Sunday Snippet 3/11/2018

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The past few Sundays I’ve been sharing sneak peeks from Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland, but this week, my new cover artist, Talina Perkins, made me a gorgeous new cover for The Power of Three. In honor of Talina and her incredible talent, I’m going to show off my new cover and a sexy excerpt from the book.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Triple Passion Play series, I can tell you it involves two smoking hot guys and a lucky lady, but in this particular scene, she’s just been spanked by one of those sexy men. Here’s what happened next.


Suddenly remembering the ice cream, Trisha spun around quickly. “It’s melting.”

“Huh?” Ken asked right before pulling off his shirt.

“Ice cream,” Trisha explained.

“Oh.” Tommy stood and then strode across the room towards the kitchen. After returning with the carton, he had a smirk on his face. “It’s a little soft, but I think it would make a great healing balm.”

Ken seemed to catch on right away. “Yeah, I can see how it could be soothing. He stood, reached for Trisha’s hand, and then pulled her closer, before he guided her over the arm of the couch. A giddy sensibility built in her chest as she positioned her pelvis and reached over to steady her hands against the cushions.

Trisha peeked over her shoulder and nearly swooned. Both men had gathered around now and Tommy had joined Ken in his shirtless-ness. They were such gorgeous specimens of male sensuality—Ken with his lean, well-defined torso and six-pack abs, and Tommy with his broad shoulders, muscular arms, and totally ripped midsection. Damn, I’m a lucky girl! She closed her eyes dreamily as she relaxed over the furniture.

“Oooh!” she startled as the first cold coating of milky smoothness was slathered over one small fleshy cheek. She wasn’t even sure which man’s hands were on her, but it didn’t matter. The warmth of a firm hand created the perfect contrast of sensation.

“Feel good,” Ken asked as one of them coated the other side.

“Uh huh,” Trisha said between breathy pants. One hand moved slow and tenderly while the other hand aggressively squeezed and kneaded her punished flesh. “Mmm!” she moaned appreciatively. The slight tingling in her loins was escalating into an achy yearning.

A streak of warm wetness cut through the sticky coldness as someone’s tongue lapped her ass from the junction where her thighs met her bottom all the way up over the swell to the small of her back. Her long, slender legs trembled as someone’s tongue drew another path over her flesh. Meanwhile, a set of someone’s teeth nibbled on the other cheek. How they were managing that real estate without knocking heads, she wouldn’t venture a guess, but she was definitely picking up what they were putting down.


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