Wonderland Wednesday Returns 6/6/2018

Wonderland Wednesday is back! From now on, I’ll be doing my best to bring you a new chapter of Down the Rabbithole: Alice in Shifterland every other week. This story, as well as all the content on my website, is for adults. If you are under eighteen years old, please navigate away from this site.

Chapter Eleven


“Why do you two get to wear pants and all I’m offered is dresses, robes, and skirts?” Alice contemplated her reflection in a full-length mirror. The Prince had commissioned a lot of clothes for her but they all seemed straight out of a fetish catalog. She’d settled on a red and white micro mini so tight you could see the outline of her rear end along with an equally tight crop top that fit more like a sports bra. The outfit was surprisingly comfortable as if it were a second skin.

“I like easy access,” Hat replied.

Both the Prince’s unabashed expression and the look he exchanged with Wit, pissed Alice off. “I like the stretchy fabric but I want some pants.” She raised an eyebrow at him while keeping her expression serious.

“Well, I want to lay you on your back, lift your legs and spank your ass and thighs with my belt.” Hat chuckled at his own flippant remark but choked off his laughter when he noticed the death stare Alice was throwing him. “Fine…I suppose pants will make it easier for you to ride. Wit, go to the royal dressmakers and have them make Alice stretchy pants to go with all of her stretchy tops.”

Wit gave a short salute before running off to do Hat’s bidding. “Bye Wit,” Alice called out. He lifted his hand and waved without stopping. “He’s a fast one.”

“Indeed, I’m actually glad we got rid of him for a while.” Hat took Alice’s hand.

“Is that right?” She smiled while moving in closer. His free hand snaked behind her, rubbing her bottom over her new skirt.

“Quite, but as much as I would like a little more one-on-one with this,” He paused his words as he squeezed her ass. “We have pressing royal business.”

Alice frowned. “I don’t think I’m up for dealing with either of your crazy aunts.”

“No not that,” He removed a uniquely beautiful, glowing, red crystal from his jacket pocket. “Please follow me.”


Alice followed Hat for what seemed like forever, traveling down staircases, weaving in and out of corridors, trekking down long hallways until finally he opened a large heavy-looking wooden door and ushered her into an outdoor atrium. She turned around in a circle, taking it all in. “Whoa! This place is huge…and beautiful.”

They stood on lush green grass. Two huge, ancient oak trees stood tall, providing a natural cover to the open air area that had been built smack in the middle of a few palace buildings. Off to the right, crystal blue water sprang from a fountain to fill a gorgeous stone-carved pool decorated with a statue of three horses, carved out of what looked like onyx but Alice assumed was actually some other type of material.

“Come over here.” Hat walked to the middle of the atrium and stood beside what appeared to be a sundial. Alice joined him, observing the ancient relic.

“What is it?”

Hat lifted his eyebrows and smiled at her while loosening his tie. “The key to your destiny. Now get naked.”

“What?” Alice pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow at him while watching him strip off his clothes. “You dragged me all the way down here for a little open-air action?” She licked her lips as he kicked off his shoes and then shed his pants and underwear. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Stand back.” He raised his arms over his head, stretching. “I haven’t done this in a while.”

Alice took a few steps back, regarding him with interest as Hat performed a series of calisthenics. A loud crackling sound caused her to jump nearly out of her skin and fall right on her rump. Hat’s hair flopped to and fro and his head shook. Alice gasped and began to scoot backward, father away as Hat’s body morphed.

Speechless and nearly in tears, she gawked as his feet transformed into hooves and his skin was covered by a sleek, black coat and mane. She blinked and it was done. “Shit! You’re a horse!”

As a horse, Hat was huge with powerful legs that could not only outrun Seabiscuit but stomp his ass all to hell. His black coat was as sleek as butter and looked as if it could have been formed of pure ink. A long lush, mane of silky ebony hair accentuated his neck and spine, and his tail was much the same.

“I prefer stallion.” He reared up and whinnied.

“Wow, you make a beautiful horse. You’d fetch a pretty penny back home.”

He snorted. “You are home. Now get naked.”

Alice put both hands up in front of her and took a few steps back while shaking her head. “I’m kinky but I’m not that kinky. You can forget any equine on Alice action.”

“Don’t be absurd. We don’t do shit like that—it’s one of the few sexual taboos in our society.”

“Well, it’s nice to know you have some standards!” Alice snickered but Hat seemed unamused.

“Indeed, the only thing worse than shifter on human sex is preying on children. Territory marking is frowned on too but tolerated in shifter form among some of the less enlightened species…wolves are nasty.”

“Ew.” Alice crinkled her nose.

“Would you please trust me and get naked. Otherwise, you will ruin your new top and skirt.”

Alice rolled her eyes before yanking her top off over her head, allowing her breasts to come bouncing out. She noticed Hat looking at her and turned away. Having him see her naked while he looked that way was disconcerting. She scooted the skirt down over her boots before removing them and her socks. Using her hands to cover her breasts, she turned back around.

“Lose the panties too.”

“No way, you big hairy perv!”

Hat snorted again. “Fine, suit yourself! Just go over and get that crystal out of my pocket.”

“No! You shift back and do it yourself!”

He nickered as if laughing. “Always the stubborn one, Alice. I like it. Alright then.” The horrible crackling noises assaulted Alice’s ears again and she turned her head. It was going to take her awhile to get used to watching him change.

“Geez! Does it always sound that way?”

“I’m back. You can turn around now.”

Alice turned to face Hat in all his full-frontal glory—talk about hung like a horse!

“And no, the more a shifter changes, the quicker the transformation. I’m a bit rusty. I’m not a lion or bear. For me, shifting makes me vulnerable. I don’t share it with just anyone. My parents, before my mother died, the King and Queen, Witt and now you are the only ones who have ever seen me in this form.”

Alice’s heart swelled in her chest so large she felt it might choke her and her face flushed with embarrassment at having made light of something so meaningful. “I’m sorry for…”

“It’s okay. I understand this is something foreign for you but soon everything will be different.” He knelt, picking up his coat and retrieving the crystal.

“What does it do?”

He started to place the crystal down on the sundial-like relic but hesitated. “Are you sure you don’t want to take off your underwear? Come on, Princess, show me your pussy.”

Alice laughed, more than happy to accommodate her handsome Prince now. She hooked her thumbs under her panties and making a big show of pulling them down slowly. Hat winked, licking his lips before he placed the stone down right in the middle of a series of carved out rings.

As she shot the panties at him like a slingshot, he said, “Stand back a little,” while he took several steps backward.

Alice gave him a sideways look but hopped backward three times all the same. “Agghhh!” She grabbed her tummy as nausea stirred and cried out again as a sharp pain flared around the crown of her head just before a dull ache settled over her brain. “Shit! What’s happening to me?”

“Don’t worry, Princess. The first time is the worst. It will be over soon.”

Alice fell to her knees, screaming in agony as every bone in her body seared with pain. “It hurts so much!”

“I’m sorry!” Hat’s face was awash with terror. “I’ve never seen it go this badly.”

“Uggghhh! Help me!”

“I can’t. You just have to ride it out!”

Suddenly a burst of euphoria chased away the pain as if Alice had been given a shot of a powerful narcotic. She swayed, woozy and unsteady on her feet as her mouth began to open involuntarily and her tongue seemed to swell. Spasms worse than any menstrual cramps she’d ever experienced took hold of every muscle in her body. She closed her eyes, expecting to die but suddenly, the pain and confusion came to a grinding halt. She blinked her eyes open and looked over at Hat, taking notice of his awed expression.

“It’s okay. I’m okay now.”  She smiled at him and he laughed.

“I’d say you’re more than okay. You’re magnificent…the last of your kind.”

She rolled her eyes. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Hat stepped forward, his hand raised outward towards her. “May I?”

“Sure, cop a feel.”

He smirked, placing his hand on her neck, and for the first time Alice realized her body wasn’t her own or at the very least was very different from what she expected. “Holy shit! Did I shift?”

“Oh yes, baby. Shift you did…marvelously!”

“Please tell me I’m not a hippo or a rhino!”

Hat shook his head. His face filled with wonder.


“You’re no rhino but you do have a horn.”

“Oh fuck! I’m too big to be a goat. Am I a moose?”

He walked over to the fountain and motioned her forward. In a body she wasn’t use to maneuvering she ambled forward towards him and looked down at the water. A lump formed in her large throat and her eyes bulged. She was as snowy white as Witt’s rabbit but she had hooves and a long, silver, spiraling horn crowing her head. She exhaled a long breath. “I’m a unicorn!”


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