Work In Progress Wednesday #WIPWed (18+ only)

Work In Progress Wednesday #WIPWed (18+ only)


Earlier this month, I shared a little taste of Scarlett and the Big Bad, the Paranormal Romance/Erotic Fairytale Shifter Extravaganza I’ve been working on. I still plugging away and hope to have the first draft finished soon. In the meantime, enjoy a sexy snippet!


Short Excerpt

He pressed his lips against hers as she moved her arms around his neck, using his shoulders for leverage. Their tongues met, wrestling softly as the hardened buds of her breasts scrubbed against his skin. Sweat misted her hairline as her temperature skyrocketed in response to the throbbing between her legs and the coiling pressure building in her abdomen. She moaned while twisting her hips to hit the spot Monty had previously found with his fingers.

With each brush across the sensitive area deep inside of her, the friction brought dazzling waves of ecstasy; swells she rode as long as she could hold on to each and every thrill. She panted, resting her forehead against his shoulder and burying her face in the crook of his neck. She lapped and nibbled at his salty, sweet flesh as she surfed against the tide, hovering on the edge that threatened to pull her over into mind-numbing orgasm.



All or her life, Scarlett has dreamed of improving her dire circumstances by being selected to join the prestigious Order of the Phoenix. She worked hard, studied and remained pure well into her twenties in hopeful preparation. Just when she was about to realize her dream, the most gorgeous man she had ever seen ruined her first meeting with the women of the order, claiming he was rescuing her. Confused and overwhelmed, Scarlett found herself unable to resist the man who claimed to be her fated mate.

Orphaned at an early age, Monty’s done his best to take care of his younger sister, Katina, and just when he’d nearly gotten her all grown up, Scarlett, who might as well be as helpless as a newborn kitten, rushed in to blow a huge hole in his life. He didn’t ask for a mate, and he hadn’t wanted one, but his werewolf’s heightened sense of smell made her tantalizing even from miles away. The worst part about their sticky situation is her connection to the magical terrorist group responsible for his parents’ and older brother’s murder. Scarlett’s stubborn refusal to believe the truth about the Order doesn’t help either.

Monty’s determined to protect Scarlett from the Order’s evil plans for her and from her own deeply ingrained indoctrination even if he has to spank her bottom until it’s the same color as her beautiful crimson hair. Compounding his difficulties, he’s afflicted with a unique, third shifter-form he doesn’t fully understand and isn’t totally able to control. Will Monty be able to save Scarlett or will he prove to be more of a danger to her than anyone else?


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