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An abusive childhood and an accident in his teens left stallion-shifter, Malcolm Paterson, with a distrust for his father and a lot of holes in his memory. When his dad passes away, Malcolm returns to Horse Mountain to fulfill his obligation to settle his old man’s affairs but finds the shifter community’s near hero-worship of the late doctor disquieting. He’s further shaken to meet a curvy beauty at the funeral who makes his heart gallop and his primal instincts take over.

Suki Marks has been in love with handsome and noble Malcolm Patterson ever since he saved her from bullies who called her an abomination when she was ten. He was the first person to be straight with her about the reasons some people shunned her family and was quick to debunk those prejudices as the ignorant folktales and stupid superstitions they were. Even after Malcolm graduated high school and left town, she couldn’t forget him, but becoming Doctor Patterson’s live-in nurse in his last year of life was a coincidence. She never expected to be named in the wealthy physician’s will.

Malcolm assumed he’d be disinherited, but even from the after-life, his father continues to turn the knife, using his will to set up an elaborate scheme to taint Malcolm’s feelings for the woman who might be his fated mate.

To make matters worse, a dangerous shifter-purist movement is brewing among a small segment of the Horse Mountain Clan, and they’re determined to prevent Suki from passing on her genes to a new generation. Will Malcolm be able to work through his past in time to secure his and Suki’s future?




Teeth clenched and nostrils flaring, Suki put one foot in front of the other, biding her time. She’d figure a way out of this mess no matter what, but a physical confrontation probably wasn’t an option. Her captor wasn’t much taller than her, but he had a solid, stocky build, and he’d looked as if he’d packed enough muscle onto his form to make him an immovable object.

As they entered his house, Suki pulled a heavy breath in through her nose. Whoever this jerk was, his house stunk of self-tanning lotion. He led her through a tiny laundry room, onward through a narrow hallway, and then down a short flight of steps into a basement. When he flipped the light switch, Suki’s eyes bulged as focused on all the pictures, ranging from snap-shots to professional portraits of her kidnapper striking bodybuilding poses. There were also a few trophies but not many in relation to the number of photos.

The room had been converted into a den with wood paneling and shag carpet. A large screen television hung on the wall, and a couple of gaming systems were on a shelf beneath across from a recliner. She saw nothing else of note in the room with the exception of a large, round dog bed and the biggest kennel she’d ever seen. Her heart pounded as she glimpsed around the room, searching for a big, ferocious animal.

The man kicked her in the back of the leg, right behind her knee. “Ow!” She fell forward in a kneeling position.

“I hope you enjoyed your little jaunt from the garage to here because it’s the last time you will be on your feet, dog.” He spat the last word as an insult.

A lump formed in Suki’s throat and nausea stirred in her stomach as he grabbed her by her hair and pushed her face toward the floor. She stopped from toppling on her face by putting out her hands, landing her on all fours, and for the first time, she noticed the two black, plastic bowls pushed up against the side of the wall. Both were empty, and both had her name painted on the side.

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