Wonderland Wednesday – Chapter Fifteen

After a long break, Wonderland Wednesday is back with a new chapter of Down the Rabbithole: Alice in Shifterland. Please enjoy some campy, erotic fun. As always, this story and all of my work are for adults. If you aren’t at least 18 years old, please navigate away from this site!


Chapter Fifteen


As the morning sun poured in through a nearby window, Alice blinked groggily before raising up and stretching her arms up above her head. She looked around yawning as she remembered she’d slept in Wit’s bed. He was conspicuously missing, a singled tulip left in his place. She rolled her eyes as she mumbled, “At least it’s not a rose.”

“Mademoiselle is awake. Very good.” Alice followed the voice to find the Duchess’s pretty cook standing in the doorway. Scantily clad as always, her white apron barely covered her ample breasts and showed most of her slender legs. Her porcelain skin was so flawless her flesh might as well have been begging to be touched. Of course, none of that explained why she was there, though Alice had a fairly good idea.

“Where’s Wit?”

She shrugged her delicate shoulders. “The white rabbit left hours ago but didn’t want to wake you.”

Alice lifted an eyebrow. “So he brought you here to spy on me? Make sure I stay put?”

“No, he sent for me to keep you company while he was at work.” She strolled toward Alice before climbing into bed next to her. She trailed two of her long, thin fingers along Alice’s arm. “We would not want you to be lonely or bored.”

She batted her long eyelashes as her face moved closer to Alice’s. As their lips touched, a tiny spark of arousal tingled between her legs. Alice touched the cook’s face, caressing her long neck with her thumb as she returned the kiss. The woman’s sexy accent was dangerous, and her lips were like sweet poison, meant to distract Alice from her goal of returning home. Wit must have assumed she wouldn’t be able to resist turning the cook’s pale skin pink or maybe even bright red now that she’d had a taste of dominance. He wasn’t wrong, but too bad for him, she’d already accounted for him jamming her up.

After breaking the kiss, Alice narrowed her eyes. “Who invited you into my bed?”

“So sorry, Mademoiselle!” As the cook attempted to scoot out of bed, Alice grabbed her wrist.

“Not so fast. Did you think I’d let your offense go unpunished?”


While Wit stood at attention, Hat slumped, scowling as he draped one leg over the arm of the chair. As soon as he had slipped away from Alice, he’d taken his rabbit form and hopped to the castle with haste to report all that had occurred to his Prince. His head itched where his ears had been before his transformation but he dared not move a muscle to scratch.

“You fucked her without me?” Hat grabbed ahold of Wit’s hand, yanking him closer. “How could you?”

Wit’s bottom lip quivered but he held his shoulders back and spoke plainly. “She needed some time to cool off and come to terms with whom and what she is. Learning you’re a shifter after a lifetime as a human has to be a shock to the system, and we’d already dumped a lot of new info on her. She required comforting. I obliged.” He reached out and caressed the side of his Prince’s gorgeous face. “You’ll always be my number one.”

As Hat’s bottom lip poked out in a slight pout, Wit knees felt weak. He’d give anything to suck that lip between his own and nibble on the tender flesh. His heart pounded as he slipped down on his knees and began to unfasten the Prince’s pants.

“What are you doing?” Hat stared down at him menacingly, his thin eyebrows knitting as he frowned.

“Please, let me comfort you too.” Wit widened his eyes as if to plead.

Hat sighed, looking away as he reached for his cigarettes. “Well, I suppose.”

By pursing his lips together, Wit attempted to hide the smile spreading across his face. He lowered his chin toward his chest as he released Hat’s large cock from the trappings of his clothing. As he wrapped his hand around the base, a droplet of fluid spilled from the hole and lingered on the throbbing head. Wit’s mouth watered for the wayward bead as he recalled the taste of his Prince’s essence.

Greedily, he pushed his tongue out and claimed the drip before it could travel any further. He savored the bitter flavor before opening his mouth wide and engulfing the bulbous cap. He wrapped his lips around his teeth to protect Hat’s thick shaft as he slurped, sucking his Prince’s cock inward.

The scent of Hat’s smoke stuck in Wit’s nostrils, driving him mad with lust. He loved the smell as well as he loved his Prince’s own manly fragrance. He used his tongue to box at the sensitive bundle of nerves just below the head. Hat squirmed in his seat, bucking his hips. Wit matched the rhythm, sucking Hat’s dick toward his throat, pushing his lips down toward the base as he hollowed his cheeks.

Wit’s scalp prickled as Hat fisted a large handful of his hair and held it tight, making Wit’s cock stiffen with excitement. He wouldn’t have minded being punished for making love with Alice. He craved his Prince’s discipline, longed for Hat to tie him up, flog his thighs and ass before pounding into his insatiable hole. His face flushed as his own thoughts embarrassed him, and he reached for his own dick before beginning to stroke in time with the blowjob.

He imagined Hat taking him from behind, pushing him down, wrapping his hand around his nape as he held him in place and entered him. Spreading him, filling him, pounding hard…

His Prince grunted and moaned before he said, “Fuck.” The bite of Hat’s release filled Wit’s mouth, squirting toward his uvula even as Wit’s own hand tugged at his pulsing erection. His own climax sprang from his cock, glazing his palm and fingers as he struggled to swallow all of his Prince’s essence.

As Wit coughed, Hat produced a handkerchief from his pocket and then dabbed at Wit’s chin while patting him on the back. “There, there, my sweet bunny.” His cigarette dangled precariously from his lips as he spoke. Wit dipped forward and licked Hat clean, swallowing every drop.

After they’d caught their breath and tidied their appearances, with Wit dressing in some of the clothing he kept in the Prince’s quarters, Hat tapped his fingers against the table beside his chair. “I should accompany you when you take the letter to Alice’s man in the Land of Racing Time.”

“With respect, my Prince, I think you should stay here.”

Hat’s eyes filled with fury and his nostrils flared. “You presume to tell me what’s best?”

Wit bowed his head. “Certainly not, but under the best of circumstances, a trip to that horrible place can be precarious, and I have to reveal myself to a man who happens to be rather dangerous. The Princess is finally home, but she’s furious with you. Would your time not be better served wooing her?”

As Hat folded his arms over this chest and huffed, Wit repressed his urge to smile, leaving his face blank. He had to step carefully to prevent the Prince’s ego from getting the better of the both of them. Hat wasn’t used to having to pursue anyone. Women and men dropped at his feet with little to no effort on his part. “She’s still at your cottage?”

“Indeed, I sent for your aunt’s cook to make sure our Princess doesn’t starve while I’m away.” The corner of his mouth twitched upward in a half smile as Hat glanced at him while wearing a smirk.

“To which appetite are you referring?” He straightened his hat atop his head.

Wit laughed. “Does it matter? Either way, I’m sure she’ll feast.”


Alice untangled herself from her covers, revealing her own nudity to her lovely guest before scooting to the edge of the bed. She patted her lap with one hand while using the other to beckon the cook with a crooked finger. Slowly the woman acquiesced, draping her body over Alice’s knees. She placed her palms on the floor to steady herself.

The cook’s back was as pale as a blanket of untouched snow and just as flawless. Alice licked her lips as the servant’s lovely, smooth flesh. Her body was warm and soft, especially, her tiny, pert ass. As Alice explored, the cook moaned. After pulling the bow keeping the cook’s apron in place, Alice watched as the garment flopped over, revealing more of her sexy bottom. “Lift up. Let’s get rid of this, my dear.”

“Oui.” The pretty brunette slipped her head out of the apron’s bib before lifting her torso long enough for Alice to knock the flimsy, cloth trapping to the floor.

“My, how lucky the Duchess was to find you.” She trailed her fingers along the woman’s thigh. “Spread your legs.”

The cook turned her head and met Alice’s gaze, offering a seductive smile before she complied. Tilting her own head, Alice glanced between the young lady’s legs. The hair of her fuzzy, pink pussy glistened with wetness. As Alice ran her finger along the seam, the cook opened her mouth and moaned.

“Someone’s excited.” Alice chuckled.

“Oh, oui. Oui.” The cook squirmed just before Alice lifted her hand. She brought her palm down against the brunette’s tight backside with a thwacking sound. “Oooh,” The cook lifted her head as she cried out.

Alice delivered another swat, landing it on the other cheek, but with only enough force to provide a bit of warmth and color. “Pretty, pretty. I like pink on you.” She continued to spank the cook’s bottom in a slow, rhythmic motion. The woman cooed and squirmed, her breasts heaving as she panted. As she brushed her hand down one of the brunette’s thighs, Alice found it coated with her slick juices.

As her gaze fell on the apron on the floor, a perverse idea came to Alice. “Up,” she demanded, patting the cook’s rear. As the brunette stood, Alice bent down and snatched up the garment before taking the cook by the hand and pulling her close. Alice perused her body, starting at her elegant neck down to her dainty toes. Her big breasts had large, pink areola and each of her nipples was tight and hard like the eraser on a number two pencil.

Alice licked her lips as she started to reach for one of the cook’s ample lobes. She stopped short, meeting the pretty lady’s gaze. “May I?”

“Oui.” She pushed her shoulder’s back, jutting her rack out.

“What’s your name?” Alice asked as she took a breast in each hand, squeezing gently.


Alice chuckled. “Appropriate.” She leaned in and kissed Jolie’s neck, enjoying how the young woman quivered as she began to nibble at her flesh. As Alice breathed in Jolie’s sweet honey scent, she closed her eyes, her heart leaping, excited to learn how far she could push the beauty. Her mind flashed back to the humiliation she’d suffered at the Duchess’ hands. Jolie had seemed enraptured to witness the affair. Alice placed her lips close to Jolie’s ear. “Get on all fours on the bed.”

Slowly, the woman complied and then turned her head to peek over her shoulder. “Like so?”

Alice leered at the cook’s firm body and licked her lips. “Spread your legs more.”

Jolie scooted her knees further apart. “And now?”

“A little more and arch your back; poke that pretty package out at me.”

The cook giggled girlishly as she moved her legs and stuck her bottom high in the air. “Ooh la la, Mon Cheri.”

Alice frowned, crumpling the apron she was holding in her fist. Jolie’s cheery attitude wasn’t as she expected. She’d intended to tie her up with her own clothing, such as it was, and make her cry. At least Wit had the decency to feel shame, but not Jolie. How stupid can I be? This girl lives with the Duchess…she’s past trying to hold on to her pride.

Having neither the inclination nor the energy required to inflict the type of pain and humiliation it would take to make Jolie blush, Alice switched gears. She climbed up next to the cook and palmed between her legs, lightly spanking the tender flesh. Jolie mewed and moaned. Alice grinned. Only one thing will make this woman beg, and I know what it is.

Alice crawled up behind Jolie, her gaze falling on the puckered, pink hole exposed by her open position. She leaned in and blew a stream of warm breath over her backdoor entrance before slipping two fingers inside her pussy and pushing deep. Jolie sucked in her breath as Alice reached around and found her clit. “Don’t come without my permission.”


After traveling the mountain pass through the small chain of Rockies in the northern part of Spades, Wit unlocked the tower built around the vortex to The Land of Racing Time. He sighed. Alice’s father building a house near the exit had been a stroke of luck. Somehow he must have been drawn to the area, but the entrance was farther away. It would take him several hours to walk. He reached in his pocket, checking to make sure the currency he’d procured to take a cab was still there. He shook his head at the absurdity of passing worthless pieces of paper rather than coins forged of precious metals or gemstones.

Once inside, he bared the door behind him. He hesitated for just a few seconds before stepping through the swirling, blinding light of the vortex.


With relatively little snooping, Alice had managed to find Wit’s box of goodies. In fact, just as Hat had, the white rabbit kept a box of toys under his bed. She glanced at Jolie. “Hold your position.” Wit’s box wasn’t ornate like Hat’s but was made of a rich, dark wood. She pushed the lid open and rifled through until she found a vibrator she liked. Alice flipped the switch and tested the power. “Not bad.” The toy was similar to a Hitachi wand but since it was battery operated, it wasn’t as powerful. Still, it would do.

As Alice ran her fingers down Jolie’s spine, the pretty cook trembled. Alice eyed her shape, particularly her beautiful breasts hanging down as she balanced on all fours. This should be fun. She palmed Jolie’s cunt, using her middle finger to tickle her clit.

“Mmm, so good.” She arched her back like a cat in heat. Alice lightly spanked her delicate folds before turning on the knock-off vibrating wand. As she placed it against Jolie’s clit, the young woman cried out.

“Like that?”


She held the wand in place while tweaking one of Jolie’s nipples and then the other. Jolie squirmed and cooed, but just as she came close to orgasm, Alice snatched the wand away. “I haven’t given you permission.”


Alice switched off the wand and reclined on her back, folding her arms behind her head as she bent and spread her legs. “Why should I let you?” Jolie crawled forward dipping her head down between Alice’s legs and molding her lips to her dewy folds. “Good girl.” Alice stroked Jolie’s hair, pushing her locks behind her ears as the cook lapped at her seam and kissed the sensitive nub above the lusty opening.

Jolie moved her head to the right, leaving a trail of kisses along Alice’s thigh before peppering more sweet nibbles and smooches back to her center. As she traced Alice’s soft pinkness with her tongue, Alice arched her back and closed her eyes while biting down on her bottom lip. Jolie definitely had skills. She latched onto Alice’s clit, sucking and licking vigorously enough she was shaking her head from side-to-side.

Lost in the amazing sensation, Alice’s mind went blank and she cried out. Her stomach tightened as she bucked her hips. She grasped handfuls of Jolie’s soft, curly brown hair. As her climax rocked her to her core, Alice arched her back off the bed, pressing her shoulders and soles against the mattress. “Ah! Oh, yeah! Ahhh!”

Jolie lifted her head and smiled, showing the tiny gap between her front teeth just before licking her lips. “Princess was so yummy.”

Alice huffed and puffed, dabbing sweat from her forehead with Wit’s bedsheet. She rode out the aftershocks, catching her breath before she looked to Jolie and smiled. “A good girl like you deserves to be rewarded.” She wrapped Jolie in her arms, flipping her on her back. “Legs up, spread wide.”

Jolie lifted her legs, leaving her feet near her ears and allowing Alice an excellent view of her fuzzy pussy. After turning the vibrating wand on, she instructed Jolie to hold it against her clit. “Good girl…don’t come yet.”

As Alice lubed up her fingers, Jolie writhed, cooing and moaning. Alice worked a finger into the cook’s dripping wet pussy, stroking her warm insides. She stretched out on her side next to Jolie before taking her breast in one hand and slipping the nipple into her mouth. She sucked gently as she pushed a second finger inside Jolie. Her warm flesh felt amazing against Alice’s tongue. She couldn’t get enough of the comforting sensation of the hardened nub between her lips. Alice had four fingers in the servant’s tight cunt, pushing deep, thrusting. She twisted her fingers finding the spot that caused Jolie to cry out. “Oh, my Princess…”

“You like this, pretty girl?” Alice asked before latching on to her breast again.

Alice throttled the cook’s sensitive place as the vibrator stimulated her clit. She tightened around Alice’s fingers as a gust of orgasmic juices rushed out, squirting to christen her orgasm. “Fuuuck! So good. Ah, ah, ahhh!”

After removing her fingers from Jolie’s sweet, pink entrance, Alice released the cook’s breast. She sat up, wiping her drenched hand on the sheets as the Jolie struggled to catch her breath. “Mon Dieu, Princess…magnificent.”

Alice held Jolie, stroking her back until she stopped trembling. “Now how should I punish you?”

Jolie’s pretty brown eyes widened as she looked at Alice. “Punish?”

A smug smile curved Alice’s lips as she shook her head. “I never said you could come.”

Jolie’s cheeks flushed and she throat moved as she swallowed hard. “Forgive me, Princess.”

“Well, you did make me come, and I’ve worked up an appetite so if you can whip me up some french toast or pancakes, I’ll let it slide.”

Jolie rolled over, pressing her breasts against Alice before she brushed a kiss across her lips. “It would be my pleasure.”


Hat stood on the front porch outside of Wit’s cottage clutching the flowers he’d chosen for Alice. His sweaty palms were as disturbing to him as the pounding of his heart. Never in his life had he been so nervous, not even when he faced down the Marquis of Diamonds. Even then, with Wit by his side, he’d felt confident, but Alice’s rebuke shook him to his core.

He glanced at his bouquet of purple lisianthus and blue anemones flowers. He wasn’t sure about her favorite flowers but she’d mentioned she liked violet and deep blue. As he reached his other hand in his pocket for the key, he smelled maple syrup and heard giggling. Here I am losing my mind and she’s having a ball.

He fingered the key but thought better of barging in on her and his aunt’s servant. There was no telling what those two were doing with all that sweet, sticky syrup. He balled his hand up and then rapped on the door three times.

The laughter ceased, but he heard voices and then footsteps. The door swung open revealing the cook, fully naked safe for the red pumps on her dainty feet. “Mon Dieu! A visit from the Prince of Darkness—how have we been so lucky?”

She glanced back at Alice, who Hat spied on the couch as he looked over the cook’s shoulder. The beautiful princess was also as naked as the day she was born. Her hair was messy in a just-rolled-out-of-bed-way as she sat upright in front a huge breakfast tray decked out with hotcakes, blueberries, and coffee. As he returned his attention to the servant, he realized she was curtsying low.

“Please, as you were, milady. I’m here to court Alice. May I come in?”

As the young brunette moved out of the way and Hat stepped inside, he saw Alice spewing her coffee. The cook ran up and then grabbed a linen napkin before dropping to her knees and dabbing at Alice’s chin.

“Pfft…Ha, ha, ha. You’re here to court me?” She leaned back, her breasts heaving as she smirked.

He bowed from the waist. “I’m afraid I haven’t shown a fellow royal all the deference and respect due her. Please allow me to take you on a tour of my homeland. As…umm…Juliet?”

Alice glanced at the cook before returning her attention to him and grimacing. “Jolie, her name is Jolie.”

“Ah, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” The cook blushed at his flattery, but Alice rolled her eyes. “As I’m sure Jolie can attest–my homeland a very beautiful place, filled with interesting people.”

“Oui, I grew up in Spades. Lovely shops line the streets, selling the latest fashions, the best perfume and the finest wines and chocolate in all of Shifterland. Life is slower there—more provincial. Many artisans ply their trades. The scent of freshly baked bread lingers in the air.” A faraway look filled her eyes as a subtle smile curved her lips.

Alice crossed her legs as she leaned back against the couch and stared him down. Nodding her head toward the cook, she replied, “Perhaps, you should take Jolie.”

Hat tried to keep the anger welling up inside him from showing on his face. He wasn’t used to having to ask, much less beg, someone to spend time with him. Alice’s skin glistened and her cheeks flushed pink. He could smell the sex on her over the scent of the coffee and maple syrup. Her red lips were ripe from the kisses she’d shared with the cook—kisses that should have been his. He wanted nothing more than to snatch her off the sofa and bend her over the arm before lighting up her pert, round ass with his belt, but he knew he had no right.

Alice was a royal, same as him. She’d made him no promises and could fuck who she wanted. She required work and to win her heart, he’d have to put in the effort. He walked forward and knelt down on one knee as he presented the flowers he’d been hiding behind his back. “For you.”

Alice’s expression softened as she looked over the bouquet. She threw him a quizzical look. “How did you know?”


“When I was little, my father used to bring home this combination of flowers to me after long business trips.” She leaned in and took a whiff before looking at him with glassy eyes, nearly ready to spill tears.

The cook swooped in and took the bouquet. “I will find a vase.”

“I had no idea. I only remembered your favorite colors.”

She blinked and wiped at her eyes. “I guess subconsciously…I love those colors because of the flowers. I’d nearly forgotten. Thank you.”

He held her hand and brought it to his lips. “You’re most welcome. Sweet Alice, will you spend the day with me?”

She sighed. “I really shouldn’t. I have company.” She nodded in the direction where Jolie had scurried off.

“She’ll understand. Please.”

Jolie re-entered the room and set the vase on the coffee table next to the breakfast tray. Alice’s gaze settled on the floral display before she nodded. “Alright then. I’ll get dressed.



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