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Welcome to a new feature of my blog where I introduce a character from one of my books or works in progress. I’ve been writing Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland as a serial I share for free on my website and on Wattpad, mostly for fun. The story is meant to be a campy, sexy read with over-the-top characters while still bringing on the romance, adventure, and suspense. Today, I’m profiling one of the male main characters.

Ogiwara Shusei


Name: Prince D’Hatanian of Spades, AKA The Prince of Darkness, The Dark Prince, Hat Blackard

Species: Stallion Shifter

Style: Victorian Gothic

Homeland: The Principality of Spades, The Kingdom of Hearts

Occupation: Ruler of Spades, Heir to Hearts, Protector of the Portals

Significant other: Witt Konijn, long-time lover and best friend and more recently, Queen Alice of the White Kingdom

Personality: Arrogant, Dashing, an Alpha Dom

Signature: Until recently, one of only two people in all of Shifterland to own a gun; long dark hair, loves cigarettes and whiskey

Nemesis: Jabberwocky, Marquis of Diamonds, His Aunt Mara

Defining Life Events: Murder of Parents by his Aunt; Extensive Travel to Faraway Lands; Meeting Alice; Study and Interpretation of Jabberwocky Prophecy

Fears: Jabberwock; Death/loss of a loved one

Appearance (Via Alice’s first look):

His long, straight blue-black hair flowed over one side of his forehead, covering one of his eyes, and a dark goatee covered the chin of his heart-shaped face.

Hooded under a thin upward eyebrow, his only visible eye was dark onyx and held a distant bored look only compounded by the cigarette dangling perilously from the side of his frowning thin lips and the precariously held teacup in his hand. Something about his dark, mildly sinister appearance fascinated Alice.


To Witt about Alice:

“You mustn’t even think that way. Am I not the burning, black stallion? Are you not the silver-tipped buck? If we are who we believe we are than she is who we believe she is too. To suggest otherwise is to denounce prophesy as false. Then all is lost anyway.”

To Alice:

“It means you and I and Witt must make a journey through the Red Kingdom, allying with anyone brave enough to help us, make a perilous journey through the looking glass and into the White Kingdom where you must face and destroy the Jabberwock.”


Be sure to check out Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland.



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