Have a Sexy Wonderland Wednesday! (Chapter Seventeen)


Lately, I’ve been getting a lot more requests to work on Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland. I’m very excited that so many people are enjoying the story. With the rest of my workload (I swear the third book in the Horse Mountain Series is holding all my free time hostage.), it might take me a while to get the whole book uploaded, but I promise, I have everything mapped out. I also have plans for two more Shifterland stories–More on that later.  Please enjoy chapter Seventeen. REMINDER: ADULTS ONLY!!! If you aren’t at least 18 years old allowed, please navigate away from this page.

WARNING: This draft is very rough. I’ll be uploading a slightly more polished version to Wattpad next Wednesday.


Alice scrunched up her face as she concentrated on forming a ball of energy with only her bare hands. She curved her fingers just as she had been instructed but the most she could get was enough to give someone a static electricity shock. “This is bullshit.” She pointed to Hat’s bitchy great-aunt, Mara, on the other side of the room. “I think she’s just ripping on me.”

“She better not be.” Davidson pointed his Glock at her and scowled. The woman was shackled in leg irons, but her bodyguard wouldn’t take any chances whenever she and the traitor shared a room.

The older woman cackled as she struggled to move into a comfortable position due to the bulky anti-shifting device Hat had fastened around her neck. “I told you how it’s done. It’s not my fault if you don’t have the power to do it.” Mara batted her long eyelashes at Davidson seductively and he turned his head while sneering. Although she was old enough to be Hat’s grandmother, Mara didn’t look a day over thirty. She had long black hair like Hat’s, but unlike his beautiful, shining blue eyes, her eyes were as dark as coal. She stretched out one of her slender, long legs as best she could. “Free me and maybe I can be of more help.”

“Stop jerking us around or I’ll slap you in the mouth with the handle of this gun.” Davidson motioned toward the weapon with his free hand.

Mara laughed again. “Please, do you have any idea how long I’ve been locked up in a filthy dungeon? If you think there is anything you could do to me that the guards haven’t already done, you are wrong.” She gritted her teeth and clenched her jaw.

Alice held up her hand to silence Davidson before he could reply. “Hmm, I’ve heard all about your captivity and what led to it. She lifted her arms above her head, deliberately stretching in a manner that showed off her large breasts and thin waist before running a hand through her blond locks. “You must have been terribly lonely, separated from the man you love for so long.”

The poisoner’s expression was so cold her face could have been made of ice, but her flesh was a pale white with the only color coming from her dark, angry eyes and her blood red lips. Everything about her made Alice’s skin crawl.

She stepped closer to the seat where Mara was resting. “I’m surprised to hear the guards touched you.”

A smirked curved the evil bitch’s lips as she lifted a thin, dark eyebrow. “Why is that? I’m certainly not so hard to look upon.” She moved her shoulders and hips to strike an enticing pose.

“My understanding is that everyone was ordered not to speak to you, never to interact with you besides sliding you your food and removing you to clean your room. After the Prince tossed you into the darkest corner of the dungeon, merely speaking your name became treason. If you’re truthful, you’ll admit I’m the only one who has talked to you in years. I’m not sure how you kept your sanity if you did.”

She narrowed her eyes as her hands shifted into sharp claws and she hissed. “Die.”

Alice shook her head as the woman’s heavy chain restrained her, leaving her prey just inches out of her reach. Davidson took a step closer “I will push the barrel against your head and pull the trigger.”

“No need for that. It’s obvious this hag is of no use to me. She was an apothecary. Her magic was simple chemistry. Only her lover had true power. I’ll have the guards toss her back into a cage, but this time, I’m thinking one with no windows or light of any kind.” Alice turned her back on Mara and began to walk toward the door. “Come now, Davidson.”

“Wait!” The sound of Mara’s desperation put a smile on Alice’s face. “I’ll tell you the secret to using your power if you promise I won’t have to go back. Have the Prince banish me, but please…”

Alice turned and looked at Hat’s great aunt. “Perhaps we could work out some type of deal if I believed you had anything to teach me.” She turned her back on Mara again and walked out with Davidson on her heels.

“Don’t ever get so close to her again. We don’t know what kind of poisons she can make. What if she spat something at you?” His voice was gruff but full of concern.

“Wouldn’t she already be dead if she had poison in her mouth?” Alice tilted her head.

Davidson exhaled loudly. “How the hell should I know. Up until a few days ago, I didn’t realize the little girl I raised could transform into a mythical creature though I suppose I always knew you were special.”

As she leaned over and kissed his cheek, his stubble pricked at her bottom lip. “Don’t worry.” She turned toward the guards at the door. “Put her into a dark cell with no windows for six hours.” She returned her gaze to her bodyguard. “I think she’ll be more cooperative when I check on her again.”

“You need to be more careful. Just because a snake has been hibernating doesn’t mean it’s venom won’t kill you.”

“Honestly, I don’t think magic is the answer. What weapons did you bring me?”

“Not nearly as much as I would have liked. That rabbit was a pain in the ass. Come on, I’ll show you the cache.”


“I don’t like it.” Wit paced the floor. “I did my best to limit what those men brought here.”

Hat sat with his leg draped over the arm of his chair as he motioned the white rabbit his way. “Shh, don’t fret.” As Wit came within reach, Hat pulled him into his lap and held him to his chest. “Everything will be okay.”

As he breathed in his Prince’s scent, Wit’s anxiety lessened. He closed his eyes as Hat patted his head. “How can you be so sure?”

Hat’s lips were soft and warm as the pressed against the side of his head. “Because I believe in us–you, me and Alice.”

“I wish I had your faith.” He buried his face in the crook of the Prince’s neck. His shirt tickled his skin as Hat began to undo his buttons. He lifted his head, meeting Hat’s gaze. His prince leaned in and captured his lips in a kiss.

A creaking noise heralded Alice’s arrival as she pushed her way through the door. “What’s all this?” She waved her hands as if suggesting the men’s cuddly position.

Hat stared at her with hooded eyes, his cheeks flushing. “Join us.”

She stomped over to the bed before flinging herself on top and groaning. “I’m too exhausted. Your great-aunt doesn’t seem to know anything.”

Hat peeled Wit’s shirt down before dropping a kiss on his shoulder. “Oh, she knows. The Marquis is a talker. He would have bragged about everything right down to how he worked his spells.” As the prince unfastened Wit’s trousers and then reached inside, his cock twitched. Hat’s fingertips slid along the length before he grasped the base. Wit moaned, his legs trembling as he throbbed within the prince’s firm grasp.

“Fuck my life.” Alice’s voice was low and pitiful. A tiny pang of guilt prickled at his chest but Wit couldn’t stop moving his hips, bucking into Hat’s hand.

“Would punishing Wit help?” As Hat’s low and sexy tone hit his ears, Wit’s eyes widened. He glanced to Alice, and when his gaze set on her unenthused expression, a sense of relief filled him. He moved his hips faster, pressing his cheek against Hat’s. A mixture of cigarette smoke and lavender essential oils hung in his nose as took a whiff at the prince’s hair, bringing to mind the first time they shared a smoke in the bath. His heart pounded as Hat’s hand moved in a slow and steady rhythm. “Alice?”

Wit frowned as Hat continued to divide his attention. As much as he adored Alice, if she didn’t want to join in she could piss off long enough for him to get his. She lifted her face from the pillow she was smothering herself with and shook her head. “I don’t have the energy.”

“Hmm, that’s a shame.” He didn’t miss a beat as he used his free hand to grab a cigarette and then placed the end between his lips. He pulled, inhaling as he lit up. As he exhaled, Wit inhaled while clutching a handful of the Prince’s dark, silky locks. “I could punish him while you watch?”

Alice huffed as she sat up straight. “For God’s sake, Hat. He is right there. Stop being so fucking insensitive.” As she spoke the words on his mind, Wit’s cheeks flushed. She was right–we do understand one another. As his orgasm rippled through his body, he buried his face in Hat’s lapel, hiding his smirk as his seed spurted out in the Prince’s hand.


Alice rolled her eyes as Wit sat there allowing Hat to treat him like a toy. Maybe if Wit started denying him occasionally, the Prince of Darkness would show him more appreciation. Whatever, I’m too tired to deal with this bullshit right now. The sounds of Wit’s moans resonated in the air as she crawled under the covers and flopped over on her side. Her eyelids were heavy and her entire body felt like a rung out dishtowel. She blinked and then the darkness came.

“Ahhh!” The guttural sounds caught in Hat’s throat along with Wit’s moan’s pulled Alice out of her light slumber. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been out before the two of them started rattling the bed. Wit was on top of the prince, his palms on his chest, holding him down against the mattress while riding him. She stared at Wit’s dick, the cap throbbing bright red as pre-cum trickled down his shaft. Alice licked her lips. She liked his size and shape. If she could have mustered up the energy, she’d have straddled him and joined the ride.

She was in and out of consciousness a few times before the white rabbit was sated and sleeping next to her. She lifted her head to look for Hat but didn’t see him. She sat up before scooting off the edge of the bed and landing onto her feet. The clink of ice against a glass brought her attention to the far corner of the room. In the darkness, she couldn’t make out Hat’s face, but she smelled his smoke and scotch. “You can’t even get through the night without waking up for a smoke?”

“Shh, I just got the baby to sleep, dear.” His voice was a low whisper. She snickered as she made her way over to where he was sitting in the dark. Cool air from the open window next to his seat blew the curtains toward them. He pulled her into his lap. “Aren’t these clothes hindering your ability to sleep?”  He tugged at the waistband of her leggings.

As she played coy, scooting away from him he grabbed her arm. “Ow!” She flinched.

He released her immediately. “What’s wrong?

She sighed. “Just a few bruises from mixed martial arts training. I figure what Davidson’s guys teach me is more useful than anything the Dutchess of the Dungeon could teach me.”

“Why don’t you fix it?” He stroked her hair.

“Huh? She elbowed him. “Very funny.”

“Oh, I forgot you’re not used to your body. Stand up and I’ll teach you how to ripple.”

Alice’s bare feet bristled at the castle’s cold, polished stone floor. Hat took her hand and walked her over to the other side of the room before he before he lit a lantern. “I don’t want to wake him.” She tilted her head toward Wit.

Hat scoffed. I brought him to orgasm twice before I ever entered him. He’ll be out for awhile.” We stretched out his arm, holding it up in front of him. “Do as I do.” Alice mimicked his motions. “Good. Hold it there until it feels heavy.”

Alice sighed. “Yeah, already there.”

“Perfect. Now focus, picture your arm shifting but not completely–just the surface.”

She shook her head. “I’m not…”

“Concentrate. Think of a wave building and quickly falling.”

Alice yawned as she stared at her outstretched limb. She was still exhausted, but she imagined her arm changing. A sudden pulse ran up and down her arm, prickling at her skin. She jumped to the side. “What the hell?”

Hat nodded. “Not bad for your first time. Practice isolating different parts of your body and shifting to different degrees. Eventually, you’ll be able to control the transformation completely with a sway of your shoulders or a swing of your hips. He gyrated, making her pulse race. She gasped, her lips parted as her cheeks flushed. She wanted him but was hardly able to stand on her own two feet. He lifted an eyebrow as he examined her face. “Hmm, I’ll tuck you in next to the other baby.”

She punched him lightly just before he swept her up in his arms. He carried her to the bed and placed her next to Wit before he cuddled up next to her. His chest covered her back in his warmth as he wrapped his strong arm around her waist. For the first time in days, her anxiety quelled and the gnawing sensation in her chest ceased. While nuzzled between her white rabbit and her dark stallion a sense of calm and strength allowed her to fall into a deep sleep.


Hat flung open the doors to the main parlor as he huffed. She scanned the area, locating all of the soldiers Alice’s man had brought from her shitty world. They were busy eating or showing off their muscles to the serving girls. Including Davidson, who was conspicuously absent, there were five of them. Though these soldiers were affable enough on the surface, Hat could look in their eyes and tell they were bold but hard men who had seen horrible things.  One of them in particular…the one called Johnson made him uneasy. He was always smiling but the expression never reached his eyes. He showed a quick wit, but he was different from the others. They all had blood on their hands as did Hat, but the prince had a niggling suspicion Johnson enjoyed inflicting pain and killing. “Where is she?”

Monroe, the oldest of the soldiers, Davidson’s senior by several years, rubbed his bald, black head as he focused his sight on Hat. “Who?”

The prince narrowed his eyes, his nostrils flaring. “The White Queen! Alice–who else?”

All of the soldiers were staring at him now and not one of them had bothered with a show of deference even as the pretty maids curtsied and bowed their heads. Since they were Alice’s men, Hat ignored their constant breaches of etiquette, but he couldn’t say their attitudes and mannerisms didn’t wear on him.

The youngest, a man called Craft stood up, his fists balled up at his sides. Even as three of Hat’s own guards, who were also using the room jumped to their feet, with their hands on the hilts of their swords, Johnson stepped in front of Craft and nudged him back down into his seat. Hat heard him murmur. “We don’t punch the piggy bank.”

These men are common mercenaries. They shouldn’t even be housed in the palace or anywhere near Alice or me. He directed his attention to Monroe. “Have you seen her?”

“Earlier.” She left with Davidson. I figured they were going to question the magic lady again.” A mocking smile lit up his eyes and his men laughed.

Even as his anger boiled his blood, Hat smiled. “Magic lady, hmm. Guards, show these men our magic.”

Alice’s men had been stripped of their weapons while inside the castle, but all of them were on their feet in a matter of seconds, taking defensive stances. They’re muscles rippled beneath their camouflage clothing as they stood ready to strike.

Hat’s men removed their sword belts first before undressing. The mercenaries exchanged odd glances and the one called Garcia shook his head. “I don’t do none of that gay stuff.”

Monroe’s eyes widened and he gasped as the guard facing him shifted into a growling wolf. He hopped up on his chair. “What the fuck?” All of the men showed expressions of shock as the other two transformed as well–one taking the form of a giant hawk while the other a badger.

“Shit…” Craft’s eyes were wide and his mouth gaped open.

Johnson seemed less impressed. “I get the wolf and the hawk, but what that lil’ mother fucker gonna do?” He pointed at the badger.

The prince chuckled. “Ever try to fight a badger? They make the best soldiers. If a fight, you might kill one eventually but it sure as hell won’t stop coming until you do. Fast, mean…a tough hide that’s a bitch to grab hold of and the teeth and claws–sharp as butcher’s knives. They can sleep off the venom from a cobra bite and wake up to make a meal of the snake.”

Johnson lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head before looking to Monroe. “That right?”

The tall dark skinned man nodded as he stepped off the chair. “Badgers are kin to wolverines. Nasty creatures.” He glanced to the shifted soldier in question. “No offense.”

Craft and Garcia were still slack-jawed. Te later rubbed the back of his neck. “So we’re all seeing this shit? It’s not just me.”

“You’re seeing it. Welcome to Shifterland and the Principality of Spades.” Hat smirked.

The door behind him clanked and he looked over his shoulder just as Davidson entered the room. He furrowed his brow as he surveyed the scene. “Monroe, what kind of pissing contest have you got going on here?”

Monroe stood at attention. “Sorry, Sir. We’re all just a little…” He palmed his face while staring at the wolf.”

“You ain’t tell us we were stepping into crazy town.” Johnston remained defiant. “This freaky shit should cost extra.”

“You’ll get your damn money, but until then you will follow orders and understand you’re not home anymore, and this isn’t the sandbox either. Respect the local authorities.” His voice was gruff. He redirected his attention to Monroe. “You told me these men could be counted on no matter what. Is that not true?”

“We’re still your men.” Monroe lifted his head and met Davidson’s gaze.

Hat waved off his soldiers and then they shifted back to their human forms. Davidson tensed. “Shit, how about you warn a guy before he’s going to see a bunch of dicks and balls, Your Majesty.”

As the guards dressed Hat asked again, “Where is Alice? Please tell me you didn’t leave her with Mara.”

Davidson lifted an eyebrow and shook his head. “No way in hell. She’s pacing in the garden. It’s best to give her some space when she gets that way.”

Hat shrugged. “What way?”

“All antsy and frazzled. You play into it and you might find yourself in the middle of one of her panic attacks. Best to back away.”

Hat’s head jerked back and he threw up his hands as he huffed. “You know the panic attack still happens even if you’re not there.” He turned on his heel before storming out of the room and heading toward the garden. He nodded to the guards and waved off the servants he passed on his way to the courtyard Alice’s man had so quaintly referred to as a garden.

Once he navigated his way through the many shrub sculptures, he found his pretty Queen. She was dressed in a black tank-top and a pair of black leggings as she sat cross-legged on the edge of a fountain pool. Her hair was pulled up high on her head into a tight ponytail and her eyes were closed while her hands were in front of her chest in a sort of praying gesture. The corners of his lips turned up and his eyes dilated as he observed her quietly.

After a few seconds, her hands began to shake and a faint, pink light emitted from her palms as she slowly separated them. She held the energy for a few more seconds before it faded. Her eyes popped open and she panted as her arms flopped down by her sides. “Hello, dear.” He stepped out of the shadows.

As she looked up at him, he noticed the dark circles under her eyes. “Hi.”

“You…you’re making progress.” He rubbed his chin.

She nodded and offered him a smile before shyly averting her gaze. “Thanks to you.”

He tilted his head. “How so?”

The trick you taught me about the partial shifting…I got to thinking about how the horn felt on the top of my head when I accidentally performed a little magic while I was shifted. Then I started to think about how my body…my regular body was able to control the transformation, and I started to think about.” She paused and touched the top of her head before laughing. “It’s probably stupid.”

“What is?” He walked over before sitting down next to her.

She bit down on her bottom lip and leaned in as if she were afraid someone else might here them. “What if we’re always shifted, but the transformation just makes it visible?”

Hat lifted an eyebrow. “You lost me.”

“It’s still my body. Even though the horn can’t be seen right now. It’s still a part of me.”

He nodded. “True.”

“So just like when I concentrated on my arm, using the shifting muscles to heal my bruise, I focused on using that part of my head where the horn would be. After a while, I could feel the pulsing even without shifting, and then…well, it’s just a little spark, but it’s something.” She lifted her shoulders and smiled at him sheepishly. “Are you proud of me?”

He put his arm around her. “You have no idea. Here I thought I was coming to comfort you…you’re amazing.” He closed his eyes as he leaned in and brushed her lips against his. She took control of the kiss, pushing her tongue inside his mouth as she ran her hand through his hair. He moaned into her mouth as he pulled her into his lap. As he pushed his hands under the hem of her tank top, she pulled away. Hat poked his lips out in a pout. “What’s wrong.”

“We can’t do it out in the open.”

He laughed. “Since when?”

She widened her eyes and looked around. “Since the man who raised me could come out here. Do you have any idea how awkward that would be?”

He shook his head. “Not really.”

“I don’t care if he knows what I’m doing. I just don’t want him walking upon it.”

“Gottcha…so let’s go somewhere else.” He placed her hand over the bulge in his pants. “Otherwise, I’m going to lose it.”

Her teeth showed as she grinned, her eyes wide. She jumped up on her feet. “I know a place, but we have to be quick.” She grabbed his hand and took off running. He kept pace with her as she hurried through a servant’s entrance. They raced through the laundry room before she led him down a hallway and tossed the door open to a large linen closet. The two maids who were inside stacking towels and folded sheets gasped at them with wide eyes before bowing their heads. “Please give us the room and make sure no one comes in.”

She two young women giggled as they rushed out and closed the door behind them. Hat licked his lips as Alice turned and faced him. Before he could move in on her, she tugged her the tank top upward, revealing her large breasts. He grabbed the fleshy lobes, squeezing as he pushed her against the wall. She moaned as he nibbled at her neck, kissing his way up toward her ear. The lobe felt soft between his lips as her nipples hardened beneath his touch. He grabbed the back of her neck before crushing his lips down on hers. Her hands yanked at his clothing, pulling his shirttail out of his pants before she ran her fingers along the indentions in his abdomen.

She unfastened his belt, and his pants loosened around his waist just before she yanked them down around his thighs. She pulled at the waistband of his underwear, releasing his throbbing cock. As she took the shaft in her hand, she rested her head against the wall. “Damn, I still can’t get used to how big this thing is.” He glanced down at her hand, smirking as he noted her fingers were more than an inch too short to touch meet her thumb around his girth.

“Come now, Princess. You can take it.”

She put both hands on his chest before pushing him away. After catching his balance, he jerked his head back at looked at her, his eyebrows lifted and rounded before he pinched his lips to one side and creased his forehead. “Wha?”

“That’s Queen…remember.” She scooted her leggings down over her hips before she turned around and bent over. She threw him a seductive look over her shoulder. “Be sure to get me wet.”

He grinned as he rushed toward her and then settled on his knees to worship her sweet, pink cunt. He traced her velvety folds with the tip of his tongue while gripping her hips with both hands. He lapped at her slit, tasting her sweet dew. The sounds of her moans and panting made his heart race while his cock twitched, swinging heavily. He moved his tongue, flicking, twisting and swirling. Her thighs quivered and her juices dripped.

Hat stroked his own cock, glazing the shaft with the wetness dripping from the tip. His hips bucked as Alice’s nectar dripped down his chin. She’s ready. He bound up on his feet before shoving his dick in her snug canal. He closed his eyes, his lips parting on a moan as he pushed into the welcoming warmth.

He grabbed a handful of Alice’s hair, wrapping it tightly around his hand as she pressed her palms against the wall and cried out. He thrust into her, plunging deep. Her pussy squeezed him, sucking him further inside. He placed one hand on the small of her back and increased his pace. She arched her back, pushing back to meet each powerful jab.

“Fuck.” He struggled to maintain control, tightening his abs as she swiveled her hips. He pleasure mounted, leaving him free falling into bliss. The temptation to pull the ripcord and release was nearly unbearable.

He reached around and caressed the throbbing button above his white queens. She clawed at the wall as he strummed her engorged nub. The blood was rushing to cock and his head was spinning as he concentrated on holding back.  “Ah, Ah, so close, D’hatagnan.”

As his given name reached his ears, his eyes popped open and he frowned. He’s cock momentarily stalled. As Alice clenched down and shook in orgasm, he pressed his fingers down on her clit. As she slid down on her knees, he moved with her, slamming into her as hard as he could. Soon enough, her hot pussy had his mind going blank again.

He tugged her hair, forcing her to lift her head as he leaned over her back. Their scorching flesh pressed together as he put his lips by her ear. “You make me crazy.” He rested his forehead on her shoulder as he plunged in one last time before releasing inside of her. He grunted as he pulled back and then thrust in again, trying his damnedest to get as far inside as he could.

“Shit!” Alice squealed before pushing her face into a towel she’d knocked off one of the shelves. He held her around the waist, keeping her body against his as he panted. “Take it out.”

“Hmm…” His head was still wading through the aftershocks. She squirmed. “Oh, he grabbed the base of his cock before sliding out. Sorry.” After she stood and turned to face him, he looked up at noticed her pursed lips and furrowed brow.

From his perch, still on his knees,  he offered her a half smile and then watched as her expression softened. “I have to stop letting you mess me up like this.” She slipped off her pants as she used a fresh towel to tidy her thighs and cream-filled entrance. “I can’t wear these back out.” She rolled the leggings into a tight ball.”

“What’s wrong with them?”

She squinted while lifting one eyebrow, her chin lowering as her gaze practically slapped him. “Your essence is all over them.” She waved her hand and rolled her eyes when she repeated the word he’d previously used to describe his spunk.

Hat pursed his lips in a vain attempt to prevent laughter from escaping his lips, but a tiny snicker pushed through. He turned his head as he stood up and grabbed his own towel. Alice repositioned her tank top, covering her breasts and stomach but failing to shield anything below her hip bones no matter how hard she attempted to stretch the garment. Hat removed his shirt and then handed it to her. “I’m a lot taller than you. Your modesty will be protected not that shifters aren’t used to plenty of nudity.”

She snatched the clothing from his grasp. “Such a gentleman to offer a girl your shirt after nearly fucking her to death in a closet.” She huffed as he pulled down her ponytail and fluffed out her hair.

Hat placed his hands behind his back and lifted his chin. “If you weren’t a visiting royal, you’d already be over my knee.”

After she pulled his shirt over her head and shoved her arms through the sleeves, she stared at him with wide, rounded eyes. Her long eyelashes might as well have been waving at him as she poked out her lips in a pout. He shook his head as he motioned around toward the shelves. “This was your idea.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, pushing her bottom lip out further as she used her ocean blue eyes as a weapon against him. “I didn’t say for you to go for broke.”

He shook his head. “I’m not familiar with the idiom.”

Her pout thinned into a grim line as she stomped her foot. “You wore out my coochie.”

His eyes widened as a grin spread across his face just before he howled with laughter. “Did I?” He reached between her legs caressing lips before slipping a finger inside. “Nope, still amazing.”

She flailed her hand, playfully slapping at his arm as she pulled her pussy away from him. “Idiot.”

He smirked. “I bet it still tastes as good as if feels.”

“It’s all sore now so you can’t have any more for a while.”

He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette as he lifted his head triumphantly. “You say that now, but we’ll see.”

She balled up her adorable little fist as her ears turned red, but before she could punch him, there was a knock on the door. Alice gasped before straightening her shirt as if no one would guess she’d just been fucked as long as the clothing she was wearing wasn’t askew. She’s too cute.

“Come in.” Her voice was low and sweet before the door swung wide open and revealed Wit’s disgusted expression as he stood with his arms folded across his chest.

“I can’t believe you two.”

The prince smirked. “You aren’t jealous, are you?” He reached out and grabbed the white rabbit by the waistband of his pants before jerking him inside the closet and closing the door.

Wit squirmed. “I am not jealous. I’m annoyed. I was awoken with horrible news and with both of you gone with no word to any of the servants where the hell you were going. I’ve been searching this castle that I haven’t lived in since I was a kid…oh, and I thought it was creepy as hell back then.”

Hat had never seen the rabbit so flustered. He tilted his head, lifting the corresponding shoulder in a half shrug. “It’s the gothic architecture.”

“I like it.” Alice toss back a lock of her hair.

Wit cut his eyes her way before pinching his lips together to one side. “Yay for you. Anyway, I finally find you here messing around.”

Alice glanced Hat’s way and they shared a look before she moved in on Wit, stroking his hair. “Aw, don’t be mad.”

“Stop, stop.” He waved her off.

Offended, Alice resumed her pout. Wit ignored her expression as he huffed in exasperation. “We have pressing matters to…Mara escaped!”

The smile melted off Hat’s face as his blood pressure skyrocketed. “Have the guards lock this place down.”

“I did, but…we can’t find a trace of her.”

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