Wonderland Wednesday 3/21/2018

Welcome back to Wonderland Wednesday. The evil virus that took up residence in my chest and refuses to leave is still bothering me, but I’m at least well enough to string a few sentences together now. Please enjoy Chapter Nine of Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Wonderland.

Chapter Nine


“We can return to my room to get cleaned up. Obviously, I need to change now.” He motioned toward his ripped shirt and vest.

She lifted her eyes triumphantly as he led her out of the secret room and locked the door. “Who all has keys to that room?”

“I couldn’t say for sure.” He paused, looking to the side as if he were pondering her query. “Me, the king and queen and whoever those two may have gifted with a copy.”

Alice in Wonderland“Sheesh, I’m glad no one walked in on us in there.”

Hat chuckled. “You have a lot of hang-ups. We’ll have to work on that.”

Playfully, she punched him in the arm just before he grabbed her around her waist and escorted her back down the corridor. As they strolled, Alice took note of all the exquisite artwork, especially the wood carvings. “Those are really nice.”

“They tell the story of the Kingdom’s history.”

Alice stopped as something caught her eye. “There that man—He’s huge!”

The Prince stopped and observed where she was pointing. “Ah…Baron Rollotium—Bear shifter.”

Alice’s eyes were wide with fear and trepidation. “Bears? But they…they don’t attack people, right?”

Hat shook his head. “Not anymore.”

She gasped. “So at one time, they did?”

“Most of our subjects are shifters. It’s the responsibility of the Royals to understand their instincts and provide the appropriate outlets. When royals take good care of their subjects and keep them safe, volatile survival mechanisms never snap into place.”

Alice gave him a sideways glance as she put her hand on her hip and tilted her head. “The Queen is always threatening to kill everyone!”

“And yet she rarely does…prisoners are much more likely to end up in the stocks or her punishment room, and frankly, most of them like it. A lot of shifters in this realm are submissive at heart.”

“What about lions or bears?” Alice’s tummy was a twisted, jangle of nerves.

“We don’t have as many predator type shifters in the Kingdom of Hearts. Most of them live in the White Kingdom or the outskirts of the Red Kingdom. I hear they tend to be aggressive but fairly easily satisfied. Shifters have a lot of reproductive issues, and predator types even more so. Their numbers are much smaller than other types. Here in the Kingdom of Hearts, we have a few bobcat shifters that tend to run wild but even with all their hissing and growling, most of them are dying to be tamed.”

Alice nodded as she contemplated his words, but as they moved forward several bronze statues of animals drew her attention. Alice liked the duck best. She stopped just in front of it, smiling as she admired his proud stance.

“Admiral Quack—war hero from a time nearly forgotten except for these relics.” As he spoke, Hat busied his hands by tracing the hem of her dress with his finger.

Alice twirled a strand of her hair around her finger as she stole a glance at him. “Didn’t you say, you don’t have war here?”

He leaned in closer. “We rarely do. Accept for an uprising from a nut job a long while ago, I’ve never known war in my lifetime. I don’t think there’s anyone alive that remembers Admiral Quack accept this one old goat shifter that lives in the Hardington bluffs. He’s a hermit and a complete asshole though so no one goes to talk to him anymore.”

“So he’s a butthead?” Alice snickered at her own corny joke.

“No…just no—that kind of humor will get tea thrown on your clothes around here.” Hat palmed his face and shook his head.

“Fair enough.” Alice giggled as they turned the corner.

“Why do you and Wit carry guns while the palace guards only have swords, bows and arrows, and spears?”

Heart no Kuni no Alice“Because we’re bad asses.” He didn’t miss a beat, continuing to walk without so much as a wink.

Alice chuckled, impressed by his ability to keep a straight face after uttering that line. “You’re a nutcase.”

He shrugged while continuing to move her forward to their destination. “All the best of us are.” Alice stopped short and folded her arms across her chest, waiting for an explanation. Hat sighed before grabbing her hand to pull her along. “Wit stole them and a bunch of ammo from your shitty world. He and I are the only two that have them.”

Alice knitted her brow and frowned. “Wit pointed one at the guard today!”

He locked eyes with her. Apparently noticing her mood, he stopped and shook his head. “Wasn’t loaded.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because he knows I would spank his ass red raw if I caught him with a loaded gun after he nearly shot his own shifted little foot off.”

“We made a big show of target practice and what our guns can do so the guards nor anyone else would be likely to press their luck. As a result, we rarely have to use deadly force. No one else knows I make Wit carry the only bullet I allow him in his pocket.”

“Why does he even need one if he never has to use it?” Alice shot Hat a poignant look.

For a split second, his calm exterior showed a small crack as his nostrils flared but he soon covered by giving her a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “That’s a story for another time.”


“Wit must be absolutely beside himself by now.” Hat cut her off while shuffling her towards a large, spiral staircase. She ran her hand across the ornately carved banister, her fingertips tracing the hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Nothing in the Kingdom of Hearts was plain. On each step, the wedged heel of her boot pressed into plush, regal red carpeting while light streamed in through gorgeous stain glass windows, depicting idyllic scenes of nature.

“There must be many talented artisans here.” Alice was mostly thinking aloud.

Blood Dupre“Indeed.” Hat rounded another flight of stairs. They climbed until Alice thought her toes might fall off but eventually, they reached the correct level. “My bedchamber is just two doors down, but let’s take a bath together before I change clothes.”

A hot bath actually sounded pretty good. She had been clomping all over Shifterland and the lively round she’d gone with Hat had her feeling less than pristine. “Who else lives in this part of the castle?”

“Officially, just me—this is my floor, but Wit has a room here. He has his own house, an adorable cottage that’s been in his family for generations, but most of the time it’s only inhabited by the caretaker. Wit’s always busy, and when he’s not, he likes to stay near me.”

Alice felt a tiny pang of jealousy. She didn’t want to play second fiddle to Wit or anyone else. “Are you in love with him?” She slapped her hand over her mouth, surprised by her own blunt inquiry.

“Yes, I suppose so. I mean I love him, and he’s certainly in love with me.” The Prince seemed to be thinking things over as if he had never considered the question. “He’s always been by my side and I couldn’t imagine losing him…I’d be wreaked.”

She looked past him, considering the prospect of a full-time ménage. It wasn’t like she was in love with Hat. She barely knew him, but there was definitely a connection she couldn’t deny. She had a lot of chemistry with Wit too, but she wasn’t sure how the dynamic would flow between the three of them at the same time. “Where does that leave me?”

“Firmly by my side, Alice. You’re my destiny. I’ve dreamed of you every night since I was a boy. I’ll always put my Queen on the highest pedestal.”

“You mean your aunt?” Alice’s forehead wrinkled as she raised an eyebrow.

“She’s the Queen of Hearts, but one day she and the King will retire, turning things over to me, but before that, you and I have a lot of work to do to reclaim your rightful lands. You will be Queen.”

“Of The White Kingdom?”

“Yes and the Kingdom of Hearts.”

Alice sniggered. “Aren’t you being a little presumptuous?”

He ignored her rebuke. “It’s beautiful there. Once you regain control, I’ll help you rebuild.”

“The White Kingdom? Are you saying we will have to wrestle control out of the Red Queen’s hands?”

Heart no Kuni no Alice“Ugh…that’s a little…It’s complicated but no; the Red Queen isn’t the issue.” He grimaced. “Let’s discuss that later.” He opened the door to an amazing bathroom, large enough to park three stretch limos inside. A luxurious tub that looked as if it had been constructed for use by ten people was on the left side of the room. The floor was tiled in gorgeous understated tones while heart symbol carvings decorated the backsplash.

Purple hand towels were folded over the top of the black bath towels hung from all the racks, and a round, purple rug lined the center of the floor. There were twin basin-style sinks with ornate faucets on the other side of the room, and silver-framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes were arranged attractively, completely covering most of the wall space. Alice turned in a circle, noticing how she could see her reflection from nearly every angle. She looked up at the ceiling. Correction…every angle.

Hat started to turn on the faucet but then seemed to think better of it. He walked to the door and then opened it. “Wit, come here. I know you’re sulking in my room.”

“I am not!” Alice heard Wit’s voice from the hallway followed by the slamming of a door.

Hat threw a knowing glance over his shoulder at her. “Oh, someone’s testy from being made to wait. Want to help me punish him for his insolence?”

Alice’s heart thumped and an intense jolt of yearning went straight to her loins. She nodded. “Yes, please.”

A couple of seconds later, Wit pushed his way into the bathroom. “What took you so long?” His voice cracked as he spoke but when his gaze fell on Alice he looked away sheepishly.

“Draw a bath for us, Witt.” Hat’s voice purred with sensuality.

“For the two of you?” He looked down at the floor, likely to hide the look of disappointment on his face.

“Yes…but you can watch.” Hat smoothed Wit’s hair back and kissed his cheek, making his fair skin turn bright pink.

Alice took a page from the Queen’s book. “Strip!”

Wit’s head jerked up, his gaze meeting Alice’s before he glanced at Hat for reassurance. “Yes, start the bath; then take off your clothes.

Wit walked over to the tub and turned on the water, testing the temperature on his hands. His return trip was much slower as he reluctantly schlepped over and stood in front of Alice and Hat.

Hat stared him down expectantly. Wit started to undress by removing his shoes and socks. He shed his jacket, vest and tie efficiently enough, but his hands shook as he worked the buttons of his shirt. Alice wasn’t sure what the big deal was. He hadn’t been shy about stripping down in front of her before he ran off and left her in that round room of doors, and judging from all the piles of clothing she had been stepping over since she arrived in this looney bin, most shifters weren’t too shy about taking it all off.Alice in Wonderland

Wit raised his head, looking from Hat and then over to Alice. She laughed. “Do you need help?”


“I think he does.” Hat spoke over Wit as he stepped behind him and started peeling his shirt down off of his shoulders.

“Isn’t he sexy, Alice?”

She ran her tongue across her bottom lip. “I’d say so, but he needs to slip off those pants.”

A cruel smile spread across Hat’s face as he placed his fingers on his servant’s belt. Wit wiggled out of his grasp and fled to the tub. “I need to turn it off before it overflows. Why don’t you and Alice go ahead and get in now.”

Alice shook her head and lifted an eyebrow at Hat. “So he decides the order of things?”

“Tsk, tsk.” Hat glared at Wit with disapproval. “You wouldn’t be trying to top from the bottom, would you? Perhaps I’ve been too lenient with you.”

Wit took a couple of steps backward, looking from Hat to Alice and back to Hat. “I’m sorry…please.”

Hat bent forward slightly. “Thhen let’s ssssee it!” He hissed as he pronounced some of the words.

Wit’s expression was filled with defeated resignation as he unfastened his belt and removed his pants, allowing them to drop to his ankles. Tears welled at the corners of his eyes as he stood, dressed in only a pair of briefs. Alice observed the large bulge straining against the stretchy red fabric and licked her lips. “Show us,” she said, leering at his long, muscular legs.

“Yes, show her, Wit.” Hat’s voice was purring again.

Wit swallowed hard, his face flushing a bright scarlet hue as he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear. He turned his back and looked over his shoulder as he yanked the undergarment downward, exposing his firm, pale backside.

Alice’s eyes widened and she grinned. “Nice!”

VOCALOID“Yes, his bottom is very enticing; now turn around and show us the rest.” Hat’s tone had turned harsh. “Stop stalling, Wit or I will be forced to tie you up and punish you.”

Another hot wave of arousal flew through Alice as she watched Wit wiping his tears with the back of his hands as he slowly turned to face them. The patch of fuzzy hair below his navel was completely exposed but his briefs were still obstructing the main attraction. “Don’t be shy.” Alice cooed at him seductively. “You’re a creature of great beauty.”

The corners of Wit’s mouth curved upward just a touch as he tugged his underwear down. “Yes, Princess.”

As Alice’s gaze fell on his cock and she realized what he was hiding, her eyes grew large and her mouth opened slightly as her breath hitched. “Oh, my! That’s rather decorative.” She glanced at Hat, noting he had been watching her rather than Wit. “That pretty bow tied around his hilt was your doing?”

“Indeed…it’s a little improvised. I just used what I had on hand rather than something made specifically for denying him release like what the Queen and King used on the Knave.”

“Does it hurt?” Alice pried her gaze away from Wit’s dick to stare at his tear-stained face.

He averted his eyes. “It’s uncomfortable.”

“Oh, I know poor, sweet, rabbit. What a good boy you have been, Wit.” Hat scooted behind him and fondled his chest and abs before placing his hands on him in such a way that his fingertips brought the most attention to the ribbon tied around his shaft.

Heart no Kuni no AliceAlice breathed raggedly as she watched Wit rest his back and head against Hat’s chest, practically melting into him. Wit basked in Hat’s expression of sweet admiration. A twinge of jealousy hit Alice and guilt gnawed at her. She felt as if she was intruding on something private between the two of them. It seemed wrong. Besides she didn’t like being the odd one out.

“Leave me with him.” Alice lifted her chin towards Wit.

Both men looked up at her with surprise. Clearly, she had messed up the game plan. Wit looked close to tears again but he had no reason to be upset. He wasn’t the one getting kicked out of the bathroom.

“I…I’ll grab a cover.” Witt reached out towards a long, blue bathrobe hanging on a rack with a couple of others in different, bright colors.

She lifted her hand. “Hat’s still dressed. He doesn’t need one.”

The two men shared another look of confusion and Hat pointed to himself. “You want me to leave?”

“What’s the matter? Afraid we might compare notes?” Alice smirked, challenging him.

Hat’s nostrils flared slightly. He obviously preferred to be in charge. “I suppose I could have a smoke in the hallway.”

Alice smiled, offering him a wink. She had to admit she was impressed by his willingness to share control with her. Perhaps this three-sided love affair might work out after all.

After Hat sauntered out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him, Alice crooked her index finger and coaxed Wit over to her. “Help me undress.”

He nodded, wrapping his arms around her to untie her apron before helping her to slip it off. He dropped the soiled garment on the floor and started on her bodice buttons. Alice arched her back, mewing as the sides of his hands grazed her protruding nipples.

As if he’d heard a mating call, his lips brushed against hers. She closed her eyes, enjoying his soft, warm lips against hers. As the sweet kiss broke, their gazes linked. “You’re so pretty.”White Rabbit (Are You Alice)

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Alice cooed as she reached down and untied the bow around his cock.

He gasped. “I’ll be punished.”

“Oh, sweetie, that’s going to happen anyway.” Alice kissed him on the nose.

A mixture of arousal and fear filled Wit’s eyes as his erection blossomed in her hand. He groaned but squirmed away as he pulled her dress off over her head. By the time Alice was completely free of the garment, he was on his knees at her feet, slipping her stockings down and helping her get her boots off. Having been relieved of her panties earlier, she was left completely nude.

Wit stepped back and eyed her from head to toe. His twitching cock showed his approval as did the grin on his face.

“Very sexy.” His voice wasn’t much more than a breathy whisper.

“Bathe me?” She tilted her head slightly to the side and parted her lips seductively. He nodded before helping her into the tub and sitting down on the side. She relaxed into the warm, fragrant water. “Join me.”

Without a word, Wit slipped into the water, sitting directly across from her much closer than he had to considering the massive size of the tub. With his knees bent, his legs overlapped hers and their faces were mere inches apart. “He poured something from one of the vials on the side of the tub into a washcloth and began to work it into her skin.

Alice inhaled deeply, taking in the mild scent. “What is that?”

“A mixture of essential oils, mostly argan.” Wit caressed her flesh.

“Feels really good.” Alice closed her eyes, sighing lightly.

“It’s better when the oil’s a little warmer.” Wit’s hands moved liked magic, offering a sublime mixture of pressure and playful exploration. His touch flowed across her body, intermittently sexual and therapeutic. The heat from his body combined with the warm water surged around her, enveloping her in serene comfort.

“Mmm.” She cooed as he nibbled at her neck while his hands worked down her spine.

“You like that?”White Rabbit

“Uh huh.”  Simultaneously, she was aroused and relaxed. His hands grasped her bottom, lifting her slightly. “I like you, but I have to ask. Do you like me?”

“Very much.” He voice was low and clear.

Her eyes blinked open. “Even though you wanted to hate me ever since I was born?”

“I decided a long time ago that the only way I could fit into this scenario…the only way I could be happy is if I loved you as much as I love him.”

“You barely know me,” Alice murmured, lost in his touch.

“Don’t I? I’ve always been watching you from the sidelines, wishing I could alleviate your despair…tell you the truth about who you were and why you always felt alone and as if you didn’t belong.”

“Why didn’t you?” She closed her eyes again and nuzzled her face against his soft hair.

“You weren’t ready to hear it—wouldn’t have believed me. Timing is everything.”

“Oohh!” Alice’s eyes snapped open and she gasped as his lubricated finger nudged at her asshole.”

“Sshhh…I’ll be gentle.” Wit’s fingertip pushed inside of her. “See, it went in easily.”

“Shut up!” Alice’s cheeks blazed.

“Can I keep going?” Wit looked her in the eye.

The penetrating sensation was slightly uncomfortable but not unexciting. Alice’s breath caught in her throat as her clit and breasts tingled, but she nodded. His mouth engulfed hers and they kissed, their tongues slipping and sliding against one another. She wrapped her hand around Wit’s thick cock, stroking it a few times as she lifted up and positioned her opening above the tip.

With his free hand on the small of her back, Wit pushed down at the base of her spine while his hips thrust. Alice threw back her head, moaning as his erection pierced her cunt and his finger pushed deeper inside her ass.

She wrapped her arms tightly around him, pressing her breasts against his chest and wrapping her legs around his waist as they coupled. His enchanting eyes dazzled her and she groaned. Her earlier encounter with Hat had left her body primed for maximum responsiveness so each thrust sent her body into writhing spasms. The glorious friction was all-encompassing, taking complete hold of her psyche.

She used the muscles of her abdomen, ass, and limbs to twist her pelvis in a small, tight circular motion as she clung to him, using his shoulders for leverage. “Agh!” she cried out as another well-oiled finger pushed into her ass. She clenched against the intrusions while continuing her steady ride.

As a third finger struggled to gain entry, Alice protested, “My ass…”

“Don’t worry.” Wit’s voice was a whisper. He kissed her temple. “Just a little more.”

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)Alice whimpered as he opened her up, thrusting alternately with fingers and cock. All rational thought fled from her perception, leaving only sensation. She moaned, relishing the passion, letting it take hold of her. Her simmering skin grew warmer burning with vibrant fervor as their bodies seemed to melt into one another. She grabbed his shoulders for leverage, bouncing and grinding as he bucked his hips. He strummed her sweet spots from two different directions, sending her quick, unrelenting bursts of orgasmic bliss swirling through her scenes. Alice’s lips parted and her lips closed halfway as the raging tides pulled into a hundred million pieces. Her limbs could barely hold on as she shook in climax.

Spent, she rested her head on Wit’s shoulder. He lifted her, his still pulsating cock within her as he removed his slick fingers from her ass and placed her on the edge of the tub as he pulled out. Alice sprawled out, resting her back on the oversized tub’s edge, legs spread with one foot still inside the water and the other resting on the floor.

Her gaze roamed over Wit’s glistening nakedness and she licked her lips. While Hat exuded dangerous, raw sexuality, Wit was pure aesthetic beauty, carved and colored by the most talented of artists. He stood above her, his rock hard cock dripping as he stroked it towards completion. She arched her back, offering her breasts.

His eyes rolled back and he called out her name as his seed shot out over her wet, welcoming lobes and pert nipples. He stumbled backward, catching his balance before sitting back down in the water.

Words failed Alice as her gaze searched his handsome face but before she could force an utterance, the bathroom door swung open, banging loudly against the door jam.

Wit nearly jumped out of his skin. Alice turned her attention towards the interruption just as Hat slammed it behind him. Tentatively, she observed his demeanor and facial expression. She expected him to be jealous, but he seemed excited.

“Tsk, tsk, Wit, did you come without my permission?” A huge grin stretched across Hat’s face as he stared at Wit’s spent cock.

Wit’s gaze shot over to Alice and his eyes filled with fear just before he turned his attention to Hat. “I…I’m ssooooorry.” He choked out the last word with great difficulty.

Alice’s heart was heavy in her chest. Protectively, she sprung up, placing herself between Hat and Wit. “It’s my fault. I provoked him.”

Hat gave her a sideways look and grinned. “Oh don’t worry; I’ll be dealing with you too.”

Something about his confidence shook Alice to her core. She was offended yet thrilled. What does he plan to do to me?


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