Who loves smoking hot menage romance? I do! Baby Makes Four, book three in the Triple Passion Play series is scheduled to drop on May 25th! The series asks the question: Is it truly possible for three people to love each other equally? Throughout books one and two, the answer was yes, yes, yes!

Jealousy and insecurity can be the death knell of a poly relationship, and changing dynamics can stoke those unwanted fires. Ken fought through his insecurity when Tommy and Trisha were legally married, but will Tommy be as strong now that Trisha is pregnant with Ken’s baby? While both men are adamant about their love and commitment, for Trisha, the baby and each other, the two of them still haven’t sealed the deal sexually. What will it take for them to put their egos aside and give in to their desires?

If you love sizzling MMF menage, you can’t miss Baby Makes Four! It’s slam packed with erotic lovemaking and romantic tension. Even if you haven’t read books one and two, Baby Makes Four can be enjoyed as a stand-alone romance.


“Feels nice, doesn’t it.” Tommy’s hot breath lingered on Ken’s nape as he gripped Ken’s budding erection, caressing him in an up-and-down motion over the cotton fabric. Ken exhaled a longing breath, reaching forward to place his palms on the desktop. If he didn’t steady himself, his knees might buckle under.

“We should stop.” Ken’s rational side fought against his impulse to drown in pleasure.

“Really?” His co-husband used his free hand to unfasten Ken’s belt and then his trousers. “There…that should give you more room.”

This isn’t fair. Ken’s pulse raced as his cock throbbed. As Tommy snatched Ken’s pants down around his knees, he gulped, his body temperature soaring as his large, blond friend inched his fingers under the waistband of his underwear. “Please…”

“Oh, I aim to.” The cool air greeted Ken’s ass as Tommy yanked his boxer briefs down.

I can’t believe I’m letting this happen at work. His friend grasped his bare dick, stroking the shaft. Ken responded with a groan as Tommy nudged his chin until he turned his face close enough for the two to share a kiss. He shut his eyes, allowing Tommy to claim his mouth with his soft, warm lips.

Ken’s memory conjured the image of their first kiss five years ago during their inaugural three-way lovemaking session with Trisha. The act had been more innocent and brotherly then. Now, Tommy’s kisses tasted of passion, his lips pushing harder and more hungrily while his tongue crashed inside to plunder. So shady! If he only knew how he was making me crave his touch, he wouldn’t play with me this way.

Available at most major retailers. Click to purchase the rest of the series now!

Book One: Rock You Like a Hurricane

Book Two: The Power of Three

Book Three: Baby Makes Four – coming soon!



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