#SatSpankings: Trisha teaches Ken to give in to his desires in Baby Makes Four (18+)

#SatSpankings: Trisha teaches Ken to give in to his desires in Baby Makes Four (18+)

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Today I’m sharing an excerpt from book three in the Triple Passion Play series. It’s been a long road for the Marks-Davidson clan, and but with Trisha’s insistence on honest communication, they’ve overcome many obstacles to be together but sometimes ego and jealousy still get the best of them. See how Trisha helps Ken work through his issues and give in to his desires. This book is for adults only! If you aren’t at least eighteen years old, please navigate away from this website.


Title: Baby Makes Four

Publication Date: May 24, 2018

Series: Triple Passion Play

Genre: Menage, Bisexual Romance, Contemporary Romance




In his undignified position, she could see all of his charms. His manly shoulders, arms, and lumbar region were muscular while his waist was slender. As instructed, he was arching back, making his yummy ass push out ripe for the picking. His uncomfortable stance left the small crevice between his tempting cheeks spread open, framing his tightly closed asshole. As anuses went, Ken’s was kind of cute, not too deep and not hairy; the puckered skin was slightly darker than the surrounding area with some hints of pink.

As she placed the pad of a single finger on the slightly protruding tuff of flesh leading from just below Ken’s hole to his rounded sack, he sucked in his breath. She glanced at his balls and licked her lips. In such a revealing position, there was something perfect about Ken’s testicles. Like his asshole, they were slightly darker than the rest of his skin. The shape was particularly appealing, not small but not too bulbous.“Does it embarrass you that I can see this part of you, Ken?” Trisha asked, nudging at the fleshy barrier.

“Yes,” he admitted, turning his head to look at her face. Sure enough, the sweet, telltale, honey glow of humiliation adorned his cheeks.

“Why? You’ve seen by backdoor many times, touched it, entered it and more.”

“That’s different.” His breathing was labored.

“How so?” She caressed his thighs.

“You’re a beautiful, sexy woman. I’m just a hairy dude.”

Trisha laughed. “I’d have to disagree. Your body is as appealing to me as mine is to you.”

“No way.” Ken shook his head.

“It’s true, but even if you don’t believe me now, after today, I imagine, you’ll be over any insecurity.” She snickered, relishing his discomfort. After squirting a dollop of lotion into her palm, she rubbed her hands together and then caressed Ken’s ass in a slow, circular pattern. He took deliberate, short breaths, moaning as her fingertips fluttered across his well-punished skin.

“Aww, poor baby. Your bottom is all red and bruised now,” she teased as she squirted a line of lotion across Ken’s rear. She soothed his skin from his hips to his thighs while leaning over to place a few light kisses on the worst looking spots. Delicately, she used her fingertip to scoot a bit of lotion in the crevice between his pert gluts. As she moisturized his hole, Ken clenched.


Using her free hand, she landed a swat on his inner thigh. “No clenching. You keep everything exposed for me. If you put yourself in my hands and give me your full trust, I’ll make sure you feel lots of pleasure, but if you clench like a whiny, baby, bitch, I’ll spank you again.




Jealousy and insecurity can be the death knell of a poly relationship, and changing dynamics can stoke those unwanted fires. Ken fought through his insecurity when Tommy and Trisha were legally married, but will Tommy be as strong now that Trisha is pregnant with Ken’s baby? While both men are adamant about their love and commitment for Trisha, the baby and each other, the two of them still haven’t sealed the deal sexually. What will it take for them to put their egos aside and give in to their desires? If you love sizzling MMF menage, you can’t miss Baby Makes Four! It’s slam packed with erotic lovemaking and romantic tension.


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