Sunday Snippets 4/22/18

Happy Sunday Sexy Readers,

I’m nearly ready to hit the publish button on Real Cowboys Love Cats. Then I’ll be moving forward with the next installment in my MMF Menage Series, Triple Passion Play. Here’s a very rough passage of book three, Baby Makes Four.


Ken stiffened. “Are you nuts? We’re at work. What are you trying to pull anyway?” As Tommy moved closer to him, pinning him to the desk, Ken quivered. He closed his eyes, picturing their intimate position. Tommy stood a good head taller than him, his broad shoulders rippling as he reached his arms around Ken’s buff but slender torso. The weight of Tommy’s lean, muscular form rested on Ken’s back. He bit back a moan as Tommy caressed his chest.

Tommy’s lips brushed across Ken’s neck just above his collar, and Ken’s heart fluttered. Why now? Tommy’s constant playing around was difficult enough at home but did he have to bring it into their business?

With his mouth next to Ken’s ear, Tommy murmured, “What am I trying to pull? Don’t you know?” His fingers scurried downward. He passed over Ken’s belt buckle and then lingered on the stiffening bulge in Ken’s pants.

“Not cool, Tommy. Quit fooling around, you idiot.” Ken squirmed but didn’t struggle.

“Don’t be like that.” Tommy’s voice was husky and low. Ken could smell his manly scent mixed with his vanilla and oriental-spice based cologne. His lips parted as he took a heady whiff and nearly lost his determination to resist.

A curious mix of longing and apprehension threatened to crush Ken as he mentally wrestled with how to react. I don’t hate it when Tommy does these things to me, but it’s embarrassing. If anyone found out, they’d think I was gay. Besides, none of this fooling around means anything to Tommy. Sure, he loves me, but he’s not turned on by me the way he is by Trisha.

He knitted his eyebrows and frowned. He’s just horny because Trisha’s pregnant and too miserable and cranky to have sex lately. That dumbass is trying to use me as a loophole for satisfying his sexual urges without technically cheating. He really pisses me off sometimes! “This is stupid.” Ken huffed, his heart turning flips as Tommy’s cock pushed against his ass. Perverted bastard!

“Your dick doesn’t seem to think so. You’re already hard.” Tommy unzipped Ken’s trousers, sliding his hand inside the opening. “Yeah, this is coming along nicely.” Tommy palmed over Ken’s boxer-briefs and squeezed, applying gentle pressure to Ken’s cock. Tommy sniffed, breathing in deeply. “You smell good today.”


This week’s offering is a little more on the MM side of MMF and a bit longer than my usual snippet, but I felt the passage put everything out there. Trisha’s pregnancy raised the stakes, leaving no room for insecurity or jealousy. Yet, both of our guys are scrambling. Now that his wife is pregnant with Ken’s baby, Tommy is worried about his place in the threesome. Meanwhile, Ken’s still not comfortable admitting his attraction to Tommy nor is he convinced Tommy feels the same way. What’s it going to take for those two to get out of their own way?

Baby Makes Four is tentatively scheduled for release on May 31st. Please be sure to check out book one, Rock You Like a Hurricane, and book two, The Power of Three.




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