice of balcony seats at the opera. Hat pulled on a thick, dangling cord and the curtain lifted, giving them a front row seat to the shenanigans going on between the King, the Queen, and the Knave of Hearts.

Queen of HeartsAlice’s eyes widened and she laughed. “Holy crap! Can they see us?”

“No, the window is one-way, but they know it’s here and couldn’t care less if anyone is watching. Take your seat.”

Alice scooted into the first seat and gaped at the Queen as she stood upright in front of the Knave while holding up the skirt of her dress. He was on his knees, his face buried between her thighs. The poor man’s hands were still cuffed behind his back.

Meanwhile, the King stood behind the Knave, flogging his bare back. Hat plopped down in the seat next to Alice but a quick glance at him confirmed what Alice already expected. He was more interested in watching her reaction than seeing what was going on with the royal couple and their sex slave.

“Enough!” The Queen pushed the Knave back on his rear.

The King grabbed him by his beautiful blonde hair pulling him back up to his knees. “That’s a pretty puppy!” King Duncan’s voice was much sweeter than it had been in the courtroom, loving even. He knelt down and claimed the Knaves lips for a kiss.

“Indeed.” The Queen fastened a leather collar around the Knave’s neck and attacked a leash. She jerked the tether forcing him to his feet. The King picked up a flexible switch and began to whip the Knave in quick, sharp smacks starting at his shoulders and working downward across his chest and torso. The Knave writhed and moaned while his manhood stood at attention.

“Who gave you permission to be aroused?” The Queen pinched the knave’s nipple. He squealed and trembled, all the while crying and begging them to stop. Yet, beneath the tears, the Knave’s only visible eye blazed with intense arousal, and his breathing was erratic.

As Alice watched her fingers curling under the edge of her seat and she held her breath as the King switched the Knave’s erection. “The Queen said you shouldn’t be hard.” The King’s voice dripped with both taunting and affection.

Hat leaned over towards Alice. “So how are you enjoying the entertainment?”

After pulling her attention away from the scene with some difficulty, she met his piercing, onyx gaze. Something between them seemed to click as if they had always been destined to come together, and her heart was flooded with emotion. She was drawn to him as if he were emitting some arousing scent only she could smell. Alice pressed her legs together to stave off the growing provocation and reached to cup his cheek.

Hat’s hand rested on the back of her head as he pressed his lips against hers. His tongue plunged into her mouth stroking hers gently. Unable to get enough of him, she deepened the kiss. Her hands grasped at his long, straight hair pulling him closer and holding him there until she was forced to come up for air. She panted madly, her gaze locked with his.

Hat smiled at her. “You feel it too, don’t you?”

She couldn’t catch her breath so Alice simply nodded.

Ogiwara Shusei“You’re entire life was always building up to this meeting.” He grabbed her and pulling her in for another kiss. She climbed over her seat and into his lap, straddling him, knocking his hat off his head as she did. The accessory fell back behind the seat, but Hat didn’t seem to care. His hands were beneath her skirt, his fingers pushing under the bottom of her panties, the tips pressing into the soft flesh of her cheeks.

As the kiss broke, Alice began to pull hat’s jacket down over his shoulders. She’d gotten it down low enough to see his gun holster and realized, like Witt, he was also strapped with an old fashion gun. She was about to ask about it when Hat said, “Turn around. You don’t want to miss this part!”

She turned, sitting sideways across Hat’s lap as he grabbed her head and turned it towards the action. The King had a tight grasp on the Knave’s leash, forcing him to bend over. Alice craned her neck to see what the Queen was up to behind their prisoner. She had her hands between the knave’s legs and was fastening something around the man’s balls. “What’s she doing?”

The Prince gave a vicious laugh. “Something very cruel.”

“What’s that wrapped around his junk?”

“It’s a cock ring. No matter what they do to him, he can’t come.”

“Oh!” Alice gulped, the area between her thighs throbbing at the mere thought. “Look at his face.”

Alice in Wonderland“I know…pitiful yet enraptured. It’s a beautiful look on anyone.” Hat’s hands explored her chest, kneading her breasts in his palms over her clothing while he breathed heavily against her neck.

“He’s pretty.” Alice didn’t mind admitting the one-eyed blond was easy of the eyes.

“Meh, you’re much prettier.”

“But I would never allow something like that.” Alice shook her head; yet, she was fascinated by the knave’s undignified predicament.

“No, you and I are the same. We like to be on the dominating side.” Hat’s lips were right next to her ear as he spoke.

“I think you’re right.” Alice breathed heavily.

“You didn’t know?”

“I guess part of me always did.” She turned her head, looking into his eyes and silently imploring him to give his approval.

“You’re perfect!” He nipped at her with a growl. “We’re going to have so much fun torturing the white rabbit.”

Hat’s cock was growing beneath her, pressing against her rear. She rocked back and forth, grinding against him and moaning while he squeezed her breasts. Her head reclined back against Hat’s shoulder. “You and he are lovers?”

“More like owner and pet, but yes, the affection is very real. Does that bother you?” His voice was low and husky.

Alice panted as Hat rubbed her inner thigh. “It excites me!”

“Good.” He nibbled at her ear and pointed to draw her attention to the new development unfolding. The knave was now on his knees in front of the king, his head bobbing as the king groaned.

“Oh…I hadn’t expected that!” Alice laughed.


“I would have thought the king would be the one doing the worshiping on his knees.”

Alice in Wonderland“Us royals are a proud group…how about you get down on your knees and do that for me?”

Alice twisted around to look at his face, her brow furrowed as her jaw dropped. “Wha…”

“That’s right. Do it. Get on your knees.” His eyes scrutinized her so intently she felt as if they were burrowing into her soul.

“No fucking way! You just want to look down on me!” Alice gritted her teeth and sneered at him.

He burst out laughing. “See what I mean, Princess? You didn’t like the idea of being put in your place so to speak. I bet you were fit to be tied when the Duchess caned you.”

“How do you even know about that?” Alice averted her eyes in embarrassment.

“The cat told me. That one’s a gossip.” Hat laughed again.

Alice rolled her eyes. “I got her back later on so don’t fuck with me.”

“That is one thing I can never promise. I am definitely going to fuck with you.” Hat pushed her up onto her feet. “Bend over and put that sexy ass in my face. Put your hands against the glass to stabilize yourself.”

Alice didn’t like hearing him throw out orders but the throbbing between her legs was intensifying and she suspected her treatment was wearing thin so she acquiesced. The glass was cool against her palms as she stood with her legs spread slightly and her back arched, pushing her rear up in the air. Hat flipped her skirt up over her back and yanked her panties down around her knees. “What about my next dose of medicine.”

“Don’t try to blame my cupcakes for your current state. You’re cured so you have to own all this lust.” His hands grasped her ass as his warm breath resonated over her aching pussy. “Mmmm, I bet you taste as good as you smell. Alice’s face burned with mild embarrassment as his lips caressed her soft folds.

“Ah, ah,” she murmured as he kissed and licked her, his hair tickling against the back of her thighs. She reached back grabbing his head with one hand and holding him in place as he lapped at her clit. He was skillful, hitting all the right spots. As he ceased the passionate assault on her senses, Alice whimpered.

Hat’s teeth gently dragged across her skin as he nibbled at her plump globes. His hand slid up between her legs, a finger pushing inside of her and then another. He probed deeply, thrusting the digits rhythmically before adding a third. He worshipped her ass, kissing, nibbling and sucking as he moved his fingers. Alice’s juices flowed down her thighs as her legs trembled. The ample lubrication allowed a fourth finger to easily join the party. Hat moved his hand with expert precision, pinpointing her sweet spot and probing it relentlessly.

She threw her head back, panting heavily and squealing as the exhilarating rush of orgasmic bliss took control of her body, shaking her like a ragdoll. Hat grabbed a handful of her long, blond hair, grasping it tightly as he bent over her back and put his face next to her ear. “It’s time, Princess.”

“Give it to me!” she screamed. His fingers slipped out of her, but thankfully the barren, empty feeling didn’t last long. His erection nudged at her entrance and then pushed inside slowly.Orihara Izaya

“How’s that?”

“Yes! More! I want it!” Alice could barely believe it was her she was hearing begging to be fucked. He grabbed her arm, holding it behind her back as he thrust. His movements were perfect, and he took her hard, deep and powerfully. Alice quivered and shook, her senses stirred around into one large puddle of incoherent, bubbling pleasure while her skin sizzled so hot she was sure she was melting.

“You’re tight…so good it’s sucking me even farther inside. I’ve never felt anything this good before.” Hat’s voice was sultry.

“Don’t bullshit me!” Alice panted with labored breaths. She pushed back against him. “Harder! Give it to me!”

He pulled out, grabbing her and spinning her so she faced him before he swept her up off her feet, his cock sliding into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “You asked for this!”

He held her around the waist and pounded into her with gusto. Alice arched her back, her hands reaching out and grabbing whatever she could find to hold her balance as she bounced up and down on his cock. She yanked the buttons off his vest, leaving it open and she untied his tie and ripped open his shirt.

His chest was just as she had imagined, hard, firm and ripped. His stomach was lean with well-toned abdominal muscles leading down to create the perfect V inside his unfastened trousers. Hat grabbed her hair again, pulling her into a passionate kiss. “Ready?” He pulled his face away from hers, gazing at her with hooded eyes.

“Yes!” She held him tightly between her thighs, clenching down on his cock as she wailed loudly. Hat’s lips curled, his face awash in ecstasy as he released deep inside of her.

Hat sat Alice down on her feet. Her wobbly legs gave out on her, forcing to flop on the floor while she caught her breath. Hat stumbled back into his seat, pushing his sweat-soaked hair away from his face as he panted.

Alice rested against the cool, wood flooring, her mind slowly clicking until she was once again running on all cylinders. “Fuck! I don’t usually do this…”

Hat threw his head back against the back of the chair and laughed. “Do what? Fuck?”

“Not raw. We should have used something!” Alice couldn’t believe how reckless she had been.

“I’m afraid I don’t follow? Was there something I failed to provide? Were you not completely satisfied? Because give me a few minutes and I can go again…”

Alice in Wonderland“Shut up.” Alice threw him a look of disgust. “I mean protection…you know a condom, birth control…”

“What’s a condom?” Hat asked with a completely straight face.

Alice rolled her eyes. She was aware a lot of guys balked at using condoms but had never heard of one actually pretending not to know what they were. “Don’t be stupid!”

“I’m sorry but I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about.” Hat’s puzzled expression indicated he was telling the truth.

“It’s a covering that you sheath your erection with during sex to prevent the spread of diseases and to keep your swimmers from reaching my eggs.”

“Ew, that sounds horrendous! How would I feel your pussy with a damn sock over my cock? It’s absurd.”

“It’s shaped like a sock but thinner…whatever, it’s too late now.”

“We don’t have rot and filth here in our realm like what is devouring yours. We’ve no need to impede a man’s essence.”

Alice threw up her hands in defeat. “What about pregnancy?”

An heir for both the Kingdom of Hearts and the White Kingdom, now wouldn’t that have the whole world rejoicing? Unfortunately, shifters tend to have low birthrates so it’s good luck that we live so long here.”

“Ugh! You’re insufferable!”

Hat grinned. “I try.”

“There are seriously no STDs in Shifterland?” Alice needed to make sure.

“What the hell is an STD?”

Alice could feel her face flushing. She couldn’t believe she was having to give this man a sex education lesson. “Sexually transmitted diseases.” Her voice was a near whisper.

“Sexually…what the fuck?” Hat’s face morphed with disgust. “Hell no. There is nothing bad in the essence of the males in Shifterland. You’ll find regular infusions keep you feeling great.”

Alice reclined back on the floor again, laughing her head off. “I can’t fucking believe this crazy shit. What the hell am I doing here? I should go home.”

Hat stood, his shadow covering her as he towered over her. His voice was stern. “You are home. This is where you belong. You aren’t going back to that hell world.”

“Hell world…” Alice muttered. “It’s not that bad.”

“It’s horrific. There’s always at least one war going on. Disease is rampant; people can’t even enjoy good food and drink without it slowly killing them. A lot of people are starving. Be careful what you get used to, little girl, because you can get used to anything. If you go back there, you will wilt away in less than a hundred years.”

Alice sat there dumbfounded. She pressed her hand to her temple, trying to make sense of her current predicament. “How old are you?”

He shrugged. “Who’s counting?”

Alice sighed. “What about my friends? They will be worried.”

Hat looked at her like she was nuts. “I imagine they’ve gotten over it by now besides did you really like any of them?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Alice, you’re the Princess from the Land of Racing Time. You’ve been here nearly a day. That’s a few weeks there. You’re what…about twenty.”

Alice laughed. “Sure, we’ll go with that…”

“The people in your world start wilting after thirty or forty years—it’s actually quite disgusting from what I’ve heard. I’d visited for nearly a year your time and in the first fifteen minutes, I thought I’d be sick. I could smell the decay. I can’t stand the thought of you shriveling up and dying. Please don’t ever go back there.”

A tear slipped down Alice’s face. She didn’t imagine she had a reason to anymore. It wasn’t like she really had any real friends, and Hat was right, her mother would have been over any grief or concern she might have felt after just a few cocktails.”

Hat’s expression softened and he reached down and wiped away her tear with his thumb. “I’m sorry. I’m being very insensitive. Come here.”

He helped Alice up and held her in his arms, rubbing her back and comforting her. “I can arrange for Wit to courier a letter explaining that you are okay if you like.”

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)Alice nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure we can make up some excuse why I’ve been unreachable…rehab or something.”

“You’re an addict?”

“No, but my mom isn’t around me enough to know if I was or not. She’d believe it. We have to come up with something closer than the truth for Davis though.”

“Davis?” Hat tilted his head, looking for her to clarify.

“He works for me.”

“Ah, a servant.” Hat nodded.

Alice never really thought of Davis as a servant, more of an assistant or a helper, but Hat was unlikely to understand.

“We’ll figure it out. I’ll do anything you need me to in order to ease your transition to living here.” He kissed her temple, and she closed her eyes. At that moment, she couldn’t imagine ever wanting to return home again.

Alice buried her face in his chest again and sobbed. “Just hold me.”

“Anytime…it might make you feel better if you take a peek through the window.”

Alice turned her attention back over to the punishment room to find the royal couple had finished picking on the knave and they were now happily making love with him right in the middle. Alice smiled. “Well, that is kind of nice.”

Hat kissed her on the side of the head again. “We should probably slip out and find Wit. I’m sure he’s probably sulking by now.”

“I still don’t understand my role in this world.” Alice sighed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you figure it out. Now let me look at you?”

After he brushed back her hair with his hands and straightened her stockings that had fallen down, he stood back and looked her over again, his head tilted. Nodding, he reached out and started smoothing out her apron.

Kamui GakupoAlice smacked his hand away. “I don’t need you to dress me.”

He wore a wounded look and muttered. “Wit lets me straighten his clothes.”

“I’m not Wit.” She spun around and then headed behind his chair before snatching his hat up off the floor and picking up his tie. As a show of power, she stepped up onto his chair so she would be taller than him. Then she plopped his hat on top of his head.

He looked up at her and rolled his eyes, offering his hand to help her down. She took it, smirking at him as she stepped down. She licked her lips, her eyes hooded seductively as she ran her hand down the middle of his torso, left exposed by his damaged clothing. “Looks like I really messed you up.” Her voice was tiny but the pride it conveyed was booming.

He left his shirttail hanging as he zipped his pants and fastened his belt. Then he picked up his jacket. “Will you be keeping the ribbon as a souvenir?”

Alice looked at the bowtie she had gripped in her fist and smiled before placing it on her head, just behind her bangs and fashioning it into a headband by tying it underneath her flowing locks.

In a flash, she was in his strong arms as he nuzzled at her neck. “You’re a feisty one. I like that.”

“Hey Hat…so you’re a shifter?”

He smiled. “Yes, but not just me…you too.”

“Huh?” Alice was certain he had to be mistaken.

“That’s not possible. Wouldn’t I know?”

“I don’t think so. A shifter can enter your world in either state but can’t shift there.”

“But even if I am descended from the White Prince, he intermarried with a human.”

“The child of a shifter is a shifter.”

Alice still wasn’t even sure she believed she was a Princess, and now she was expected to believe she was a shifter too. It was too much. She shook her head, attempting to clear her mind.

Perhaps sensing she needed the distraction, Hat reached under her skirt and snatched her panties down again, nudging her until she backed up against a chair and flopped down. His hypnotic gaze never left her face as he knelt, caressing her calf with one hand as he finessed her undergarment down over her ankles and worked them past her boots.

He crumpled the panties in his hand as he stood and slipped them into his pocket. “Now we both have something to commemorate becoming lovers.” His voice was commanding as was his demeanor, leaving Alice breathless. She had to look away from his penetrating stare to get a hold of her senses. As she glanced back at him and noted his grin, it occurred to her that they could possibly play this cat and mouse game for an eternity.

She popped up from her seat, refusing to complain about him forcing her to walk around with her swollen pink entrance exposed to the air no matter how humiliated she was. He handed her a handkerchief.

“What’s this for?” She asked looking at the gray and white square of linen and silk.

Instead of answering, he reached between her legs and tidied her up. Alice wouldn’t admit it, but she was grateful. The idea of any of his essence slipping down her thighs as she traipsed around was so mortifying she might have died if anyone noticed.

Alice looked at Hat.  “Where to now?”


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