Character Interview

Character Interview


It’s Thirsty Thursday, and no one makes our throats parched like the sexy were-stallions from the Horse Mountain Shifters series. Some of those alpha males were too independent for their own good, but luckily, they had someone looking out for them, and she’s here with us today. Please welcome Carolyn Banks, the matriarch of the Banks Horse Shifter Clan.




Interviewer: Thank you for being with us today Mrs. Banks.

Matriarch: Please, call me Carolyn, dear.


Interviewer: Okay, Carolyn, you’re featured or at least mentioned in each of the Horse Mountain Shifters books. What does it mean to be the matriarch?

Matriarch: It’s like being a tribal chief. We have our own rules and traditions, our own society. Normally, even our existence is kept secret, but I’m making an exception by speaking to you.


Interviewer: You’ve been accused of being something of a matchmaker. In fact, didn’t you find brides for two of your grandsons, Davis in Horse Mountain Heat and Abram in Real Cowboys Love Cats?

Matriarch: [She chuckles.] I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a very old woman so I know lots of people. If I happen to make introductions, well…


Interviewer: Okay, play coy if you like. What can you tell me about the Marks Clan from the upcoming Saving Suki?

Matriarch: They’re another horse-shifter clan—distant cousins of ours. A rift in the family over a hundred years ago split us, but I’m close with their matriarch as I am with the matriarch of the wolf clan introduced in Bridling Lucy. Our ability to cooperate has kept our community strong for a very long time.


Interviewer: What can you tell me about the rumors of the recent discontent brewing between some members of the different clans?

Matriarch: I think you might be misinformed. If such a storm were on the horizon, you can rest assured that the matriarchs would already be banning together to work on a solution. I would imagine resolving such an issue might spawn an entirely new series with a more serious theme.


Interviewer: Interesting? Because there has been talk of at least two kidnappings and one murder.

Matriarch: This interview is over.


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