Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland Chapter Sixteen

Happy Halloween! It’s time to read about sexy shifters living in a crazy world where things aren’t always as they seem. Please enjoy the campy, erotic fun, but only if you are an adult! If you are under eighteen years old, please navigate away from this page.


Chapter Sixteen


Alice closed her eyes as she breathed in the scent of fresh croissants coming from the nearby bakery. Hat clutched her hand as he led her down the cobblestone streets of his kingdom. Two guards walked a few feet behind them. “What’s up with them? You don’t travel with a guard in the Kingdom of Hearts?”

He glanced over his shoulder at the two men dressed in black suits with white dress shirts and black ties. They even wore sunglasses. The only aspect of their appearances setting them apart from stereotypical, comic book G-men was the swords dangling from scabbards around their waists rather than guns hidden from view by holsters under their jackets. “Ever since an unfortunate security breach many years prior, my ministers have been very protective.”

“Ministers?” Alice raised an eyebrow.

“The men and women I’ve appointed to oversee different aspects of Spade’s government.” He pulled her along as she glanced at him and smirked. He tilted his head and met her gaze. “What?”

She grinned. “You’re not exactly as you seem.” Alice warmly greeted two young girls as they ran up and presented her with a crown made from white flowers. She knelt, allowing the taller of the two dark-haired beauties to place the wreath on her head. “Thank you? Are you sisters?”

“Yes,” the smaller of the two replied. “I’m Selene and this is Rochelle.” She pointed to the older girl.

“It’s nice to meet you. Are you hungry? The Prince was getting ready to buy me some goodies from the Chocolatier.”

Hat snickered. “Was I?”

Alice tossed him a look over her shoulder from her perch near the ground. “Uh huh.”

“Yeah! The youngest of the two jumped up and down and clapped her hands. “I want fudge.”

Alice nodded. “Me too. How about you Rochelle?”

The taller girl glanced at the Prince shyly, her cheeks turning bright red, before looking away. “Um…uh…hot chocolate?”

As the four of them started toward the store, a woman in a green dress ran up and curtsied low. “I’m so sorry, your majesty. I was with a customer.” “She pointed to a booth displaying lots of fresh flowers, including the ones used to make Alice’s crown. “I hope they didn’t trouble you.”

He tipped his hat to her. “Not at all. May I pay you for milady’s lovely headdress?” He stroked a lock of Alice’s hair and a shiver ran up her spine. As much as she hated to admit it, she’d been missing his touch.

“It would be my honor to offer it as a humble gift to the Princess of the Land of Racing Time.” She kept her head bowed and didn’t meet Hat’s eyes.

“Please, you are my precious citizen, and she’s no longer from the Land of Racing Time. This is the White Queen come to heal her lands and return them to her people.” He motioned for her to relax as he pulled some gold coins from a velvet purse and handed them to her.”

“Thank you!” The woman’s gaze fell on Alice and her eyes widened before she reached for Alice’s hand and kissed the pink ice ring she’d been wearing since she arrived.

Alice’s back stiffed, but she managed to paste a smile on her face and nod. “May we take the girls for a treat?”

“Your majesty is too kind, but they must get back to work and stop disturbing grown people.” She shook a finger at the two girls and shooed them back toward where she was selling her wares.

“Aww,” the youngest grumbled as the older one grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

As she and Hat walked away, Alice frowned. “That was weird.”

He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. “You’ll get used to being recognized and adored, and don’t fret; I’ll have one of the guards take some goodies over to the girls while you enjoy whatever your heart desires.”

“Hmm, whatever my heart desires. I don’t know if you’ll find that in one of these stores.” She raised her eyebrows at him seductively and he cupped her cheek before brushing a kiss against her lips.

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

Alice scoffed while rolling her eyes. “Hardly…it  just means you’re hot, and I might consider sampling some of your wares.” She snickered as she slipped into the confectionary shop.

While Hat ordered way too much candy, Alice sat at a small table in the corner and waited for him to return. One of the guards had staked out the front door while the other stood a foot away from Alice as if someone might jump from behind the counter and abscond with her. A few minutes later, the prince returned and placed a cup of java and some treats down in front of her before sending the guard nosing around her off to present hot chocolate and candy to the girls who had approached them.

He pulled back his seat and plopped down. “You’re awfully self-sufficient today.” She smirked at him before taking a sip of her coffee.

“The culture is a bit different in Spades than in Hearts. My Aunt and the king are all about enjoying opulence, indulging their whims and insisting on respect for hierarchy. My parents and my father’s parents before them saw themselves as servants of the people. It’s a bit jarring to play both roles, but I do my best.”

She looked at him over her cut as she blew on the hot beverage. “Which is the real you?”

He chuckled. “The one that smokes cigarettes all day and chases after you with his pulse racing.” He spoke the line with a completely straight face while staring right at him.

Alice looked away as she swallowed her rich, delicious coffee. “Wow! This stuff is amazing. Why’s everything here so damn good?”

Hat straightened his tie. “Shifters live a long time, and the people of Spades are proud. Many of them apprentice for decades before calling themselves masters. Only the best of the best are allowed permits to do business in this area.”

“That’s awesome. Maybe during my grandmother’s day, craftsmanship meant something back home…” As Hat opened his mouth she put up her hand and shook her head. “I know…I know. I am home, but what I’m saying is nowadays it’s all about getting things quick and easy. Advertising tricks people into buying cheap pieces of crap when the manufacturer knows it will only last a short while before they have to buy another.”

He shook his head. “That’s a shame.”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “Can I ask you something personal?”

He grinned. “I think we should be past the point of secrets or embarrassment.”

Alice twisted a lock of her hair around her finger as she looked away from him and stared at the table. “Shifters live a long time, but you’re parents.” She paused and took a deep breath. “They’re no longer with us.”

His mouth formed a grim line as his chest rose and fell. He took a sip from his cup and then swallowed. “It goes back to the security breach I mentioned earlier. You have to understand, the people here a close-knit group. Everyone knows everyone else. No one suspected her.”

“Who?” Alice tilted her head.

Hat closed his eyes and clasped his hands as if he was struggling to keep his composure. “My father’s aunt. She staged a cue with her lover, poisoned my parents.”

Alice’s eyes widened as she gasped. “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.”

“My father survived…barely. My mother wasn’t so lucky. I hunted down my aunt. Her lover escaped. I wrestled with the decision of what to do with her. Most of my ministers wanted her head to roll. My mother’s sister, the Queen of Hearts, wanted to personally chop her to pieces and feed her to man-eating marsh snakes. In the end, I imprisoned her for leverage against the Marquis.”

“The Marquis of Diamonds was her lover?”

“Yes.” He hung his head.

“I never should have asked any of this.” She shook her head, holding back tears.

He took her hand and brought it to his chest, placing her palm over his pounding heart. “I never talk about it with anyone. Even Wit doesn’t bring it up, but always…all the dam time you have me in this state. “I can’t withhold anything from you.”

She moved her chair closer to him and wrapped her arms around him before resting her head against his shoulder. “You have quite the effect on me too.”


Wit shivered as he stepped out of the vehicle he’d been riding in. It wasn’t exactly a cab. The driver was apparently the owner of the car, but she took on fares for extra money. He didn’t really care as long as he made it to Alice’s house. The rain seemed to have been pouring down in buckets since he arrived in the stinking hell world, and he was soaking wet as he trudged toward the entrance.

He banged on the door and waited. After a few minutes, he rang the doorbell. A couple of minutes later, a disheveled, middle-aged man answered. He stood and stared at Wit as if he were a disease. “What the hell do you what?”

“I have a matter of great urgency to discuss with you. May I come in?”

The man rolled his eyes. “Let me guess. You’re another psychic come to tell me you can find my girl for me if I just give you some money. Fuck off.” As he started to close the door, Wit, put his foot in the way.

“Wait. Are you Davidson? If so I have a letter from Alice.”

The man’s eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as he grabbed Wit by his shirt and yanked him over the threshold. “You son-of-a-bitch! Coming here to prey on me, playing on my desperation, I should kick your ass.” As he tightened his grip on Wit’s clothing and balled up his fist, Wit lifted his arm to cover his face.

“The letter is in my pants pocket. If you’re Davidson, she needs your help.”

He frisked Wit and took a knife he was concealing before grabbing the folded up piece of paper. He opened the letter and examined the handwriting, even going as far as to pull out an old journal of Alice’s for comparison. “Could be from her.” He looked Wit up and down before returning his attention to her note and perusing it. “Have you read it yet?”

Wit shook his head. “Wasn’t addressed to me.”

“She says she’s okay and that I should trust you. Wants me to gather some weapons and some men I trust and follow your skinny ass to meet up with her. How do you feel about that? Me and some old army buddies of mine armed to the teeth and on your heels.”

“Actually, I’d feel damn good about it. Where we’re going is dangerous, and with what we have ahead of us, we’re going to need all the help we can get. Don’t ask anyone to go that has anyone that will miss them.”

Davidson tilted his head to the side and scratched his chin. “That girl’s the closest thing I’ll ever have to a daughter. I practically raised her. She’s my family. If you have harmed her in any way…”

“I understand, but she is fine. She wanted me to tell you she’s sorry about disappearing. It wasn’t planned.”

He nodded. “I’d do anything for Alice, and I might know some men who don’t have a lot to lose by heading off into a hot zone, but they probably wouldn’t be too eager if there wasn’t anything in it for them.”

Wit pulled a large ruby out of his pocket and held it up to the light. “My master can offer them riches, but it may be quite some time before they are able to return here to spend them.”

“That won’t faze them as long as they as they’ll be flush with cash for women and wine if they make it home.”

Wit chuckled. “They may find the women and wine where we’re heading to be worth sticking around for. Our ladies are beautiful and tend to be…uninhibited.”

“That’ll be a selling point as well. It might take me a few days to get all the details ironed out. Go get a shower and I’ll find you some dry clothes. You’re dripping everywhere.”

Wit saluted him. “Yes, sir.”


Alice slipped off her clothing, leaving only her panties on before she rested on a fur throw covering a luxurious canopy bed. Hat rested on his side next to her as he caressed the small triangle of fabric covering her pussy. “You’re getting wet.”

“No, I’m not,” she lied, turning her head to the side so he couldn’t see her flushing cheeks. He captured one of her nipples between his lips before gently sucking. She closed her eyes and moaned while arching her back, pushing her breasts up toward his face.

He slid his hand down the front of her underwear and stroked her damp folds before parting the seam. She panted, clenching against his finger as he thrust it inside her. “You shouldn’t tell lies, Alice. Your sweet pussy is sopping. He removed his finger and held it up to show her the wetness. “See the proof that you want me?” He popped the slick digit into his mouth and slurped up her juices. “Yummy.”

“Stop teasing and fuck me.” She ran her hand through his long, dark hair as he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. She opened her mouth, inviting him to deepen the kiss as her tongue darted forward to seek his. They dueled for dominance as their explored each other’s bodies with their roaming hands.

The prince broke for air. “Tsk, tsk…so eager. I would have thought my Aunt’s cook sated your needs earlier.” He lifted an eyebrow as she stared down at her.

Alice smirked. “She was fun, but I need this.” She grasped his cock over his pants and squeezed.

He pursed his lips and closed his eyes as he murmured noises of pleasure. He pulled her underwear down her thighs before burying his face and lapping at her pink entrance. She placed her legs over his shoulders, pushing her creamy cunt against his mouth. He licked, kissed and sucked her clit until she was close to the edge of oblivion. As she teetered on the edge of orgasm, he pulled away.

She whined. “Hat…I was so close.”

“Shh, he unfastened his trousers, opening them as he pulled his dick out of his underwear. Alice’s eyes widened and her tongue lapped at her bottom lip as she anticipated his entrance. He positioned the head before pushing in balls deep.

“Ahh, yes.” She spread her legs wider and grasped his hips as he bucked. She moved her pelvis, matching his rhythm. “Oh, yeah!”

He pounded her relentlessly, hard and fast with deep strokes. His huge cock stretched her, filled her up and banged against her sweet spot until her head went hazy. She cried out as a torrent of blissful sensations made her core temperature soar while her clit throbbed. Her legs trembled as her climax shook her to her core. A few more deep thrusts and he pinned her hands against the bed, entwining their fingers as guttural noises caught in his throat. He grunted as he attempted to push in even deeper for his release. He rested his forehead against hers. “So good.”

The prince rolled off of her, and then threw his arm around her waist, caressing her stomach as he panted. “Mmm, that was damn good.” She sat up and stretched with her arms raised over her head. She looked around the room. Something about the gothic architecture of the castle put her in a melancholy mood—perhaps it was the tragedy of how the prince lost his parents. Alice was all too familiar with that type of loss and the emptiness it leaves behind. “So this is where you grew up?”

“Sort of. I lived in this castle when I was very small. I was in the nursery near my governess but once I came of age, I was moved to my own residence until my mother died and my father became incapacitated. The doctors couldn’t wake him, and the spiritualists, who believed the poison was of a magical nature, couldn’t find a spell to cure him. He passed on less than a year later.”

She covered her face with both hands as her heart ached. “I’m sorry. Here I go again bringing up bad memories.”

He pulled her hands away. “Don’t cover up all that beauty. I meant what I said earlier. You have me all twisted up. I’ve never felt this way before.”

She swallowed hard. Love leads to vulnerability and room to get hurt badly. She’d never let anyone that close to her heart and wasn’t sure she was ready to just yet. “I bet you say that to all the girls mentioned in prophecy you’ve obsessed over your whole life.” She smiled nervously while touching her hair and looking away.

“Oh, come on. I think you know better.” He nuzzled her neck.

“You’re a lot more forgiving than I ever imagined…letting that horrible woman live.”

He nodded while stroking his chin with his thumb. “I’m thankful I did. I think she may be the only person alive who can teach you how to control your powers.”

Alice’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Huh? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

So that’s it for now. One of my other current works in progress, Bridling Lucy, is the third book in the Horse Mountain Shifters series. It’s a smoking hot spanking romance between a sexy equine shifter and a big, beautiful woman. It’s so close to being finished, I can nearly taste it. I’m hoping to have a cover reveal ready soon. Love to all!


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