#WIP Work in Progress Wednesday!

#WIP Work in Progress Wednesday!


I’ve been working on another twist on an erotic fairytale. I won’t give away too much but it’s a shifter romance featuring a big bad werewolf and a ginger beauty with a red, hooded cloak. The tentative title is Scarlett and the Big Bad. Here’s a sexy snippet:

“Stand up.” His stern voice filled her with relief but also sent her pulse soaring. At least it’s over. He’ll never know what effect his punishment had on my body. She reached around to rub her sore bottom but he slapped at her hands. “No.”

She gulped as he slid both hands up her thighs and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her underwear. “What are you doing?”

He stared up at her, the yellow in his green peepers practically glowing as his eyes hooded. Without answering, he snatched her panties down around her ankles. Ignoring her protests, he tossed her over his lap again, pushing up her dress and exposing her bare bottom. “What a beautiful ass.”

“Don’t look!” She kicked her legs, hoping he’d find continuing her punishment too troublesome. His mocking laughter made her fight harder, balling up her fists and punching at his legs.

“Keep it up, sweetheart, and I’ll tie you up and punish you in ways so humiliating you’ll wish you’d showed some respect.”

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