#SatSpanks 8/4/18 – Captured

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Today’s spanking snippet is from one of my earlier works, but also one of my darkest and most erotic. Blood Ties and Leather Restraints combines BDSM and paranormal romance as well as elements of organized crime.

Twisting her wrists slightly, she stretched her fingers in an attempt to feel for latches on her restraints, searching for a way to get loose but only managing to break a fingernail. Damn it!

Nausea was setting in when a pleasant voice as soothing as a mild ocean breeze demanded her attention. “Ah, you’re awake.” His gentle purring made her gulp. A vicious tone was expected, and therefore would have been less troubling, but a voice with an air of sweetness just showed how much fun her captor was having.

“Who’s there?” She challenged her voice not to crack.

She blinked at the one light. With the brightness looming just above like something right out of a police interrogation scene in a movie, she was blinded, but her face was illuminated, casting her as prey. A sharp pain bit into her skull, numbness running across her face as her left eye started to twitch. Stress-induced migraines were nothing new, but this one was a bitch. She closed her eyes, begging the darkness to become her friend and banish the pain.

Startled by the sensation of her ankle being caressed, Bianca swallowed the lump growing in her throat, forgetting all about her agony in lieu of fear. Her captor’s hands were large and cold but incredibly smooth. He employed a light touch, likely to lull her into a false sense of security. Bastard probably just wanted to put her at ease so he could really get off on her fear after he dropped the act. What an evil monster!

* * * * *

Summary: While fleeing her arranged marriage to her sister’s former beau, Mafia princess Bianca D’Alisa is captured by an even more dangerous suitor. Just the name Gaius Kane is enough to strike terror into the heart of any resident of New Issa Island, but when this powerful and enigmatic man bears his fangs for Bianca, he propels the naïve young woman into a world of dark secrets and temptations she could have never previously imagined.

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