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Chapter Fourteen

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
 After a short walk through the woods, Alice found herself in front of a tidy white stone and wood cottage with a thatch roof. The wooden upper-level had been painted white with pink trim while the door was a periwinkle blue. The well-manicured lawn was lush and green and strategically placed white geraniums beckoned her to come closer.

While leading her to the threshold, Wit held her hand as if they were high school sweethearts, gently rubbing one of her fingers with his thumb. He fished a key out of his pocket before unlocking the door. “So this is my place. It might be a bit stuffy. I haven’t stayed here in a while.”

“It’s charming.” Alice looked around as Wit drew the curtains and then threw open the French-style windows, allowing the light to stream in and illuminate the room. Succumbing to her exhaustion, she collapsed on a rose-colored chaise lounge and took a few moments to catch her breath.

Wit lifted her feet before sliding beneath her legs. He caressed her toes and then moved on to massage her soles. “It’s a lot to absorb…but I tried to prepare you.”

Alice’s eyes glassed over as she concentrated on his touch rather than his words. “Mmm. You’re good at that.”

“I was born to serve, and I take pride in caring for others. It’s a big part of who I am.”

The corners of her mouth turned up as she sat upright and reached for him. As she ran her fingers through his platinum locks, she asked, “Why don’t you let me serve you?” She slid down to the floor. While resting on her knees, she unfastened his trousers while rubbing his budding erection over his pants.

As he looked down at her face, he lifted an eyebrow. “Humility doesn’t suit you, princess.” If a flurry of motion, he grabbed her, turning the tables, ending with him on his knees in her place and her on the chaise with her legs spread. He crawled over her before planting a kiss on her lips. She gasped as he tugged at her panties, but he took advantage of the opening, pushing his tongue into her mouth. A cascade of saliva stirred between their wet, oral caverns.

Alice’s chest rose and fell as she struggled for air while clinging to Wit. She moaned into his mouth just before he broke the kiss and sunk back to his knees. He pushed up her skirt while lifting her legs. Alice spread her legs as far apart as the underwear situated just above her knees would allow. Wit’s soft mane tickled her thighs as he pushed his head between and tasted her ripe, pink pussy. He molded his lips to her folds, his tongue flickering two and fro.

A guttural noise caught in her throat as a wave of arousal shook her senses. Her legs trembled as she rested them across his strong shoulders. She tightened her core muscles as she grasped the edge of the cushion while pushing her throbbing slit against his face. As he slipped a finger inside of her, she cried out. He explored her, quickly finding his mark and then throttling the spot so expertly, she crossed her eyes while forming an O with her mouth. He added a second finger without missing a single beat of the rhythm, strumming her to the brink of ecstasy

She tugged at his hair, barely able to make words as she panted. “Wwwiiit.” She practically spat out the last consonant before blurting out, “Fuck me!”

He lifted his head a blip, catching her eye for only a second before dipping back down to lavish her clit with a warm, saliva-tinging assault. She struggled to stay in the moment, but as her body defied her commands, she clenched against his talented digits while shuddering in orgasm.

She panted, riding out the shockwaves as he removed his fingers and erased the sticky wetness of her climax from them by dipping them in his mouth. Alice huffed and panted as Wit maneuvered his head from between her legs. She glanced at the bulge straining against his pants. “Let me take care of that for you.”

“Just let me look at you.” His voice was barely a whisper. She frowned as he took his shaft in his palm and began to handle the situation on his own.


“Shh.” He needed only a few strokes to reach his conclusion, releasing his sticky climax against her thigh.

After he removed his sweat-soaked shirt and used it to tidy her up, she stared at him and scowled. “I’d ask why but I think I know. You’re fucking afraid to take me without his express permission.”

He shook his head. “That’s not it.”

Her nostrils flared. “Then why?”

He tilted his head, regarding her as if the answer should be obvious. “My seed isn’t worthy of you.”

Alice’s jaw dropped as she rolled her eyes. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You rescued me from the road to hell today.”

“You’re royalty and I’m not.”

“So fucking what?”

He shrugged. “That kind of talk can get a rabbit’s head separated from his body.

“Would Hat really let that happen?”

“He’s beholden to the Queen.”

She rolled her eyes. “What about the Principality of Spades? Could he not call his banners or whatever you people do here?”

Wit glanced down at the floor. “A civil war? For me?” He shook his head. “Not likely…not that I’d want such a thing.”

“I wouldn’t just stand by while that crazy lady condemned the man I loved to die. I’d fight.”

“Like I said, I’m a servant, not the man Hat loves.”

Alice scoffed. “Could have fooled me.”

“Even so I’m not worth all that bloodshed.”

She took his hand. “You are to me. You’re the one I want.”

He kissed the area just above her knuckles. “Princess…I think you mean the one you can control. Hat scares you as much as he excites you.”

The niggling feeling in her tummy told her he’d hit the nail on the head, but she wasn’t about to admit it. She pulled him down to sit next to her. “Besides Davidson, you’re the first person I’ve ever felt completely comfortable around. Maybe it would be impossible for the two of us to be together here, but you could take me back home…live with me there. Isn’t there anything you’d rather do than follow royal orders? You’d be free. I have means.”

He held up his palm while shaking his head. “No, I won’t be returning you to a world of rot and death.”

She narrowed her eyes. “So I’m a prisoner? I have shit to do back home!”

He smirked while lifting his eyebrows. “Like what? Did you forget I’ve been keeping an eye on you?”

She crossed her arms over her chest as she seethed. “People will be wondering where I am!”


“My bodyguard—he’ll be worried. He’ll report me missing. What if the authorities think he did something to me?”

Wit pursed his lips as he looked off past her. He tapped the side of his head before lifting his finger. “You can write a note with a bullshit excuse about traveling to find yourself and whatever else he needs to know to control your estate. I’ll return to your world just long enough to drop it in the mail.”

She jumped to her feet and pushed him. “Are you stupid? I would never leave Davidson without a word. If nothing else, I need to go back, settle my affairs and say goodbye.”

He rubbed his temples. “No way in hell. If I take you back, more than one royal will want my ass roasting on a spit. I can take a note to your man and offer to bring him here so he can make sure you’re okay.”

“So I am a prisoner.”

“If you want to look at it that way, I guess so. You followed me here. I didn’t force you, but neither will I take you back.”

She balled up her fists so tight her nails pressed into her palms. “I’ll find my own way out!”

He chuckled. “Good luck with that.”


“It’s starting to get dark. Would you like some tea or are you hungry?”

“Like I’d let you poison me again.” She plopped back down on the lounge and poked out her bottom lip like an angry child.

He pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and she swatted at his hand. “Don’t be that way, Princess.” He stood before walking out of the room. Alice slumped in her seat and stewed in her own juices until he returned, pushing a tea cart. “I have tea and scones.”

Alice eyed the tasty-looking baked goods and he stomach growled. She glanced at Wit’s face. “You promise it won’t do anything weird to me?”

“It will refresh and nourish you—that’s all.”

She tilted her head. “No shrinking, no shifting, no…throbbing?”

His mouth curved upward on one side in a half smile. “No, ma’am.”

“Alright.” She accepted a cup and saucer and then took a sip. “Mmm, pretty good. Thanks.”

He filled his own cup before taking a seat next to her. “I aim to please.”

As she watched his throat move while he drank, she wished she had her purse with her. I’d totally spike your drink with one of my sleeping pills so I could search this place for answers.

After they finished eating, she followed him to the kitchen and offered to help him wash the dishes and tidy up. He shook his head. “No, Princess.”


He stood at the sink working without looking to her as he spoke. “You’d suck at it and chip my dishes.”

Her jaw dropped and she scoffed but really couldn’t guarantee she wouldn’t make a bigger mess. Back home a cleaning lady came to the house twice a week, and Davidson was always wiping something down or throwing away trash. She pursed her lips, contemplating the spoiled, mostly carefree existence she’d lived up until then. The thought of her being responsible for the well-being of an entire kingdom of shifters was absurd. I’d be a shitty queen. I don’t want any of this.

She clasped her hands together so she wouldn’t wring them. “So…this whole destiny thing with the Jaber…thingy. Can you tell me what that’s all about?”

“Uh huh,” he responded as he dried the pastel purple teacup Alice had used with a seafoam green dishtowel.

She waited for a few seconds. “Well?”

He sighed. “Legend has it only you can vanquish the Jabberwock.”

“Me? The girl who can’t do anything practical? I can quote passages from obscure literary works in perfect French, but I can’t even make French toast.”

“Prophesy indicates Hat and I will be helping you.” He washed and dried his hands before turning around to face her.

She wagged her head. “I’m probably just along for the ride.”

“Not so much. There’s a sacred sword only someone of your bloodline can wield.”

“Say what?” She looked off to the side before bringing her gaze back to his face. “Great, the fencing lessons I took for a whole eight months will finally come in handy.”

He nodded. “Eight months is a long time in a hell world.”

Alice rolled her eyes as she dropped her arms down by her sides and balled up her fists. “Could you quit saying I’m a hellspawn.”

“That’s not—“

“Aahhh.” She waved him off. “Just shush about that. Tell me about the monster and not in some weird poem.”

“Let’s see…think of a huge, scaly reptile…except with wings.”

“So are we talking like a dragon from fictional stories or like a pterodactyl?”

Blank-faced, he answered, “I have no idea what a pterodactyl is. How about we go to the study? I think I have some paper and charcoal pencils. I can draw it for you.”

She nodded before following him out of the kitchen, through the living room and into a small room that seemed like a hybrid between a home office and a library. Most of the walls were lined with high shelves filled with books. Wit strolled over to an antique wooden desk, stationed in the middle of the room. He started to open one of the drawers but stopped short. Turning to look behind him, he said, “Actually, I think there’s a drawing in one of these.

He stood in front of one of the shelves, searching the titles for a couple of minutes before he grabbed a ragged, leather-bound book. As he flipped through the pages a musky but oddly sweet smell lingered in the air.

“Looks like the pages might disintegrate in your hands.” She stood on her tiptoes, trying to peek.

“There isn’t much information available about the Jabberwock. This was written hundreds of years ago based on a first-hand account from a very old leopard-shifter. At that time, she was the last person left alive who’d ever seen one.”

“Wait? What? If no one has seen the damn thing—“

He held up his finger to his lips and shushed her. She glanced around the library, devoid of any other soul save them before putting her hand on her hip and shooting him a nasty sneer.

“It disappeared, probably hibernating, for over a century but has returned.”

“Shouldn’t there be more recent accounts?”

“Probably, but I don’t happen to have any of them on hand.” He turned the book to show her the sketch. Alice’s eyes bulged as she studied the likeness. The creature did, indeed, favor some type of winged dinosaur but with buck teeth and a round head. Its neck was well past giraffe length and approaching brachiosaurus level. To put it bluntly, the Jabberwock was the ugliest thing she’d ever seen and looked particularly menacing with its red eyes, gigantic sharp claws, and long, spiked tail.

“What the fuck? I’m expected to kill that chicken-footed mother fucker?” She shook her head while backing away as if the monster might leap from the book and come after her. “I’m thinking hell no.”


She pointed at the creature’s foot in the picture. “That is a giant chicken-foot. This damn thing looks like some crazy…mad scientist type spliced together a dinosaur, a chicken, a bat and some type of bug.” She moved her finger to indicate the monster’s head. “I bet those antennas are longer than I am tall.”

“No one said it was going to be easy.”

“No one said it was going to be easy.” She mimicked his voice while sneering. “Does the book say if it breathes fire?”

“There haven’t been any accounts of fire-breathing, but it’s said to emit a foul-smelling gas from its mouth.”

She scrunched up her face. “Awesome.” Alice remembered Wit’s old-fashioned gun and a shiver ran up her spine as the answer to her problem came rushing to her brain. “Grenade launcher.”


“I’m thinking my magical sword is from my land.”

“This is—“

Alice grabbed his lips. “Don’t even say it. I didn’t grow up here. Maybe I never belonged in that other place, but my experiences there shaped me.”

After she released him, Wit flipped a few pages in his book. “No, look here. There’s a rendering of your ancestor sword.”

She took a gander. “It’s pretty. Very ornate with the decorative jewels and all, but I fail to see how I’d even get close enough to use is without being stomped to pieces or clawed to shreds. We need something with more power to bring it down.”

“I don’t know. When we got them, the revolvers were new and exciting, but Hat and I have discussed how dangerous they could be in the wrong hands. Bringing some of the weapons that have transformed your world into the dung heap it is…”

“Stop talking shit about my world and don’t be stupid. I won’t last five minutes with that monster and neither will you or Hat. If we have to do this, I need something powerful.”

He took her hand. “You are powerful.”

She snatched away from him. “I absolutely refuse to help unless you let me go back home to see Davidson.”

Wit shelved the book before moving to stand behind her and slipping his arms around her waist. As he pulled her close, her back pressed firmly against his chest. She closed her eyes as his sweet breath warmed her neck. Her chest heaved beneath his strong hands as he roamed, exploring her body over her clothing. His lips were soft against her neck as he kissed and nibbled. He kneaded one of her breasts, sending ripples of desire down between her legs. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered with his lips close to her ear.

Alice squeezed her legs together to quell the throbbing as a tiny moan slipped from her lips. Her thoughts lingered on their tryst in the tub. He had most certainly fucked her then—what was different now? “Will you be servicing me again like a servant or will you take me like a man?”

“I am a servant.”

“What’s the matter, Princess? You don’t like being denied, do you?”

“Not at all. Is that why you won’t make love to me? A power play?”

He stripped off her shirt before lifting her skirt. He squeezed both breasts, pinching the nipples until she moaned. “I love serving you.” He pushed her forward until she was bending over across his desk. He slipped a hand between her thighs, caressing the flesh on a journey up toward her aching pussy. He palmed the area, stoking her arousal as he placed a kiss between her shoulder blades. “You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed of what I’m about to give you.”


“Shh, please relax, Princess.” Her folds tingled as he spread her dripping juices over them. She whimpered as his warm caress abandoned the juncture between her legs. Before she could protest, he was covering her eyes with her shirt. “I don’t have a proper blindfold, but I can make this work.”

As darkness overtook Alice’s sight, she reached forward grabbing the sides of the desk. Her memory conjured images of the Duchess punishing her and she gasped. “So is this turnabout? Are you paying me back for spanking you?”

He chuckled. “I’m flattered that you’d be willing to submit, but no. I’m just temporarily taking your sight in an effort to heighten your other senses.”

She exhaled the breath she was holding as he resumed his sweet kisses along her spine. A slight pinch against her thigh told her he’d squeezed her there before a lighter touch made her imagine his fingertips delicately caressing the area on their way up to her damp folds. She parted her lips and sucked in her breath as her prediction came true. Arching her back, she trembled as her sensitive skin enjoyed light, pleasurable touches.

Warmth covered the small of her back just before wet saliva heralded Wit’s next kiss at the base of her spine. He parted the lips of her cunt, pushing a finger inside of her. She lifted her head and moaned, clenching against the digit. A scraping sensation dragged across her ass just before the pressure of teeth lightly nipping made her pant.

Another of Wit’s fingers penetrated her, thrusting as his small, shallow bites trailed along her fleshy bottom. As his digits pulled out in one swift movement, she tightened her abdominal muscles and whined but was soon sated by the wet caress of his palm covering and rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs farther apart, arching to push her entrance into his view from between her thighs. “Wit.”

“Shh, just enjoy, Princess.”

“Ah!” Her clit pulsed with need as he pressed against the sensitive button with his fingertip. Every nerve ending seemed to be on fire with any slight touch sending her into quivering excitement.

Wit moved his fingers in a swirling frenzy, stimulating her juices. Guttural sounds caught in her throat as she curled her fingers around the desk’s edge and held on tightly.

She felt another pinch, this time near the cleft between her ass’s cheeks. Her heart beat faster as her mind pictured the exposure of the opening hidden there. A shiver ran up her spine even as her face flushed with hot embarrassment. She attempted to clench her bottom as a burst of warm air covered her twitching backdoor entrance. Her ears perked up to the sound of Wit blowing air from between his lips. A warm, wet sensation covering her hole wrung a moan from her lips.

The pressure increased as he worked his tongue with a passion, slathering her puckered opening with saliva as his fingers sent blissful shockwaves throughout her body. Her thighs trembled and she arched her back, pushing toward Wit’s oral talents. The jolts of pleasure rocked her body, but she needed more. She wanted him inside of her.

“Please, Wit. Don’t deny me.” As the sensation of his long, thick cock pushing inside her shocked her, her jaw dropped on a gasp. A warm, thick liquid covered her twitching asshole even as he thrust into her pussy, stretching her. She pushed back against his movement, moaning as each deep thrusts pushed against her pleasure apex. He stimulated her clit, pushing down against the button even as he dipped a finger inside her ass.

Alice’s brain blanked as her concentration was taken hostage by the dueling, mind-blowing sensations. Every part of her body and soul seemed to be teetering on the edge as if at the top of a roller coaster ready to plunge. She squeaked as he pounded into her, but exhaled in surprise as he pulled out of her.

“Wait…Wit.” She panted barely able to form the words as he yanked her up. Grasping pressure compressed the skin on her upper arms as her torso was yanked up off the desk. She reached behind her as her body was spun around, and when her feet lifted off the floor, she reached out and threw her arms around Wit’s neck while wrapping her legs around him as best she could.

As she was set down, her ass flattened against the cool, hardwood top of the writing desk. She tugged at the garment obstructing her vision as he pushed her on her back. She managed to push the makeshift blindfold off in time to lock gazes with Wit as he lifted her legs. His handsome face was awash with desire, his pupils dilated as his cheeks reddened. “This is what you wanted, Princess?”

She nodded, still panting. “And you?”

“I tried to resist, but you stir me up too much.” He pushed inside her again, thrusting twice before pulling his drenched cock out of her and positioning the head at her asshole.

Her eyes widened as the pressured and pain began. She grasped the edge of the desk again but tried to relax her glut muscles. Whatever warm lubricant he’d used earlier eased the intrusion as he stretched her, bucking his hips with slow gentle movements.

Alice’s entire body heated to a sizzle as tiny beads of perspiration covered her flushing skin. Wit placed his thumb on her clit, tweaking and caressing as he pushed all four fingers from the same hand into her well-primed pussy. “Ah!”

His skilled technique had her senses going crazy. She closed her eyes as her brain seemingly turned to mush. While moving her hips in time with his rhythm, she focused on the blissful fullness.

“My feisty princess.” He caressed her thigh with his free hand.

His sexy voice pushed her over the edge. “Aggghhh!” She clenched on his hand as her muscles contracted and she shuddered in climax.

He pushed her thighs closer to her chest as he pounded into her a few more times. He closed his eyes and grunted as his hot, sticky release filled her ass. Panting wildly, he collapsed on top of her. She placed her hands on his back before rubbing her fingertips along his shoulders. “You’re too tempting.” He chuckled. “Hat’s going to kill me.”

Alice gently tugged on his hair. “Don’t mention his name. This time is just for you and me.”

“Okay.” He dropped a kiss on her lips which she accepted with passionate gusto, parting her lips and darting her tongue inside. He tasted like orange marmalade. After he broke their lip lock, he offered to run her a bath.

“Only if you’ll join me.” She grinned as she scooted off the desk and stood on legs as shaky as a newborn deer.

“It would be my pleasure.” He lifted her up in his arms and carried her bridal style. As he whisked her down the hallway, she took note of the sunny-yellow hue of the walls and the many watercolor paintings of nature scenes presented in ornate golden frames.

“I like your house. It’s quite cozy.”

“Well, it’s certainly not as grand as the castle, but it’s been in my family for a long time.”

“Do you have any children to pass it down to?”

He laughed. “I’m a rabbit. What do you think?”

“But aren’t shifter birthrates low?”

“Not so much among the hares as most others…so we come to the real reason I must build up a resistance to your charms. I’m not worthy to father a child on you.”

“I’m in no hurry to have a kid, but not because you’re unworthy. As far as I’m concerned, you’re as worthy as anyone else. Honestly, I’m not sure I’m into the idea of ever having one.”

“The White Kingdom will need an heir eventually, and marriage to another royal comes along with alliances and promises of armies to but I don’t see any reason for you to worry about it too much right now.”

During their bath, Wit bathed her thoroughly and washed her hair. The experience was fully relaxing and afterward, they shunned their clothing, spending the evening naked like a couple of newlyweds. Wit beat her at bridge twice, but when they played chess, he underestimated her, and she put him in checkmate without much effort.

Once her hair was dry, she rested her head in his lap as he read to her from one of his many books. The story was about a knight who defeated a jubjub bird and tamed a Bandersnatch in order to save a noble lady. When he returned her to her Lord father, he granted the knight lands and offered him the lady’s hand in marriage.

“Was that story true?”

“No, but it might have been based on something that really happened. It’s dark. Would you like to go to sleep?”

She sat up and then stretched her arms lifted up above her head. As she trailed a finger along his bare chest she answered, “No, but I want to go to bed.”

He smiled before standing and offering his hand. Soon the two were cuddling under the covers of his modest double bed. They kissed and snuggled until Alice was certain Wit was fast asleep. Slowly, she slipped out of bed, careful not to wake him. She walked to the door of the bedroom on her tiptoes before turning around and motioning with a crooked finger. “Lewis,” she called in a low whisper. “I know you’ve been watching this whole time.”

She sneaked out of the house to the front porch, leaving the door open long enough she felt sure he had exited. As she sat down on an old porch swing, the cat’s familiar smile materialized. “Hello, Dear, I was just watching over you.”

She frowned. “Are you spying for the Prince?”

The rest of him appeared just before he leaped up and sat beside her. “Certainly not, unlike your little fuck toy in there, I don’t serve the royal family.”

She threw him a sideways glance. “So you’re just a voyeur?”

He smirked. “Look who’s talking.”

She giggled. “Fair enough, but why are you really here?”

“Back at the croquette match, you stuck your neck out for me—quite literally. Not many would be willing to so do and I imagine nary a noble would have.”

“Really? People around here…” She shook her head. The government around here is shitty.”

He laughed. “I’ve seen worse.”

She nodded. “I suppose.”

“Anyway, I came to offer you my service, not as a boot-licker.” He nodded toward the house which she assumed indicated Wit. “But as your friend.”

She smiled. “I’d like that very much and I could use a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Wit promised to take a message to someone back home for me. The way into this madhouse is not the way out. I want to know where the exit is, and you’re the only one who can follow him without being caught.”

The cat purred, whipping his tail about as he smiled. “Sounds like fun. I’m in.”

Cheshire Cat


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