Something FORBIDDEN by Felicity Brandon (18+ only)

Something FORBIDDEN by Felicity Brandon (18+ only)

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I’m excited to have another offering from the marvelously talented, Felicity Brandon to share today, but I must warn you, it’s definitely the stuff of dark fantasies and could be triggering to some. Read with caution, and of course, if you aren’t at least eighteen years old (or older if required in your area), please navigate away from this website.



Title: Forbidden by Felicity Brandon

Series: A Dark Necessities Prequel – Book Three

Hash tags: #DarkRomance #Paranormal #Psychological #BDSM #Thriller #GothicRomance

Tag Line: Nobody survives Ethan Reilly…

Release date: 8th, August, 2019

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Once upon a time, I was a monster.

A predator who seized women just to get my kicks.

And then along came Lily. Lily—the light that chased my demons away.
Consumed with love for her, I finally put the sins of those torrid times behind me, until one dark day, everything changes.
I’m lured back into the shadows, the monster awoken again and now it will take every ounce of Lily’s submission to pull me back from the brink.
My betrayal sends our lives into a spiral of despair, and with justice looming on the horizon, it’s time we faced The End.

Forbidden is a gripping, powerful, and emotional page turner with a breathtaking climax for fans of dark romance with a twist of true crime. It is the third in The Dark Necessities Prequels trilogy.




“Now, as to the matter of my tail light…”

Panic gripped her belly at Ethan’s sudden change of tact, her throat drying.

“Want to tell me about that?”

Lily panted as his question lingered in the air between them. “I was terrified,” she conceded, sucking her lip between her teeth in response to the bubble of energized arousal now simmering at her core. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Ethan smiled wryly. “You couldn’t just do as you were told, I suppose?” he proffered. “For once.”

She blew out a breath. “You said yourself that you overstepped the mark with the trunk, sir.”

“Maybe.” His gaze flitted to meet Lily’s for a moment. “Or maybe I just need to bind your ankles together and make sure you’re secured the next time, eh?”

There was a dark twinkle in his eyes as he glanced back to the road that sent a dark, delicious tingle of apprehension running down Lily’s spine.


There was that desperate, breathy tone again, the one he could conjure with just a few dark words and a glower.

His lips curled. “I know you hated it.” His voice was quiet now, but somehow, the sound still caused Lily’s nipples to harden. “But admit it; a part of you loved it, too, didn’t it? The peril, the powerlessness—it drives you fucking crazy.”

Lily gulped. “I didn’t love it,” she insisted. “That’s why I broke the light, sir. I was desperate.”

Ethan laughed, that ominous timbre Lily recognized all too well. “You always say you’re desperate,” he reminded her. “That you’re at your limit, that you can’t take anymore, when what you mean is you just need someone to push you over it. Make you take more, Make you love it.”

Her heart thundered at his words. Was he right? Was that would she needed?


“Me,” he clarified. “You need me, little one.”

“But I can’t live that like,” she replied, though Lily’s voice was so weak that even she was unconvinced by the response. “Always on the edge. Always afraid. Always—”

“Aroused?” Ethan interjected, his eyebrow arching in that way that always sent her thoughts scattering.

“Right, sir,” she murmured, her gaze lowering. “I can’t function like that.”

“Says who?”

Ethan’s voice was still quiet, but there was an edge to his tone now, and it wasn’t lost on his wife.

“Sir?” Lily lifted her chin to look at him again. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, who says you can’t function like that?” Ethan repeated. “Who made the rules about how you should live—how we should live?”

Lily tucked her hair behind her ear, her gaze shifting to the road ahead.

He had her there, because she didn’t really have an answer. Who did make those rules? Where had Lily’s expectations about what their marriage should mean derived from? Her own parents, perhaps, but then that couldn’t be right, could it? Lily had spent years pushing against their rules and vowing she’d never become her mother, spending her evenings ironing and knitting to the sounds of her father’s crackling radio.

“So, who then?” he pressed. “If not your parents, then who?”

She swallowed. “I don’t know, sir, and that’s the truth.”

Ethan’s hand reached for her, brushing over her fingers lightly. “And that’s the point,” he said evenly. “There are no rules, Lily. We can live however we like.”

Lily gazed down at the large palm so easily encasing her digits. “So long as we don’t break any laws?”

He snorted at that, the sound making Lily smile.

“So long as we don’t get caught,” he corrected her, throwing Lily a wink as he pulled into a service station.

“Right,” she mumbled. “My mistake, sir.”


Locked in the trunk – wow! Right? And he doesn’t seem to be going any easier or her for the rest of the book. Forbidden is a dark romance lover’s dream, but personally, this author is far too stubborn to ever survive a man like Ethan. I’d probably want him in jail, but then again, who doesn’t love capture romance fantasy? I’ve certainly written some, and you can check out a couple below:



Originally written for an anthology entitled, Captivated and Captured, this is the story of four warrior women who turn the tables on their kidnappers and later become the subjugators when they happen upon a sexy male landowner.  If you’re interested in reading the erotic tale for free, please sign up for my newsletter. You’ll be in the know on sales, new releases and leads on hot reads, and I’ll send you Fevered Dream for free.






Sometimes the worst of two evils is still the better choice!



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