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Happy Fourth of July, and thanks for joining me for the latest installment of Down the Rabbithole: Alice in Shifterland. As a reminder, my stories are for adults only. If you are under eighteen years old, please navigate away from this page.

Chapter Thirteen

The sound of a gunshot rang out and Alice reared up on her hind legs, instinctively whinnying. The fox’s fur stood on end and she crouched, making a horse but shrill yip, she mouth wide open, showing her sharp teeth.

Alice started to run for it but stopped in her tracks as she heard Wit’s voice. “Get away from her!”

The fox glanced towards Alice, scurrying in a zig-zag pattern and looking as if she were contemplating her next move. She moved again, getting behind Alice. “Hurry! We can make it. That one won’t follow us into the mountains.”

Alice considered dashing off with the fox but threw a look Wit’s way, noticing for the first time the horse he had mounted was actually Hat. Her jaw dropped. The fancy-pants Prince didn’t even like to be seen in his shifted form much less allow someone to ride him, and he was allowing Wit to arm himself. Something was seriously wrong.

“Move Alice!” Wit screamed as he pointed the gun.

The fox let out a guttural howling sound, her teeth bared as she rushed Alice. Spying her aggressive move, Alice jumped up on her hind legs, wishing the fox would just disappear.

Alice’s horn buzzed and like magic, the fox was gone. A few seconds later she rematerialized a few feet away. A shot rang out, missing the fox. Cora hauled ass in the direction of the mountain pass and Wit fired at her again, hitting her hind leg or foot and causing her to fall. Cora jumped back up and limped through the opening in the mountains.

In shock, Alice made a snap decision, running towards Wit and Hat rather than chasing the fox. As she reached them, she noticed a few armed guards with spears rushing her way. She froze in fear, terrified she’d made the wrong decision. Am I going to be arrested?

Quickly, the guards surrounded her, raising their shields. “Protect the Princess!” One of them roared.

Exhausted and overwrought, Alice felt her body shimmer and shake and soon found herself in a heap on the ground, naked and bawling. Wit removed a satin cover from over Hat and pushed his way through the guards. “Stand aside. I’ve got her.” He wrapped the purple material around her shoulders, helping her to her feet. “It’s okay now. You’re safe.” He fashioned the silk around her, covering her breasts and bottom.

She teetered unsteadily as Wit helped her over to the beautiful dark stallion brooding a few feet away. “Mount up!” Hat’s voice was different in his shifted form but she could still tell he was angry. As if he was the one here with the right to be pissed.

Alice ignored him, facing Wit. “What just happened here?”

“You almost followed a spy into the mountain pass.” He looked upset but not mad.

“A spy?” Alice tilted her head as he used his thumbs and index fingers to wipe away her tears.

“Don’t you remember me telling you about the Marquis of Diamonds trying to take the land east of the mountain pass? Just a couple of miles through that pass, there’s an enchanted forest that surrounds his castle. You would have been lost to us forever.”

Alice frowned. “So you were afraid someone besides you and Hat would get to use me for their own gains?”

A deep look of pain crossed Wit’s face and he shook his head as his expression changed to one of disbelief. “What?”

“I told you,” Hat said, still sounding pretty pissed.

“Calm down, she’s been through a lot.” Wit’s face softened and he caressed Alice’s head, stroking her hair. “I don’t think you understand, Alice. The fox didn’t know who you are only what you are. The Marquis wouldn’t give a damn about you getting your kingdom back or even about all of your people who need you to restore their home. You’re a unicorn, and that’s incredibly rare. Your horn holds magic, and he’d cut it off your head to claim that power.”

A shiver ran down Alice’s spine. “Cut it off? She reached up to her head, rubbing the spot where the horn would be. It itched a little, and she could almost still feel it vibrating. “That sounds painful.”

“From what I’ve read, it’s excruciating and deadly. That shitty fox would have gotten a bag of gold for you, and you would have died a slow, agonizing death.”

A loud snort of air came from Hat’s nostrils. “When you ran off, I nearly had a heart attack, thinking about what could happen to you, but I told myself, she’s smart. She’s resourceful. No one knows Alice is a unicorn yet. What are the odds that she’ll go running straight into trouble…I’ll get Wit and the soldiers…We’ll track her—

“I get it!” Alice interrupted his aggravated tirade. She stepped into Wit’s hands using them for balance and leverage as she mounted Hat, and then immediately kicked him with her heals. “I made a mistake. You don’t have to be a dick.”

“You called me a rapist!” Hat’s voice was indignant.

“Well, I know it might be a huge shock to you, but not every woman is dying to suck your cock, you arrogant shit.” Wit saddled up behind her, reaching around her to hold the saddle horn. Of course…God forbid Prince Pervert take a bit or wear reigns.

“Actually, I find your comment to be absolute nonsense, and to be fair, Wit was the one who sucked my cock. Furthermore, you weren’t complaining when you were writhing and calling my name!”

“Shut up!” Alice kicked his flanks again.

The ride back was mostly silent though Wit took the opportunity to caress her breasts. As he moved his palm, the satin, cradled her nipple, sending waves of arousal through her core. His warm breath was on her neck, sending shivers down her spine. She squirmed, doing her best to keep her lusty mood from showing on her face. Her mouth was dry, but she managed to ask, “Where are you taking me?”

Wit squeezed her hand. “Back to the castle.”

She frowned. “What if I don’t want to go back there?

“Enlighten us, Princess. Where would you like to go?” Hat’s voice dripped with condescension.

“Away from two men…lovers trying to use me to give birth to a baby for them.”

“We didn’t bring you here to reproduce,” Wit protested.

“No? But I’m the last of my kind and filled with magic. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for his royal majesty to lock me up in some breeding barn and force me to crank out an ass ton of little, magical sons and daughters for him?”

“Oh, please! You, Wit and I are destined to defeat the Jabberwock together. I brought you here to heal your land.”

“And then what?” She reached up and twisted his ear.”

He yelped while rearing up. Luckily, she had a fist full of his mane in her free hand and Wit was hanging on to her around the waist while also holding the saddle horn. She tightened her thighs around him, managing to not be thrown. As his front hooves returned to the ground, he screeched. “Pull that again and the spanking I give you will make what the Duchess did look like love taps.”

Her nostrils flared as her jaw dropped. “As if I’d stand for you laying a finger on me ever again.”

“In case you haven’t noticed. I’m sort of in charge around here.” He shook his head from side-to-side.

“Stop it! Both of you just stop.” Wit demanded.

“I don’t know the first thing about combat or even hunting so how in the hell you expect me to be of any help at all to kill some Big Bad is beyond me. You two lured me away from home, drugged me, turned my head into mush and then turned me into something I wasn’t. Something I never asked to be or even thought of being.”

Wit sighed as Hat galloped through the castle’s gate. Alice closed her eyes, lifting her face to the sky. The hot sun beamed down, warming her skin, fortifying her and helping her remain calm. She wanted to push Wit off Hat and punch the prince in one of his precious, equine eyes, but she couldn’t. Somehow, hitting him in his shifted from seemed akin to animal abuse or she’d have already socked him. Pulling his ear had pained her conscience enough.

By the time she blinked her eyes opened, they’d arrived in the courtyard. Wit hopped off of Hat before offering Alice his hand. She kicked at him, narrowly missing his pretty face. “Fuck you, stalker. I can manage on my own.” She dismounted and then headed straight for the clothes she’d shed earlier. As she picked up the discarded garments, Hat made his transformation.

Suddenly, he appeared fully human again, smoothing his long, black hair before he stretching with both arms up above his head. His muscular physique rippled and his huge cock swayed. Alice looked away, hating herself for wanting him, despising her nipples for tightening into hard buds and loathing her pussy for dampening the underwear she’d just put on.

As Alice started to pull her shirt over her head, he grabbed her by the arm. He lifted a knee, balancing on one foot as he guided her over and held her in place before quickly landing three hard smacks on her posterior. Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared as the shock gave way to pain. Her cheeks flushed and she screamed, “You unbelievable bastard!” She squirmed, attempting to force her way out of his hold, but finding it quite impossible, she elbowed him in the gut as hard as she could.

“Ugh!” He dropped the knee he’d draped her across as he stumbled backward, somehow managing to stay on his feet.

As gravity sent Alice toward the floor, she placed her hands out in front of her to break her fall. Fresh hurt prickled at her palms and her body jarred as Wit grabbed her by the waistband of her panties. He managed to save her knees from the same fate as her aching hands, but her underwear went straight up her crack. “Ow! You’re giving me a wedgie.”

“You deserve it for what you just pulled,”Hat screeched as he pushed her flat on the ground. He sat next to her, draping one leg over her back and the other over her thighs before starting to beat her now bare cheeks like a couple of bongo drums.

“Stop! You stop it now, ass wipe!” Alice pounded her fist against on the ground. “Let me up.” Her ass smarted as tears dampened the corners of her eyes.

The spanking ceased as two hands covered her burning buns. Alice lifted her head and squirmed, hoping Hat had come to his senses.

“Move your hands, Wit.” Hat sounded perturbed.

“Your Highness, do you think what you are doing is helping or hurting your ultimate goal of working with the princess?”

“She needs discipline!”

“Honestly, Hat. I’ve never seen you this flustered. It’s unsettling and not at all attractive. Plus, she’s royalty…just like you. You can’t do whatever you want.” Alice heaved heavy breaths as she prayed the prince would listen to reason.

“Fuck!” Hat grunted before getting up and then hauling her to her feet. He twirled her around to face him. She gritted her teeth, glaring at his red cheeks and disheveled appearance as she curled her fists into tight balls. His angry expression melted away as he smoothed his long hair with his palm. As his cool, calm persona returned, he spoke with a voice warm and smooth enough to melt butter, “My apologies. I seem to have lost my temper. You have an effect on me no other woman ever has.”

“Hmph!” She stomped her foot before she adjusted her underwear over her burning bottom and then stormed over to her clothing again.

As she put on her outfit, the prince cut his gaze her way. “No need to be shy, Princess. I’ve seen it all before…touched it…tasted it.”

Her eyes narrowed and she frowned as his mocking tone provoked her. She knitted her eyebrows and glared at him. “I hate you!”

As Wit gasped, she glanced his way. To his credit, he wasn’t shaking, but his face was as white as cream. She turned his way, straightened her shoulders and held her head high. “Take me home.” He froze, taking a glimpse at Hat. “Don’t look at him! Take me home. Now!”

“You are home.” Wit repeated the same nonsense as she’d been hearing since she arrived.

She gritted her teeth and hit the side of her thigh with her fist. “I will not live under the same roof with that deceptive, sneaky bastard. If you won’t take me back to my house, bring me to yours.” She stepped closer and locked arms with him.

He glanced at Hat and the prince gave a subtle nod. Alice yanked Wit along as she walked. “Which way?”


So that’s it for Chapter Thirteen. The next installment is scheduled for 7/18/2018. In the meantime, please check out some of my books, and if you haven’t already, please get your free copy of Fevered Dream.


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