Sunday Snippets 4/15/2018


Hi Sexy Readers,

I’ve been busting my butt to make sure Real Cowboys Love Cats is polished and ready to publish by the end of this month. I’m shooting for April 25th as the drop date. If you like gorgeous cowboys with a hankering for curvy girls, you don’t want to miss this book (or any of the stories in the Horse Mountain Shifters series).

Here are a few lines to get your juices flowing.

After closing her eyes, she savored his taste and masculine scent. Her body reacted to the erotic sensations created as he explored, roaming his hands over her flesh. Her nipples pulled into tight beads as he gripped the side of her breast, squeezing before readjusting to place his palm over the front to stimulate the sensitive area more. She moaned as his fingertips pressed down into her soft lobes, teasing her pink buds with every slight touch.


I hope reading it will be as good for you as writing it was for me. Real Cowboys Love Cats will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Please be on the lookout for it toward the middle of next week.

Love Always,




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