Don’t miss a preview of Felicity Brandon’s FALLEN!

Don’t miss a preview of Felicity Brandon’s FALLEN!

Title: Fallen by Felicity Brandon
Series: A Dark Necessities Prequel – Book Two

Hash tags: #DarkRomance #Paranormal #Psychological #BDSM #Thriller
Tag Line: She should have run while she had the chance…

Release date: 26 th , June, 2019
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She should have run while she had the chance…

Lily Simpson escapes, leaving her brooding captor to rot, but she’s still not free. Unable to
resist the forbidden temptation Ethan Reilly offers, Lily is once again drawn back into his

dangerous web of power and surrender (switch to submission).

When they travel north, their desire blooms into something even darker—something Lily
both detests and adores in equal measure. But when she learns of the fate of her best
friend, everything changes. The question is, will there be a second opportunity to escape

Ethan’s clutches?

Suspenseful, thought-provoking, and peppered with breathtaking scenes, this fast-paced

psychological, dark romance will haunt you.



“Ethan!” His name escaped her lips in a panic as she felt the final tug of the binds against the
wood above her head, and a moment later his face came into view.

“Lily?” His face was so calm and his expression so in control. It was as infuriating as it was
sexy as hell.

“Please, sir, don’t leave me here!” she whimpered as he settled against the side of
her body. “I’m sorry I abandoned you yesterday, but please don’t.”

A part of Lily hated how pathetic she sounded at that moment, but there was no
choice—she had no choice—and if this was the only chance she had to plead, then plead
she would.

“Little one,” he crooned, and he actually smiled as he gazed down at her, waves of
his sumptuous dark hair falling between their faces. “I am not going to leave you. I am never
going to leave you. Didn’t I tell you to stop worrying?”

She gasped at his words, her mind still racing despite his assurances.

“Now,” he purred, tracing a finger along her exposed midriff as he continued. “All
you need to do is lie back and listen. Can you do that?”

Lily nodded, though if truth be told, she was more than a little distracted by the path
of his finger, which was right at that moment circling one, and then the next breast with soft
caresses that made her want to pant.

“Yes,” she whispered in reply. “Yes, I can, sir.”


He was gone then, rising to stand beside the bed before he strode to the end
climbing back onto the covers between her naturally splayed legs.

“The rules for today are really simple, Lily,” he told her in a tone that made her hips
roll forward. It was as though he had hypnotized her body somehow, and now it was
obeying his orders, and not her own. “Your job is two-fold.”

Their gazes locked as he edged closer toward her sex, his knees nudging her legs
even wider as he went.

“You will endure for me whatever I choose to bestow upon you.”

Ethan’s words echoed around the small master bedroom as though they were an
edict from the gods, and in a way, they were. Ethan was the closest thing Lily was ever likely
to get to a god, especially now that she was effectively harboring him from the law, and as
she eyed him between her thighs, she was struck by just how powerful the man seemed. All
of a sudden, it was far too easy to imagine him extinguishing the lives of all those women.
The potent combination of his charm, looks, strong muscular body, and his ability to know
what others were thinking would have meant that none of them even had a chance.

Ethan was a predator. She could see that now. Maybe he was even the perfect predator…

“And the second part of your job.” The steel in his voice shattered Lily’s thought process, and she locked eyes with him again as he delivered his final verdict.

“Do you want to know what it is, little Lily?” he goaded, pressing his palms down at
either side of her chest, and lowering his sculpted body over her soft skin.
She gasped as their flesh made contact, arching her back and squeezing her eyes
closed as a spike of pleasure whipped through her.

“Yes,” she panted with obvious need. “Yes, sir.”

“The second part is that you do not, under any circumstances, have my permission
to come.”

Lily blinked her eyes open at him, certain that she must have misheard the man.

“No,” he told her with a soft, taunting laugh. “You didn’t mishear, beautiful. That is
your punishment. I am going to keep you on the edge all fucking day, and you’re not going
to be allowed even an ounce of pleasure.”

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